Season pass concerns

I’ve bought season pass soon after release, but I found that I can’t share some of it’s content (that’s early access to characters) with my wife (who plays with me all the time on split screen). So when new missions will finally arrive, will I be able to play them on split screen with my wife?

I mean, I can’t imagine that we won’t be able to do that, because that’s how we played through all previous missions, but please tell me that I have nothing to fear.


Maps are for SP owners, If she doesn’t own the SP ifs fair to say she won’t be able to play the mission. But i have little knowladge on how split screen works but if she has her own account it stands to reason she’ll need SP

Season pass on this game only works for the purchasing account.

It would really suck if dlc missions were unplayable on split screen. I’ll ask for refund if that happens.

I hope it works like in Black Ops 3, where I, as season pass holder, got additional supply drops, but we still were able to play together on dlc maps.


I have the DD edition, and my son had Alani already unlocked on his profile, if you are playing split screen you should have no problem. The content is downloaded on your Xbox. Same went with all DLC I bought for borderlands. Was playable across all profiles on that Xbox

I’m using Xbox too, and I thought that it’s the way you described, until I found that my wife doesn’t have Alani unlocked. Now I’m starting to feel nervous about incoming missions.

I’m worried in general that the season pass isn’t gonna be worth the money by the end.

I mean, I was under the impression that the new characters were part of the season pass, but no - you just get them unlocked for free and get them early (and honestly Gearbox I don’t need LESS things to try and work towards in this game ffs…).

it wouldnt make sense for her not be able to play it on split screen with you…Idk why you wouldnt be able to. Season pass or not if you are set as the primary console owner and you have the dlc she can have acces to it as well

I agree @teusz1 and am also concerned. I play split screen with my husband and he bought the season pass on his account. The only reason I got Alani is because I played in the Beta.

I really miss times when you bought a full game and didn’t need double DLC, accounts, or passes to play split screen.

It will be extremely disappointing if I can’t play the season pass items with my husband… we don’t have the money to spend on more extras. We only splurged on Battleborn for our birthdays.

i asked joe from gearbox a few days ago and he confirmed what was said you would need a 2nd season pass for the “splitscreen” account. It is kind of disappointing i did buy the DD for 75$ so i don’t think id spend another 20$…


Companies just want more money. That’s why games come out half made and the rest of the game is in DLC. Battleborn is a different case because it’s always expanding but there’s no need for season pass limitations. It’s just greedy business :frowning:


gearbox is usually better when it comes to these things so i guess it comes to more of a shock this time around for me at least maybe.
I wont deny them the right to do this. I however wont buy a 2nd one so we can split-screen the DLC. i wont encourage this behavior 75$ was enough :mask: buy the DLC twice and you’ll almost be buying the game another time.


Wow. That’s beyond “disappointing”. That calls for refund. I wonder what Gearbox is trying to achive with practices like that.

It’s more likely a 2k games thing because they are the publishers. It sucks but is probably out of Gearbox’s hands.

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who knows maybe just low income worried about flop or idk could be because of the “always online” idk.
but it also brings into question what about BL3 then? countless people split-screen the crap outta that would suck to get blocked out of some cool characters for that.
Though i don’t want to jump the gun either and accuse just a thought though.
i just feel it kind of takes a small portion of the split screen away no?

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Where did you ask this, on these forums or somewhere else? It’d be useful to see his written response.

well it was a PM on this place im not too good with links let me see if itll work though
if it doesnt he says its tied to your account and not your system

If it’s a private message then only you and Joe can see it.

@JoeKGBX please can you confirm whether or not season pass/DLC story missions can only be played by season pass holders and whether season pass holders can play those story missions split screen with non-season pass holders or not?

yeah it was a PM on here :no_mouth:. You can ask Joe if you want you’ll get the same answer though.

I thought about BL3 too and that’s why we need to demand refund for season pass when new missions come in (and if they’re really unplayable on split screen). This is the only way to teach publisher that this business practices will get them to nowhere.

I’m playing on Xbox and I heard that first request for refund for whatever reason is usually been granted. I think it’s about to use it. Also when I bought season pass (day or two after release) there was no notice about content being tied just to account - it appeared several days later translated to polish (that’s my native language), so I think my chances for getting refund are solid.

On the other hand I can’t imagine 2K/Gearbox sticking to this DLC policy, as Battleborn isn’t very popular and it would just discourage more people from supporting it.