Season Pass and the DLC packs, is it really done?

Just to play devils advocate here. (for the record I think the game is good)

you say much of the flack is undeserved but that subjective.

Also this season pass pales compaired to the BL2 season pass.

So we should in your logic praise them for giving us less

Well, by “bare minimum” I meant “this is how much DLC I said I’d put out and that’s exactly how much DLC you’ll get; I COULD make some more, but why should I? You’ll just complain about that as well…” But I think I get your point. If you think the only companies who deserve your money are those who will bend over backwards to make you happy even when you criticize most of what they do, then more power to ya, bruv. I mean, I totally disagree, but all the more power to ya…

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I literally immediately followed up saying that the flak was undeserved by admitting that was my own personal opinion.

Never once said we should praise anyone.

they are developers, they don’t have feelings…

right @joekgbx

But really they make the DLC’s to make coin, not to get validation

I agree with you to a point. Of course they do what they do for monetary compensation, but, even if you can somehow pretend there’s not even a little TLC infused into this series, just think on this: try doing anything that takes a moderate amount of time and energy (like designing and building a video game), something that ultimately you’re creating to satiate the entertainment needs of other people (like designing and building a video game), and then imagine your audience has really critical, sometimes very negative views of everything you’ve done. On top of likely not making the kind of cash you’d like, you might feel like you’ve wasted a lot of your time trying to make people happy… you know, since they aren’t. I’m a writer. I like to get paid for what I write. But, on a more fundamental level, I DISlike the idea of people thinking my writing is crap and nitpicking at every word. I don’t know. Maybe that makes zero sense outside of my head.


It makes perfect sense to me. Yes, everybody involved wants to make money off of TPS, but that’s not the only reason they made the game. They also did it because they love the series and wanted to give the fans something new. Well, it appears that most of the fans didn’t appreciate what was offered, so they may be hard pressed to provide us with anything new. If money was the end all, be all of TPS, then GBX would have made it instead of letting 2k Australia do it instead. I’d like to see new content, but given the general attitude of the community, I highly doubt anybody would be motivated enough to provide us with it.


I am 1000% with weggman on this.

And i wish people would give the season pass thing a rest already. Sure there were four campaign dlc in the bl2 season pass. but there also were many seperate dlcs you had to also buy if you wanted them, gaige, krieg, and digistruct peak didnt come free. If you dont like that tps has only 1 campaign dlc, sure, its kinda dissappointing, but everything in the season pass is quality dlc, atleast in my opinion.

If you put down money on the season pass without full knowledge of what it contained, and were then dissapointed by it, you really have no one to blame but yourself. as i have said before, tps does have less dlc than bl2, but that also means it costs less! Something people seem to easily overlook.


I don’t agree with what you said at all and I am sorry you are unhappy to read so many negative posts in these forums. Maybe instead you should start up some positive posts rather than complain about the complainers which is generally considered to be against forum rules. BL2 is still holding up very well on Steam after all these years and BL:TPS is fading fast even with this last big expansion DLC and its less than a year old so I guess the community in general is not as positive towards this game as you maybe.

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Which means they’d have to release them on every platform.
Which means it won’t happen as they said old-gen consoles couldn’t handle more content.

Before release I was really stoked for another Loot Hunt but a lot has happened since then. I look at the respawnable thing as a big indicator. Mr Pitchford (I’m trying that on for size. Feel’s weird, still reads - Randy-) indicated that they were trying to move away from that kind of farming, I guess the kind of exit out, running of specific loot.

The Loot Hunt was basically the biggest celebration of rinse/repeat farming I’d ever seen, so to find that it’s at odds with a new ‘ethos’ of a more straightforward playing through of the game was hard to get my head around. I won’t say it won’t happen but I stopped waiting for it a while ago.

Right now the big ‘experiment’ going on with TPS is the extra elements that have been added to Shift. So I do think we will see more events plugged in through that system.

Side Note: Did anyone else read through the revised terms and conditions for Shift recently and get a ‘software delivery platform’ vibe from it? I reckon we will see some big additions to it in the next 18 months.

I honestly dont even know what to say to that

I would like something like the loot train if they add anything else. Fight a big ass Shugurath or something and get a good reward.

That’s his point, too many people would rather look at the negative. Why give us more of something the majority of us hate? “Oh… We want more content so we will point out all of the bad things over and over cause that will get us more” is the kinda thing happening here. People complained about Characters about not being in the BL2 season pass, so Gearbox put them in the BL:TPS season pass. Now people are complaining we didn’t get the 4 whole story campaigns. I guess you cant please everybody these days.

