Season Pass DLC

I feel they could of worded how everything was laid out better. I can’t be the only one who connected Alani’s release with the first DLC pack release can i?

“Season Pass with all five DLC packs and instant access to heroes 26-30 upon their release” When it’s written all in once sentence like that it’s easy to read it as they come out together.

Any word on when the new content will be out if it’s not being released with new heroes?

DLC is PVE story content. Characters will be free, the DLC gets you instant access to them instead on having to unlock them.

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They could have worded a lot of things better. The character unlock key for playing the beta, the “new skins” that were released with Alani that weren’t the tier 2 skins…

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Yeah I don’t understand why they haven’t released tier 2 skins yet when bots have been using them since beta. Just release them already.

I know that now, what im saying is the wording of the sentence above for the season pass could of been worded better.