Season Pass 2 unavailable

I’ve tried that, but the borderlands 3 page doesn’t even show a buy button. the options only appear for all other purchases.
although, I just tried logging out and the buy options now appear, it must be an issue with the Super Deluxe Edition

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braxton_henry’s tip worked for me as well. I went to this page:“united-states” and then chose the platform and retailer (PC and 2K Store in my case). That allowed me to make the purchase. It emails you the receipt with your activation code. Below the activation code in the email is a link on how to redeam the code which took me to an Epic Games page. I logged in there, then pasted the code and it activated the purchase which is now downloading through the epic games launcher. (As a note, I’m also an owner of the Super Deluxe version.)


I tried that. The drop down menu for platform didn’t list PC? Weird.

It’ll either be Epic Games Store or Steam based on where you bought the game, rather than PC.

Same for me as well. Someone here mentioned it being a license issue if you bought it outside of epic, so I went back and checked my history for around launch time and sure enough I got it directly from EGS.

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Thank you RIPieces i went to the site got my key and applied it to my epic account and it worked wonderfully. There is one spot that can be a little confusing if you click the link it will take you to the page then click epic games as your platform and then off to another page. Once there you will see the price but under the price you need to click on epic games again as the default for it is steam. After that just follow the normal prompts pay for it and check your email.

After that copy the code with ctrl+c goto your epicgames app click on your name at the bottom left then click redeem code click your curser onto all of the "0"s and then paste with ctrl+v and redeem…bottom right corner of your screen will tell you that you have purchased and is ready for download click install now on that pop up and you’re off to the races…enjoy

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Thanks for posting that update Kittypaws2012, I forgot about that little detail when I tried to remember the steps I took.

It seems to me that they don’t want my money. The Season Pass 2 is “unavailable” for me on Epic. I went to 2k games, as the others suggested to buy it. I get stuck on the purchase method. First I tried paypal. Each time I tried logging in, it would just go back to the paypal login… Type in Username and password, click login, and it goes back to asking for login again. So I tried the “one time code” option, same result… Get the code, type it in, go back to login page - rinse and repeat…

So then I tried my debit card. It wanted to verify a random debit to my bank account to verify my card. The amount never showed up in my bank, and I waited the maximum 3 hours. It won’t let me use my card unless I can verify whatever they’re doing in my bank account first.

So I have now tried 3 different ways (4 different methods) to purchase this (EGS, 2k w/Paypal, 2k w/Debit card), and none have worked. I can only imagine how much $$$'s they’re missing because of this.

Rule number 1 in sales: don’t make the sale difficult for the customer…


I have tried multiple times to purchase on the 2k website and somehow my payment gets rejected, i thought it was because of my email since i used the wrong one for my epic account, but i fixed that and now it still isnt working. Any idea when it will be ficed on the epic store?

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Don’t make the mistake of buying it on Humble Bundle. It asked me to link my epic games account then tells me I already own the product so it cannot be redeemed. They don’t give you an actual key. Wait for Gearbox to fix this.

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I Bought the Deluxe Version by Pre Purchase directly at the Epic Game store on September 9 2019. So it is definetly not an issue with keyseller keys!

Happening with me too, I purchased the Super Deluxe Edition

epic suport got back to me

Very half assed

Hello there,

A pleasure to meet you, Mike here and I appreciate you reaching out in regards to your Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2 purchase issue.

Games are listed as Unavailable or not visible on the Epic Games Store for one of these reasons:

  • Your account already owns the content that’s included in the product. For example, if you purchase Borderlands 3 Standard Edition, you won’t be able to purchase the Deluxe or Super Deluxe Edition.

  • If you’re unable to purchase an upgrade to a different version of the game, you can request a refund on your account. If you’re eligible for a refund and once it is processed, you’ll be able to purchase another version of the game.

  • Your account is located in a region where the game is not available to purchase. Region restrictions are handled by the developer of the game, and Epic Games Player Support can’t remove these upon request.

  • You haven’t purchased the main game, in which case you would have to purchase it first before any season passes

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Kind Regards,

Mike Victor

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its like they didn’t even read what i said to them and just copied and past random “help”
i do not already own it “dlc”
it is not lock in my region
i do have the main game

wish i just waited the year on got it on steam


Definitely looks like a “copy and paste” response to me. I would reply to that email asking them to review your previous email, and then reiterate the issue to them, by perhaps rewording things slightly. “Mike Victor” might just be a made up name for someone in India or China, and they might not be fully understanding your email. I know dealing with Tech Support in different parts of the world, I’ve had to do 2-10 emails back and forth rewording things that basically say the same thing before they’d actually get what I was saying… Frustrating, to say the least.

I’m going to shoot them an email too. The more complaints they hear about it, the more they’ll want to look into it. I’m going to be contacting both Epic and 2k.

i have same issue so pretty much i cant get it?

i have also included this page as well
i got my base game From a Give away from a Samsung SSD
i had the same issue had on season pass 1 but ended up buying it off other side/site as Epic never fixed the issue

thanks for the tips
got anther auto reply
Hi there,

This is Juliett from our Epic Games Player Support team, nice to meet you!

Our team will now research your issue further. Please be patient for the time being. We will contact you if there is any additional information we might need or when the research is done. Rest assured we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kind regards,
Juliett K.

so now we wait …at this rate cyberpunk will be out before they fix Epics store bug lol

They sent me the exact same email reply for this issue, but I talked with Mike Mike of support.

I’m having the same issue, I haven’t raised a ticket or sent an email.
However my guess is because I have already parts of season pass 2.

How do I already have parts of season pass 2?
Because I bought the super deluxe edition on the base game, and they’ve added the new multiverse skins to this pack. So you’ve can’t buy SP2 because you’d be paying twice.

hopefully they don’t shaft us in making the designers cut and the next addon separate costs more expensive than SP2 alone

Talked today with german Epic Game Store Tech support for Account / Store issues.
They checked my account and found exactly what BpTips mentioned.
In the Super Deluxe Edition was at least One Package which was aswell inside the season pass 2 Package, therefore, they cannot sell the season pass 2 package ( or anything which contains it ) to me.

I was assured from Epic Games Support that they understand my concerns and said, that if i want to play the DLCs, i need to buy them one by one. Assuming that BL Season Pass 2 has 4 DLCs for around 15€ that would make the sum to 60€ for all DLCs for this Season pass. Since the Season Pass is only 29.99€ i would not go so far to buy them one by one …
I hope someone at 2k / Gearbox / Epic Figures out how this could be solved, if not , i will not put my money into this.