Season Pass and the DLC packs, is it really done?

I am extremely confused with the season pass still, not sure if they are really going to end on Claptastic Voyage, or if there is more coming.

Pre-Sequel has already diverted from previous Borderlands games as it has only 1 Story Campaign, but I find it odd how Gearbox said all DLC will be released by October 31st 2015. Yet at the same time, they mentioned 4 add-on packs. I am not sure if Claptastic Voyage really is the last DLC pack, but I am crossing my fingers Gearbox lied to us and is giving us more DLC. I mean, I wouldn’t be this delusional if Holodome Onslaught never existed and was replaced with a good DLC campaign instead. Also Shock Pit Slaughter Dome was a Pre-Order bonus, so I am bit suspicious of the whole season pass thing.

So my question is, do you really think Claptastic Voyage is the last DLC pack? Or maybe they will perhaps added sidequests and free content to main story? Because again, I find it very suspicious about the October 31st 2015 date. I don’t want to create pointless hype, but I want confirmation of what they mean by the whole October 31st 2015 date and how they might stop updating Pre-Sequel with any new content for the next 7 months till then while it has only been 5-7 months since TPS was released. It would at least take 10-12 months after TPS has been released for there to be all content, taking Borderlands 1 and 2 as an example.

Extremely unlikely. Season pass was all inclusive (meaning season pass holders would not have to pay for it) and gaming companies don’t generally blow wads of money for no return (their investors generally don’t like that). Claptastic Voyage was the final send off for this edition as BL3 has been announced (and likely quite far off) all attention has been diverted to Battleborn (Borderlands clone) then to BL3. Given that BL:TPS is once again sliding fast down the steam stats I think the DLC for this game is done and dusted. BL2 is still doing quite well according to Steam, maybe they should release more DLC for that one. Give BL:TPS a few more months and it may even drop off the steam top 100 most played games.

The four DLC, as have been described by gearbox and 2k, were jack, the holodome, aurelia, and claptastic voyage. There will be no more DLC according to their announcements. This was stated with the original season pass info (though worded more like 2 characters and 2 gameplay dlcs). If we get anything else it falls outside of the season pass and original planned DLC. I don’t expect anything other than perhaps a holiday event (like bringing the other iwajira form back).

I need digistruct peak raid mode. :sleepy:

Play high difficulty mutator arena. Shadow-trap spawns at the end.

Pretty sure that was the last of the DLC. Almost positive they will not add anything to the “main” part of the game. If they had ideas for it, they would have already been implemented. The late release date is probably a margin of error. That way, they can safely throw out a date to prove they do have a plan to release it, and nobody will get pissed because they (probably) didn’t plan on going past the date.

You know, I recognize that the devs don’t like coming onto these forums and confirming or denying anything (because they’ll be expected to hold true to those statements even though that may prove impossible later down the road), but if there really are only going to be four DLC packs–just those two characters, the Holodome, and Claptrap’s story–it would be nice for the issue to be put to rest once and for all. They pop in and comment here and there on other topics; why not this one? And if the answer is, “Nope. Just those four. You guys aren’t getting a shred more than that,” what’s the risk? They aren’t setting us up for anything they can’t deliver; they’re literally setting us up to expect nothing more from them. See, for me, the core problem is sparse communication and the knowledge that no matter what’s previously been said about there only being four DLC packs for TPS, Borderlands 2 and all its surprise DLC is proof that that may not be the end of the story. …Until Gearbox says so. All they have to do is clearly and succinctly explain that The Pre-Sequel is now done and over, and we shouldn’t expect anything more than what we’ve been given. But they need to communicate. As much as they (and some of you) may think they’ve been clear on the subject, BL2 proves otherwise.

Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone else that compared to BL2 this game is no where near as supported? They charged full price for this game and it has been documented else where that the length of this game is a good bit shorter. Additionally BL2 has so much more content. What interests me mainly are the campaign DLCs. BL2 had 4 while this one has only 1. If I’m not mistaken Gearbox only wrote the Tiny Tina DLC and farmed the others out to other developers. Why can’t they do that with this game?

Who knows maybe there will be more. Did they actually announce that the claptrap dlc will be the last thing for the season pass? Maybe they will add a couple more things. But probably not

I’m pretty sure there has been DLC that was not part of the SP in previous games.

However, that may have been known ahead of time.

I think we have a long time to BL3 so anything could happen.

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I think you’re forgetting that 2K Australia is the main driving force here. Gearbox outsourced this game and has been working on other stuff all along so they were never fully immersed into TPS. Perhaps the season pass content was all that 2K Australia was able to commit to following TPS’ release.

My suspicion is that maybe we’ll get a couple headhunter size packs. But I’m not holding my breathe. It would certainly be nice if they dropped more content on us and they’d call it bonus. “we said 4 packs but gave you 6 pieces of content because we love the fans”.

I’d be happy just to see a Zarpedon arena pack. Some kind of repeatable area that ends with fighting Zarpedon. Wouldn’t take them much work to do, I’d think. They could even copy/paste it from the map you fight Zarpedon at. Far less work than brand new content anyhow. But they might not have that time to do it or want to.

don’t expect more, this is it. I am 100% ok with that too. I want battle born and BL3 at this point.


Don’t hold your breath for more

Very misleading how they rolled the season pass out in TPS vs BL2. I feel that for the same cost, I got a whole lot more content n BL2. 4 full DLC campaigns in BL2 vs 1 1/4 in TPS. Great games, but I think they were riding the coattails of BL2 in TPS. It makes me not want to buy a Season Pass anymore and just buy them as they come out. But then… maybe that is the result they were trying to achieve. They make more money in the end by marketing them separate.

Funny, people said bl2’s season pass was misleading, because of all the stuff that wasn’t included, but wait, there’s the goty edition blabla. They said this time that the season pass would definitely contain everything.

Anyway, hasn’t a loot-hunt type event occured to anyone? We had halloween and mercenary day, why not have more like that? Something that isn’t a huge development but changes gameplay in a fun way.

When I say misleading, I only mean that for $30.00 I got 4 campaign DLCs in BL2.
For that same $30.00 I got 1 1/4 DLCs in TPS.
I understand that the two additional characters cost in both games and so it seemingly evens out in the end, but not when it comes to the hours invested. I got a whole lot more time for my money out of BL2 than I will get out of TPS.

In the end it doesn’t really matter because it is Borderlands and they will always get my money no matter what. I really just want more campaigns to keep me going back with all 6 characters through 3 separate playthroughs.

And you are right that we could still more holiday events or community content added at any time which would be great.

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100% this…

I’ll be honest: If I had worked my ass off on a game for months and then, upon release, that game received even half the flak this game’s gotten (much of which is undeserved, in my opinion), I wouldn’t be super enthusiastic about whipping up ANY content AT ALL beyond what I was contractually obligated to deliver. I know I’m oversimplifying the situation a bit, and I’m sure lots of people are at this very moment screaming, “Well, if they wanted me to like their stupid game, THEY SHOULD’VE DONE X, Y, AND Z!!!X%F#%$!” but I don’t see how all the hate that’s been heaped on this actually very solid game could result in anything positive. You do nothing but complain? Don’t expect anyone to do more for you than the bare minimum, that’s all I’m saying.

If what you say is true and the developers don’t feel like doing more than the bare minimum that’s when players that there money to another game that gives them what they want.