Season pass holders and marketplace skins+taunts

So after spending a few hours relentlessly reading posts on this forum and the new battleplan for 6/14 , it seems that season pass holders will have to spend real money to get those skins and taunts.

Isn’t the point of a season pass to get all available content a game has to offer? At least that’s the case for every other game with a season pass I have purchased.

If this is the case, then it seems that gearbox/2k is frantically trying to not go in the hole with battleborn which is a damn shame. It just goes to show that all they care about is lining their pockets with our hard earned money.

Though nothing is set in stone yet, its highly likely I’ll be selling battleborn along with every other gearbox/2k game I own, and will never ever support these 2 companies again.

Gg battleborn.
It’s sad that I’ve invested over 200 hours into this game.


They said LAST YEAR that this was the eventual plan.

Season Pass holders will get what they were promised.

Honestly, I don’t care what they sell if it keeps the game going.


The skins in the Marketplace are separate from those in the DLC Packs/Season Pass/Digital Deluxe Edition. Those look to be unlocked by playing the new Story campaign missions that come with the DLC.

As @Kaleidodemon stated already: These contents are completely seperate.

As SeasonPass holder you already have gotten some extras and all future content you get is still SeasonPass-exclusive content others cannot have or unlock. Unless they buy the SP as well.
So you still have exclusive content and you´ll get the upcoming DLCs, its not like you´re scammed.

The new Marketplace-content has the same unlock-condition for everyone, no matter if you have the SP, DE or the normal game.

PS: I do not own the SeasonPass or the Deluxe-Edition. I´m poor. I´d love to have the Orendi handpuppet taunt and I still save up for it.
But I don´t feel scammed or ripped off by it, because I knew what to expect and GBX always tried to be clear what content is accessable under certain conditions. If you feel otherwise thats okay, but this is my point of view.


So you’re tellimg me in order to get all the in game content im going to have to invest well over $50?
I already drop $80 into the game brand new + season pass

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I don´t know where you take the number “50$” from?
EDIT: Ahhhh, just red the article on - they make a pack-offer there, they never said you´ve to invest his sum for all content. Thats a miss-assumption I think.

All I said is that you payed the SeasonPass and you get what you payed for. You´ll get the DLCs when they release, while others have to buy them more expensive. You also got some other extras.

This new content is new for everyone. It may seem unfair to you that its not covered by the SeasonPass, but as far as I know it was never stated or explained that the SeasonPass would uphold all future skins & taunts.

Also its your choice & decision what you´ll pay for. I´ll wait and see how cool the taunts & skins are. Maybe I´ll invest then, but maybe not. As said, I´m not made of money either.
Yes it would be cool to get them for free, but they are not. Many things are not free in this world, thats frustrating but true.


The $50 is just a general estimation based off of the marketplace price for platinum currency, the currency price for the skin and taunts, and all the battleborns

Yes, sure, but noone says you need all those. I don´t see the very need to have everything, maybe thats my problem to understand here.
Maybe save up 5€ for a skin & taunt for my favourite character or main, sure, but I would never spend a orbitruary amount of money for things I´ll never or rarely use.

For me: its good to have options, but I´m not the one who needs to try/use all options. I take the option I need or like best and ignore the rest.

After playing League of Legends for a while and basking in the glow of a well-made f2p model, the fact that the good skins (and perhaps taunts, if anything can beat the Tea Ceremony) are purchased after already purchasing the game is pretty off-color to me. It just kinda sucks that even when one buys a game, which used to provide access to all the content (excepting large expansions), now comes with some more microtransactions on top.

However, the fact that these skins and taunts aren’t free kinda makes me happy, because when I’m that one special Whiskey Foxtrot rockin’ the paid skin, it’s pretty obvious that I’m not just using the skin because rnjesus blessed me, but because I’m committed to the character.

Edit: typos too strong.

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No I dont “need” all those things, but since I have been a gamer my whole existence I see games as a work of art and want to experience said art in its entirety.

Its just very discouraging to see a game that I so very much enjoy imploy greedy business tactics in order to keep the game.

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How are these skins/taunts free if they are only available in the soon to be marketplace?

I really can understand that. I guess I´m just used to see things like this in almost every modern game. And Battleborn has a rather ungreedy approach compared to several other games.
I think of EA´s ME-3 multiplayer, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, even the great F2P “Path of Exile” wants a fair share of cash for cosmetics. Barely every game uses such marketing strategies and most have higher costs.

Also in other games we have to pay 10-15€ for a character (BL2) in BB we can grind ingame currency, thats just one example of not-greediness that comes into my mind.

The new skins and taunts for the marketplace will not be free. They must be bought with real money.

