Season pass glitch

christ its like every damn day i find something new to bitch about in the presequel i bought the tales season pass cos everybody has been begging me to make a guide for the guns included they wanted me to review cryo boss nova yeah ■■■■ that was my undoing i dashboarded and lo and behold dammit IT WAS ■■■■■■■ GONE!!! so if someone has one they can drop level 40+ you are possibly jesus. also it does not have to be cryo screw ■■■■■■ shelon too. this game gives me reasons to drink bleach all the ■■■■■■■ time.

Welp you’re clearly angry…

Yup shift rewards are unfarmable been that way since BL2 so dashboarding without saving kinda deletes the weapon.

If you’re on Xbox I haven’t spent my Boss Nova yet (I know what It’s capable of so it’s not that big a deal if I lose it), if you want it you can have it.

thanks! Is it on 360? what level is it?

72 aaand yeah 360, gt is same as name message me for a time.

Ouch, I’m Only 43. Do you have any lower level characters?

nope max leveled all 3 of 'em soz