Season pass to start?

I purchased season pass 1 on my laptop before the sale was over. I do not play BL3 on my lap top. Today I installed the new the pass on my desk top PC. When I started BL3 I found no info on the new DLCs and where they start. Steam says I have installed them. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started?
Note I finished the game and was playing Mayhem since.

You have to start them in Sanctuary, look for the yellow exclamation marks. For DLC 1 there is a poster next to Moxxi’s bar. For DLC 2 there is an invitation card in Hammerlock’s (the Hunting trophy) room. DLC 3 can be started by a wanted poster next to the Lost Loot Machine on a table. DLC 4 can be started in Tannis’ lab. After you choose one, first time you have to navigate to a new planet from the deck and use the drop pod. Just like in the base game story missions. After first visit, you can access the explored DLC maps from your ECHO as well.

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