The season pass should just be all encompassing, you buy the season pass and as a loyalty you get all the DLC produced, it is that simple. When you make the first two games with DLC that extends the game play with the character you have invested your time in then that is adding value to the whole experience. I don’t have 100’s or 1000’s of hours to waste playing the same game over an over again with different characters. I, and I am sure there are many like me who will probably play 1 or 2 (at best) characters for each game produced. Adding extra characters to this game is a cheap way to extend the game (VERY cheap, UBER cheap). Aurelia is just a mild variation on Maya for heavens sake. Gearbox cheapened out, they could not live up to the previous games and attempt to equal or better but instead they have positioned themselves with a new lower baseline on which they can compare BL3. For heavens sake swap ice for slag and most of the weapons and shields are basic alternatives to what we had in BL2. This was one hell of a cheap game to produce yet some people think it is amazing. Sell the game with a few interesting mechanics such as ice and low gravity but take away the things that make the game truly amazing at the same time. This game is basically selling us a pup and the game that jumped the shark (look up happy days for that reference). All the good ideas they have had have gone into Battleborn in order to start another cash cow. BL:TPS should have been called BL:WDGAFWWYM. If this game was so amazing it would sit much higher than BL2 on steam gameplay rankings but in reality it has TANKED! It has failed to live up even close to BL2 and I doubt BL3 will recover even to BL2 levels. You can love this game all you like but it is not as good as you think it is. Even Gearbox must have known this and that is why they did not invest in a bigger season pass, I think the negative feedback of BL2 has reaffirmed that you can’t just put anything out and people will like it, you really have to put the creative effort in to be better each time and not just to do enough to ride the wave of the previous games. You can hate me for what I have said, I really don’t give a rats. I am more pissed off that BL has take a turn for the worse. BL1 was truly an inspiration and innovative idea, BL2 added the hollywood factor to cheapen the original idea and BL:TPS is driving it into the ground. Ooooh booo hooo I will get an infraction for being a debbie downer but so be it I really dont give a ■■■■ anymore as it seems Gearbox doesn’t either.

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It was stated from the outset that the Season Pass would include
all DLC planned for BL:TPS so I do think there wont be any more new content.
I will say this regarding TPS-
Was I disappointed by it?
Yes. I expected a lot more content, unrespawnable bosses baffled me in a game
centered around looting. In fact, I stopped playing it after level 50 for the longest time
because there was nothing else to do except Iwa -> 2 Thingies -> Grinder
no new content. Holodome was terrible. You could do the same things you’d been doing
with Jack and Aurelia. In terms of real content, none came until the recent Claptastic Voyage
I do think it was so light in content compared to BL2 that I want to say it should’ve been a $40 release.

Thing is, I don’t think its a bad standalone game.
Is it much worse compared to BL2? Yeah. No Doubt. The sheer amount of content difference alone-
But when you dont compare it to its predecessor, it’s a good game.
It’s enjoyable, and better than a lot of full price releases out there.
So I’m a bit torn by it, but at the end of the day I will say that its a good game
just that its the worst of the 3 BL games.

Real shame we wont be getting more content
but the Claptastic Voyage is absolutely fantastic.
Personally, I liked it better than Tiny Tina’s DLC

Kinda how I felt with TPS

In BL2 I level 3 of the 7 toons to OP8, 2 to 50 and didn’t touch the other 2. Maya was my main and knew her well, could play her no matter what situation or group etc… But my game time is limited.

In TPS played Nisha a decent amount (think I got somewhere around 54 before I quit) but after the holo dome (that to me was a HUGE let down) I just didn’t want or have the drive to play more.

I moved on to destiny but now some friends are playing BL2 again on xbone so I will wait till they get up to the OP levels and then port (not sure if that’s the right word) Maya over to play again and maybe my Nisha

Anyways the DLC’s for BL2 (season pass) to me were all worth it and that’s what a season pass should be and they set the bar by doing so in BL and BL2

TPS gave one story DLC and to me that was a let down and almost a bait and switch.

It was all encompassing- 2 characters, 1 level cap and arena, 1 campaign story. I don’t know why you think Gearbox should work for free now simply because you play the “loyal customer” card. The only loyal customer is the paying customer.

Could you share exactly how much it cost to make this game? Because unless you’re Gearbox or 2K Australia you have absolutely no idea and have no basis for making this claim.


It’s not misleading. Disappointing maybe, but not misleading

So you didn’t buy any of the HH packs for BL2? You’d prefer they didn’t exist at all? I’d be willing to bet they had no inkling that they would produce the HH packs when they announced the Season Pass, so how would they know what price to put on it? If you want the season pass to be all-encompassing, you’re restricting what the developers are able to do for fans of their game for no good reason.

They’re vincible.