Season 2/Steam Team showing too much too early?

So I’m watching the skill tree videos like everybody else to see what they’re about…and I find myself kinda regretting it…I hate to say it, but I’m slowly losing excitement over the new Season…

2 weeks before the actual release, and we’re already seeing game breaking tech, OP builds, and everything else you can do with this paid content…(and we’re only gonna see more the next few days…I’ve chosen to stop watching, but that doesn’t stop the community)

The only thing left is the Arms Race, which just sounds like another way to play the same content all over again…

To me, part of the fun of Borderlands is figuring out things for yourself…but if were being shown so much so soon, do you all think it takes away from the mystery and incentive to buy?

(I know it might be too early to judge things, but this is just how I feel at the moment)


Same here, and the main reason why I ignore streamers etc., be it just before new content is released or in general.

I don’t know, to me games are made to be played, not watched.


I’ve not seen anything, i glanced through the official skill tree calc but that’s about it.

Seems easy enough to avoid these things, like with everything else? E.g, i know just about nothing about cyberpunk except for 2 trailers - and that’s a game i’ve been waiting for since well before BL3 even released.

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You can customize your genitals. Now you know one more thing (sorry if I spoiled it for you)


Oh, i had no idea that Blur were in the game. Sweet!

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You were excited about them extorting you for more of your money with even more broken content?

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Sounds like you just don’t like the game…I’m surprised you’re still in these forums…


I always view streamer stuff for ideas/content…in this case (as I said before) it was to see what the new trees were about.

It would’ve been great without showcasing the most damaging builds possible…on the highest difficulty…2 weeks before release…

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Well, the good thing is we know Moze new skill tree isn’t that OP YET. I didn’t see a streamer showcasing anu opness on Moze. The Mayhem scaling isn’t there yet with IC.

However , Zane and Amara – totally diff story.

I don’t really need mystery. Unless they release Agatha Christie’s Borderlands. At which point I’ll be happy to wreck face with Miss Marple who’s obviously a Siren.


Yeah, I’m just going to look at the “here are the new trees” videos and ignore the rest for a bit; personally i won’t mind having a couple weeks to theorycraft before i can run and try things out though

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K6 showed off an extremely powerful one…on the very first day of the showcase, and it will probably end up being the new meta.

I missed that although I was on his stream first but I figured he won’t do much game breakinf builds unlike the other streamers but it turns out the ones I followed prefered Zane AND Amara.

Ok I just did a youtube search on his feed. I like it. This is one of the builds I wanna try but all the streamers I watched went with Raging Bear or Mind Sweeper. It’s good it works and verified with Flare, but I agree this might be the meta which I don’t mind.

The odd thing is IC isn’t even buffed here.

Yea, It was bound to happen…

My issue isn’t with any streamer, but GBX’s decision to give them 2-week access and make OP builds so soon in advance…if they really wanted to sell this, maybe they shouldn’t show their cards. You wouldn’t show a plot twist in a DLC showcase…

Maybe this is how Season passes are done…I wouldn’t know, I don’t buy into them…


I think I agree with you. I was expecting they will just show the skill tree and play on Normal mode like how DLC2 was demoed at level 35 in Normal mode.

I’m hoping Arms Race mode will be good and GBX will have some gems hidden as well.

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Why not? People want to see if the new skill trees are worth the money.

I wouldn’t be considering them that strongly if I hadn’t seen the streams, but now that I know what the trees are like and can theorycraft on my own I’m buying this day one, the first DLC content I’m buying for this game after playing since launch.

I feel like that could’ve been achieved with just the purple tree gameplay, and maybe not on Mayhem 10…

Then let the lure of possible tree combinations and theory crafting (on their website) do the selling…

But now I’ve seen how strong they are already (i.e. Zane two-shoting Traunt, Fl4k’s pets doin massive crit dmg, Moze melting mobs, and all this on M10) which, to me, takes out some of the experimentation…

Whatever gameplay you saw Boom…you gotta admit…it would’ve been WAY more fulfilling had you seen that for yourself in game…

You haven’t played any of the DLC stories? That’s surprising

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Then I would have to spend money to buy the tree and see for myself, which I wouldn’t be willing to do. So I’d be waiting for other people to do the experimentation anyway.

Besides, FL4K got a pet tree. Not one person showing off builds had a completely min-maxed pet build, so I haven’t seen anything close to the full potential of the tree. And since FL4K’s new tree won’t really be replacing any of his meta builds, there won’t be tons of people doing deep dives anyway so I have all the room I want to mess around and be surprised.

I’ve been waiting for a build that I enjoy so much I can stand to play through any of this game’s stories over and over. Pet builds haven’t gotten there yet, but I may finally get that soon…

That’s how purchasing works for all games/content/DLC…you see a preview, then get the game based off that…buying entertainment always has that risk…but to each his own, I’m not knocking your way