Season pass 2 when?

Season pass 2 after dlc 4 when? come on devs , perhaps a nice surprise for the remaining summer and autum please?

We are already in the dead/dry part of the year , last year it was horrible, its not looking brighter this year so far, in fact it looks worse than ever.

Gearbox have said nothing about a second season pass - I think that’s mostly fans wanting one. We’ll have to see what happens after DLC4.

My personal feeling is they’ll continue to cycle seasonal events for a bit, maybe with some tweaks here and there to keep things fresh.

Note that none of the other BL titles came with more than one season pass, which makes me a little dubious that we’ll see one this time.



I think the games over after dlc 4.

There will be random events and then the game dies off and we’ll see bl4 in 8 years from now on unreal engine 9

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I thought the devs plan to have the game lasting just as long as BL2 so I can imagine they’re add more content after DLC4.

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If there’s a Season 2, it’s gonna be some time after DLC 4. My guess is it would start in september.

However, I’m not sure if we are gonna be getting more than 4 real story campaign DLCs and those are all part of the first season pass. I think after that they’ll mostly just add some smaller stuff, like my guess is we are gonna get another 2 Takedowns, maybe some standalone raid bosses, limited time events etc.
Then they are maybe gonna sell a few small content packets equivalent to the Headhunter Packs of Borderlands 2 and at some point they are probably going to start to sell some cosmetics to keep the game alive and profitable for a bit longer.

Maybe my grandchildren will get to see salvador as an NPC.

(Just kidding. Maybe in a raido audio clip at best…)

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I was running through Eden-6 today. Did one of the radio towers and lo and behold who should come on? Salvador. Yup - he has at least one track on the Crimson Radio play list, called “Por Favore”

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There are no words in Tyreen’s green pandora to express how espectacularly annointed i am right now.

Guess i have something to look for tomorrow, now!