Season 2 Pass - Who's Ready

So the last dlc dropped. Did we get our money’s worth?

The inevitability of a Season 2 pass seems likely. So, who’s up for it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Hell No

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I’ll consider any new content on its own merits but hell no to paying up front ever again.

Last thing the game needs is for the devs to lock themselves into another obligation to deliver certain content by a deadline. I’m rather hoping now that they have ‘achieved’ the obligations set out in the season pass they will be able to allocate greater resource to performance, bug fixes and balancing.

Maybe even a real rethink about M2.0 and it’s impacts - they need to take the time to really think about where the game is going if anywhere and balance the needs of more casual players against the hardcore who expect to be playing the game for years to come (if that’s even still an expectation).


Monies worth - No. Because of a year of frustration because of nerfs, bugs, crashes, performance issues, vertical splitscreen fail, very poor story, mayhem mode disasters etc. This game does have great gameplay and graphics though which is it’s only saving grace.
Season 2 pass - Hell hell hell no. After all of the above, I will not be financing this dev again, ever.


Similar experience here. I have been unable to play this since the Guardian Takedown, due to the removal of a setting 8 Months after launch.
And with the fourth DLC, I see my money and time wasted.

As I said in one of my other rant posts. Trust in this company for me is Decimated.


Who’s ready for the 2nd season of disappointing content.

At this point I honestly think that a high quality DLC for BL3 (like the Jackpot for me personally, or maybe GLT) is just a stroke of luck.

More often than not, the DLCs are meh (just like the main campaign). Were it not for the new OP gear they usually introduce, they are pretty much skippable.


Ok this honestly has nothing to do with gearbox and BTW your life live it for you and only you but I would say only so you can hear but never preorder or any thing like it season pass ect. It goes against capitalism do not ever take away a company’s incentive to earn your money BTW guys this goes for cdpr this has nothing to do with gearbox alone again though you do you lol have a great life :slight_smile:

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This game have been a wreck ever since it have been out. Bug still to this day, Crash still to this day, Awfull balancing still to this day.


unless they completely rebalance the game in this “feasible future” paradigm i ain’t buying anything else. make gear make sense for endgame or gtfo rly


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I would buy another season pass without hesitation IF they fixed some of the plaguing issues with the game and provided more quality content like Maliwan Takedown and DLC’s.

• Vertical Split/HUD/Text improvements
• XB1X crashing
• better performance for FL4K’s pets
• more weapon balances, especially in the Sniper/grenade sections


considering how season pass 1 was its a no from me unless its like 50% off , as 2k are more focused on say trying average story telling or bad story telling it seems in bl3 (as bl2 and even pre sequel has better story to it over all) as was expecting more from bl3 story/lore wise myself also 2k ruin the game by nerfing guns to try and balance them out (when they should tested guns first themselfs i think) and many other major bugs also could increase loadtime speed on consoles and also need to fix how loot drops as well…fix the issues’s which arnt story based and game play based then maybe i consider season 2 pass…


So you’re saying you lost money on the season pass if you think about it

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ps4 crashe’s as well as seems game has issue with frame rate which shouldnt happen as graphic’s are good and so frame rate should be as well when it clearly isnt sometimes with particle’s which cause game to crash which leads to risk of corrupt console when then delete’s all data because of how buggy bl3 is in general…

Bugs and split-screen issues aside. I’ve personally enjoyed several hundreds of hours in this game. Even at $1 per hour I’ve gotten my moneys worth many times over. Would definitely do it again.


While fixing the game’s problems, to me, will always come first, I’ve been greatly enjoying the DLC and the different things it allowed the devs to explore and try out. I’d pay for another one, but I’m also in the fortunate position of being able to do so upfront these days.

That is great and on no level am I saying hey don’t enjoy the game but why if you don’t mind me asking please I bought dlc 4 btw and I feel mixed about it

Its gonna be a no from me dawg I don’t even think I can finish the new dlc everytime I start up bl3 I feel so tired of playing it almost instantly.


I’ve been playing since launch. Got the season pass and all. It’s been a fun ride going through all the weekly updates and monthly patches. Playing along as they mold and shape the game. The experience hasn’t been the same from week to week which has kept it fresh for me. I’ve also enjoyed all of the DLCs so far. Not super happy about some things they’ve done, but also happy about other things they’ve done. Overall it’s been an enjoyable experience.


out of all the dlc they done dlc4 feels the most rushed and basic dlc to date on bl3 as other 3 dlc are much better and more effort put into them i think but thats just me.

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This is how I feel about the season pass that I paid for to this point. Got way, way more than my money’s worth when you think about it from a cost vs. enjoyment perspective.

However, it is hard to think about BL3 in anything other than a “what could have been” mindset. BL3 “could have been” much, much better than it is. It’s really hard to ignore that in the analysis.