Eh, yes, I never said anything otherwise.
I just pointed out that its different with characters this time and that it is better this way than in BL-2 and TPS.

Sorry Ganjamira, I was referring to @nyakasgoods

(Just noticed it didn’t reply to them)

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As a gamer I understand the feeling of wanting everything a game offers but times are changing.
Every game is getting paid customization items.

Why should Gearbox stand tall above everyone else and give away free stuff? They have families to feed too.

*If Oprah ran Gearbox “you get a taunt, you get a taunt, everyone gets a taunt!”


Ungreedy? Really?
I’m a Gearbox fangirl… I have and played to pure extenuation both Borderlands, the pre-sequel, the Taletell Game, I got every single dlc that they threw up at me. I enjoyed that a lot and I never, ever get frustrated or thought I expend badly my money. You know why? Because I get what I purchased. For that I trusted Gearbox into getting a Season Pass, even when I didn’t know zilch about what I was getting, because I trusted the company.

I’m not mad at all, I know they are a company, Overwatch is crushing their sales and people playing online in pc (even when both aren’t similar games at all) and they need money, sure they need money to continue developing but don’t spit ‘ungreedy’ on me.

Those, that they are about to sell, are the T2 skins. We saw them in beta vs bots, they hype them in beta and we, jackasses as we are, thought they were part of the game because they were on beta. People saved packs, commander packs and normal ones, thinking those skins could be possible on those. People that was sitting on packs now must feel like champs… for that they weren’t released with Alani, they were about to rip something that was already part of the game to sell it later.

That’s what I consider greedy, that’s what I don’t like in companies like EA: taking about in-game content to sell it later calling it dlc or, in this case, skins.

They aren’t creating something new to sell, they are selling something everyone saw, something that was in the game. Doesn’t matter if is expensive or not, doesn’t matter what other companies are doing. I’m not talking about Riot or Hi-Rez, I’m talking about Gearbox and taking something that was in the game, that we thought were coming soon, they said T2 skins were coming soon but not for money. I expected money for something new…

And, besides, I paid the game for me and my boyfriend, plus season pass to me. I enjoy the game, I’ll play the game, but I don’t have the value of my season pass nor I started to see that value. Yes, deluxe edition guys have taunts and skins, I got an Alani key to play her one week before people without season pass, but besides that key, that didn’t was on real value at all, I have nothing for my season pass money nor I see anything any time soon… I know the next character is in two months period or so… but my first dlc free story or any of the promised skins and taunts? Nothing, not only now but I don’t even have an ETA.

I’m not mad for Gearbox trying to make money.

I’m mad because they are using something that was in game to sell it later, something that was hyped as part of the game because was on beta; I’m mad because after expending so much money in two copies of the game and a season pass, if I fell in love with one of those skins (and being the t2 hyped for bots in beta, trust me I was) Gearbox, don’t giving yet nothing for my money’s value yet and not a freaking ETA in when I get part of that value, they are asking me for more money.

It’s really, really bad taste and really, really soon, too soon.


You can sell your game, do whatever you want. The thing is, battleborn didn’t get a lot of sales, and skins are something borderlands 2 has sold for ages. Battleborn needs money, and they aren’t afraid to sell for it. I think they were trying not to do this but you also have to remember that it isn’t GBX’s choice when it comes to marketing 90% of the time. That’s all 2k. If you think selling GBX titlees that were innovative and fantastic games (you said it yourself, you already put over 200 hours in BB) then go ahead. Spread the word of GBX and their fantastic games. As long as they don’t tank (which is why they are selling skins) they will continue their great and fantastic process of creating some of if not thee beest games I’ve eever played.

Good day, and may you spread the badassery.

Well, look at it this way. At least you can see what you are buying and not jamming it in a lootbox (I want my effing Valkyrie skin, Blizzard!), they aren’t putting all of the taunts and skins behind a paywall as they will presumably be available to everyone, not just season pass holders.

I think the sales put the nail in the coffin for what we’ll get on the shiftcode front as far as 2k is concerned. I’m sure they want to start selling legendary loot packs for platinum ASAP, but that’s where I will draw the line.

I would support this game going fully F2P as long as lootpacks are NEVER for sale for platinum.

Because they’re the ones insisting on a $60 starting price tag when their direct competitors are free to play.

But let’s leave that out of it for a moment, let me ask you a question:

Do you believe that it is fair to the consumers who supported this game at launch and have continued to support it by purchasing the season pass, to have to sit through the implementation of microtransaction exclusive content before they get the exclusive content they’ve already paid for?

To make use of a horribly overwrought metaphor, why am I being offered dessert for an additional fee before the main course I already paid for hasn’t even arrived?