Season pass borderlands 2 problems [xbox 360]

Well, a while ago I bought the borderlands 2 season pass in the xbox store, the problem is that the dlc’s in the xbox store appear as if I have not bought them yet, and from inside they appear as free, but if I try to download them, it appears to me An error, I clarify that I do not have the compatibility package (I do not know if that affects something, also the dlc’s are downloaded on an already formatted usb)

You need the compatibility package - some of the DLC resources (mainly weapons and skins) are contained in that so you can co-op with those who have the DLC even if you don’t own it.

IIRC you need the DLCs on the same drive as the base game on 360, and they must be the ones for the same region as your base game (N. America, EU, etc.) The “Downloadable Content” menu in-game is a bit flaky - I would recommend doing everything through your purchase/download history. The MS Store page is also a little odd at times - it won’t always show that you own an item until you’ve clicked through to the purchase page.

Note that DLC5 (Commander Lilith) is not included in the season pass and is not available for the 360 version of the game. The season pass doesn’t include the headhunter packs, either.