Season pass give away

So I had made a bet with another community member @mkilbride2599 and lost so here is a free season pass for the first person to guess the correct number that is between 1000 and 2000. If you want to read the full story on the situation then check out this posting!

Also no edits allowed so pick carefully! One entry of a single 4 digit number per person per day

First hint: important year for a branch of Americas military

Cuxman had the correct answer of 1775!


Sorry no

If we’re being literal or mathematical here, I win :wink:


I have a LOT of spare time right now, I could literally spam this post with the nine hundred and ninety nine numbers between one thousand and two thousand :wink:



Ha that’s why I said one guess per day!


1042 because H2G2

Hmm, then I will make nine hundred and ninety eight more accounts! For all you know I have already begun and have made every guess thus far!

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Good guess! Incorrect though

You must be like a cyborg or an AI to have typed that so quickly!

Tomorrow if it has not been chosen!

no i can just google everything

Ha you can always pick one of any of those numbers again tomorrow

If only you hadn’t already guessed 1988, you just made every possible guess with one post, or one “entry” if you will.

Yeah, semantics, there’s always a loophole :wink:

Will edit before anyone else sees this!