Season Pass 2 unavailable

Borderlands 3 Season pass 2 says unavailable on the Epic site? What do I need to do to get it?

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I have the same issue

Same for me.
Got Borderlands3 on epic as Super Delux on release.

Season Pass 2 is stated as unavailable for me in the Epic Games Launcher Store. When I go to the Epic Gamestore on the web without login it shows the price of 29€ something. As soon as I log in it went to unavailable

Same issue for me as well

Saw something the other day that suggested there might be an issue if you had bought the game for PC through a third party retailer rather than directly from 2K or Epic. (Prior to Steam release, obviously). Does that apply to any/all of you affected by this?

Edit - just saw this in another thread:

So the issue may be with the way the different licences have been coded for the EGS.

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I’m also affected :frowning:

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Same case for me. Unavailable!!!

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Same here. Emailing with support. Not expecting much

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Yup. I can’t buy season pass 2 either. It says unavailable. Same with my girlfriend.

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only season pass 1, ultimate and super deluxe (which is what I preordered as) are showing as unavailable. rest are showing as owned / price for season pass 2/other dlc)
Did get mine through the humble store, Tho that shouldn’t have an issue if they were just flagging keys / sp1 dlc owners as getting multiverse free.
Also prior to the new season pass, All the dlc was flagged as ‘owned’ on the store page. Feels like a big kick in the teeth for those that didn’t wait for steam release.


Same. WTF

Have the same issue on Epic. Season 2 pass says Unavailable.


I bought BL3 through the EGS, and EGS is still telling me it’s unavailable.


It says unavailable for me too!

I’m also having this issue. Purchased the Super Deluxe edition two weeks after release via Epic Games.


Had already contact with the EGS support. At first they wanted me to send a screenshot of the Season pass.
After that they wanted me to expand it to show them the release date :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Then they asked for my alias and told me to clear the browser cache/restart the EGS launcher.
Finally they wrote that they are investigating into this issue and will come back to me as soon as they find something out.
I wanted to spend some hours with the new skill tree after a few months of absence but that is just embarrassing.


Also experiencing this issue. Bought game at launch on EGS, Super Deluxe version. Both ultimate and season pass 2 show up as unavailable for me right now.

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Unavailable too

ya same, this is really annoying

I had/have the same issue, there is a workaround however where you can just go to the borderlands 3 page and buy it from there and you buy the access key which you can redeem for the season pass 2. I just did it and it worked for me