Season pass holders and marketplace skins+taunts

What your saying is that it is the consumers fault for “assuming” and buying the season’s pass without direct information on what it was exactly we were buying. We had that “blind faith” i mentioned afore and took it that we would be treated with respect as a consumer.

What a stupid, stupid assumption on our part, that we would be treated fairly and with dignity. We expected to be treated to informative reveals, clever videos highlighting some of the new things to come filled with that trademark GBX fun, wit, and humor. But we weren’t. We ASSumed. We took for granted that our Battleborn overlords would be merciful and kind. Forthcoming and witty.

But they’re bloody not! They’re cutting the throats of the very people that have fought so hard to support them, and you can turn a blind eye towards it, if ye must, but the truth is that releasing the skins that were made BEFORE THE BETA behind a bloody paywall is insulting. It is shows us that the plan was to screw us. They never had any intention of including the skins in the pass and if that is the case, the information should have been plain as day.

If i bought the pass and was told, “season pass includes this and this and this, BUT MIGHT PRECLUDE SOME RELEASED CONTENT,” right then, i know what i’m in for.


Skins and taunts and maps and characters. Lalalalala. Gimme yer money! ::grin::

That is a twisted logic and it makes my guts writhe in disgust how accepting yer are for it.

Buuut…that’s not from the season pass…it’s from the digital deluxe. You can’t get it for 20 bucks :worried:

I wish you could…now I’m sad.

Sorry to disgust you, but WE didn’t assume anything. I’m a SP holder and I didn’t assume I was going to get something other than what was promised on the poster.

I’m not angry, I’m not raging on and on about an accidental leak and what YOU are still assuming is going to happen in the future. If I get a single skin/taunt that is exclusive content as well as the five packs I was promised, then I got my money’s worth on the season pass. It doesn’t matter what they offer on the marketplace.

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Yeah, funny thing… I bought two copies of the game, for my boyfriend and I, and later, when I got more money I bought the season pass for myself while my boyfriend was about to buy the dlcs one by one.

I paid roughly the same (on today on Steam prices I paid more, tho I bought the game before the huge drop in price… Eh, Gearbox and 2k!! I paid before you dropped the price and you are asking more money…) but I don’t get the same. In fact, I don’t know when I’ll get my fluff…

Amazing… this still amazes me…


Duhhhhh so much talking about SP & DE contents that I got confused myself! :smile:

No need to feel bad. Maybe I sell a big piece of my art the next days, then all skins & taunts will be mine for tha taking & taunting xD

Please people take a moment to consider to read our simple FORUM RULES again, thanks! :heart:

Try to stay respectfull towards each other.

You don’t disgust me, love. The ease in which people are accepting the " you assumed too much" answer to the preclusion of premade game content in a season’s pass to a game you paid for in full (65.16 + 54.30) is what disguts me. There was a time where games came in full. All of it’s content added up and measured by the sum of its parts and not divvied out piecemeal to the open wallets. Gaming was a labor of love and dedication, not a heartless calculated cashgrab.

The disgust stems from the fact that the skins werent included in either the main game nor the season’s pass. Yet they were made before the game’s release. Can’t you see? I’m not enraged at the public, the consumer, us, or you.

I’m mad at the fogginess of it all. The proverbial wool over my eyes. The blatant and clearly intentional vagueness of the description of the season pass, placing the loophole in the noose before we get to their necks. They knew about it beforehand.

They knew it was. That is the reason for the silence. That is why i am mad. They kept mum on purpose. That is why i am full of disgust and anger and sadness.


Have you got your “five new story missions” as a part of Deluxe or you just missed that part of description?

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this is EXACTLY like evolve

the mistake is that there isn’t enough compelling stuff on the leveling grind, just like evolve

color swaps are boring and uncompelling. they make players quit because they don’t give enough of a dopamine rush for playing. The grind for them is also hella long. Peeps unlock the guys and then bail right now. Heck they don’t even unlock all of the guys because some of them have some redonk requirements, especially the lore.

so they take most of the cool skins and lock them away behind real money, with no grind option at all, just like evolve did

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They haven’t been released yet but I’m pretty sure I will when they get finished.

I don’t know about Evolve as I’ve only heard of it through its (poor) reputation, but I’ve slowed down playing the game a great deal because of the grind issues you mentioned… any idea how it long it would take mowing down the same generic hordes to get all 25 chars to L15 and no thanks to command exp (worthless after a week or two when everyone’s 100) or PvP character exp (non-existent unless every match goes the full 30 minutes)… There’s some simple fixes they could make in terms of increasing drop rates, converting command experience to character experience past command rank 100 (or a lower% of character exp if it’s too much), awarding greater character exp that would incentivize people to play more… On the subject of Lore challenges, they clearly want to fix this but have basically said they don’t have the technical know-how at the moment to retroactively credit people for the lore challenges achieved after nerfing, once they figure this out, there will be a fix coming which is welcome…

Oh wow, did not think this thread would get as much attention as it did. xD

It’s definitely nice to see that others feel the same way that I do about this shady and dishonorable business tactic.

