Season Pass Holder What will Happen?

Are we going to get exclusive skin taunt or title that will be awesome for people who pay for the season pass

There is a “Season Pass Holder” Title, and if I’m not completely mistaken the Season Pass also unlocked Alani’s Gold Skin.

I think other than instant access to the OPs and the Additional BB it won’t do anymore in the Future.


In terms of Skins you’ll get (If you’re a Season Pass holder) gold Alani skin and cyber skin for Toby. That’s pretty much it… Overall I would say the Season Pass is OK in terms of value but pretty dissapointing if you wanna find the same experience as the Single Player, it didn’t really sit with me well. All the missions together feels like a really mediocre section of the campaign itself and the skins aren’t that great either, so, yeah.

The Alani gold Skin was from shift Code

what!!! are you crazy! The Toby’s Raid skins are great are all purple!!! and the new ones have the 2nd tier skins a really sick shiny looking purple too!

Although I haven’t played the new campaign yet, I’ve been having too much fun in PvP to get the new Miko skin xD

Sorry, they’re not really my cup of tea :frowning:
I’m a season pass holder too, so this is really a bummer for me ;(

You get the season pass holder title, which is the best title in the game.

It’s broke af, gg ez

Yeah is true but i really want more exclusive content for us the season pass holders

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Maybe they could give season pass owners the PAX megacode skins :confused:

Always find it amusing when those who bought the season pass start demaniding/asking for even more content despite the pass already being detailed in what it gave you.

I would rather everyone got free skins, especially now a year after release, its tough as it is to get people to play this game.

I don’t see anyone demanding anything here.

Seriously, what’s up with all these horses recently?