Season Pass 2 Vs. Designer's Cut and WTF is in DLC 5?

So, Designer’s cut has the Arms Race and the Skill Trees. Cool cool.
It’s $15 dollars.

The Season Pass 2 includes the Designer’s Cut and DLC 5…
It’s $30.

What the hell about ONE DLC pack is worth $15? That is the price of two DLC packs from the previous one. WHY would I want to pay double for something that I have no information on aside from it seemingly having a couple extra missions? Do we have any more information on it?

in the first season pass at least we knew we would be getting new story DLC’s…

SP2 on the other hand, we get a new map and new skilltrees… i think there’s a lot of people out there who don’t realy want new skilltrees (or 1 map where pretty much everything is disabled)

and the next DLC? we know nothing about it… we could be paying 15 bucks and get jack ■■■■ for all we know…


Technically DLC5 == Designer’s Cut. SP2 includes DLC5 and DLC6 (Director’s Cut, with whatever is in it).

Not sure I understand your comment of 15$ being twice as expensive - full price of each individual DLC 1-4 was 15$ as well (SP1 list price is 50$, with some volume discount built in). In other words, single DLC was always 15$ in BL3. :man_shrugging:


?! The ■■■■?! Are you serious? That is completely asinine! I got the Gold edition which, admittedly, was $99 when it came out, but that was only $20 more than the Deluxe which did not include SP1. I didn’t see the price tag of it separately until you just pointed it out and I double checked. BL2’s SP1 was $30 and included just as many DLC packs as BL3’s. Where the ■■■■ do these jackoffs get off doing this?! That’s legit the price of an entirely new game with over twice the content that these broken DLC have given us. WTF Gearbox?!

Also, that doesn’t change the fact that the Director’s cut has NO details and I have heard NOTHING about any DLC6, only rumors that it MIGHT be a thing. That means, we need to assume that DLC5 is all we’re getting and we have 0 info on what it might be.

Just want to correct you on this. The previous Season Pass was £40 (GBP), with the individual DLCs coming out at a bit over £10 each. That’s almost $15 each by themselves. So not double - roughly equal.

What value it ends up being will ultimately be subjective. I completely agree with not spending for something you don’t know the contents of, unless you’re okay with the risk.

Read the other comments.

I’m a bit confused. Are we getting 4th skill trees + Arm Race for free? I thought I heard that somewhere

No. The free part is M11.

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Skins if you own Super Deluxe or Season pass 1 prior to today, M11 < Those are the only free things