Season 3 fl4k head

I have been waiting for Fl4ks head and saving for it and I have to say I am very disappointed.

I have to say the other vault hunter got way better heads.

I hate the Fl4k option for head.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

  • Like the season 3 Fl4k Head we can buy
  • Dont like the season 3 Fl4k Head we can buy

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I don’t like any of them. Two of them look like goofy mascot heads, and the other two look like rubber Halloween masks.

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I bought every skin and no heads. My favorite heads in BL2/PS were hair styles for Gaige and Maya

Personally? I’m fine with all of them. I like Fl4ks because it reminds me of the Serverbot head from Dead Rising. Moze’s cool cause it reminds me of an old My Chemical Romance video “Na-na-na”, Amara’s…is pretty goofy, but it fits with the others so whatever. And I like that Zane’s is an Oni head, fits his brutal play style.

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None are particularly good but I wouldnt say I hate any of them, I think Zane got the best followed by Fl4k.

I admit I was a little apprehensive of FL4Ks head but I’m waiting to see it in game to make my final opinion lol.

The FL4K head could literally be a skin mask. Like some leatherface - Texas chainsaw massacre sh**- scalping psychos - wears their skin as a suit.

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