Fulfill the needs and wants of the consumers who are keeping this game barely afloat before asking for even more money, am I right?

But then again, look at the world we live in. Greed and corruption run rampart.

I guess im just a dumb fool for putting blind faith into a game, made by a company I have been a fan of relentlessly, by trying to find some concrete answer out of the vagueness of the season pass detail prior to buying the game.

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That is the head of the studio attempting to quell the influx of hatred over the game’s business model.

That is the lifecycle of the game. I bet those 53 players really love all that DLC! That is just the steam numbers. I bought the season pass version 2 because some friends really REALLY love this game. We could not find matches to play in. The server was completely dead. It was terrible.

This is why people are reacting the way they are. History doesnt lie.

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And you think they could learn but no… Publishers with shady practices doesn’t learn, you can see Ubisoft or EA for that, they continue to publish unpolihed pieces of turd pressing on developers and getting shafted for the community of those games and they do it again, not a ■■■■ given about it.

Evolve was a game my fiance really, really wanted to play and we were really tempted from time to time to buy it but so much dlc, so little people and even less and less people playing everyday… I’m glad we didn’t buy it and I don’t really want Battleborn to run with the same luck.

And man, thinking they dropped the price of the game so little ago and in the place of giving content or fluff to people that paid full price, trying to maintain the community, they drop the ‘more money, please’ on us like if it is an amazing good thing =__=


People are changing their positive reviews on steam into negative because of this. Good job Gearbox/2K.

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I have to say I am a bit peeved about this reveal. I at first didn’t buy the DDE or SP, just a regular copy, then I loved the gameplay so I decided to support the game. here is the description on the steam page for the SP

A tremendous band of heroes fight to protect the universe’s very last star from a mysterious evil in this next-gen shooter by the creators of Borderlands. Receive 5 DLC packs, each pack allowing you to command your Battleborn on all new Story Operations. Plus instantly unlock 5 new heroes when they release, and gain awesome new skins and taunts along the way.

To me, that said I would get 5 new characters and 5 new campaign missions, and get new skins and taunts as they came out.

When Alani was announced I was lookin for the new mission as well since it says “Receive 5 DLC packs, each pack allowing you to command your Battleborn on all new Story Operations”. But no mission came out. I also assumed that all skins and taunts would be coming with the SP. But then today happened.

Honestly I’m not that upset about them charging for skins/taunts, I do think its super sleezy though. What I’m upset about is

  1. What is actually coming with my SP? All it says is 5 DLC packs…wtf is in a pack? Was Alani one of those packs? So are there only 4 left?

  2. There are some massive problems with the game. Mainly performance problems. Half the PVP maps run like **** and a few campaign missions as well.

  3. I’m more pissed that they are asking for more money before even giving SP holders what they asked for, or at least telling us what comes in what we bought!

EDIT: I would have thought that DDE/SP holders would AT LEAST be able to unlock all skins/taunts via credits and those who didn’t it would be behind a paywall. That’s fine with me. But charging money for something stated in the steam description of what you are buying is super super shady and is something I cannot get behind. I’m not sure if its GBX or 2k that made this call, but shame on them. I have since changed my positive review on steam to negative.

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I bought the Digital Deluxe Edition for PS4. I got the taunts and skins that came with the DE and the season pass gives me keys to unlock the 5 new heroes that I can get back if I pay the 47,500 in game credit price. The SP also gives me access to 5 new PVE story mission and skins and taunts that are EXCLUSIVE to that DLC pack. What they are doing now with this market is adding ALL NEW skins and taunts that are not in the SP.
Here is the run down as I see it:
DE: bonus skins and taunts.
SP: Different skins and taunts from the DE.
Market: more Different skinks and taunts than DE and SP.

FYI: I bought the Game on disc as a preorder from gamestop, got the SP a week later. I saw the Digital Deluxe Edition and bought that not even a week after getting the SP.

Not new, they were on beta, bots were wearing them so the skins were already in the game. They are stripping something from the game and selling it only for money, not another way of getting then. Not grinding, not season pass, deluxe or whatever. Because if they chose to offer the skins and you can get them grinding too (dailies with platinum for example or RNG boxes with loot), I won’t have a problem with them taking something that was already in the base game and selling it back to us.

The problem comes with that type of skin we already knew was in the game, not saying a thing about it even with a pletora of threads about them and only announcing their Marketplace thingy when it was leaked.

In the same time that we don’t still know a thing about the season pass, when, what and the rest of questions that comes with throwing money at them and hoping for a good costumer service in return.

They are selling more things (stripped from the base game) without delivering even info on thing they already sold (season pass). We don’t have any of the dlcs yet, not information on them, not a date around when we’ll have the first one… zilch!

They asked for money in a game that went cut in price a couple of weeks later (giving nothing to the guys and gals that paid it full price, I have to add) and for a season pass and they are asking more without delivering even the first part of the seasonal.

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You seriously can’t complain about this? This is ‘very common’ in more than just games. Sony do deals with many games soon after launch. Price drops are common in every walk of life soon after product launches.

Spending money in games varies, but people have to be aware that just because a game is FTP it doesn’t mean people don’t pay as much or even more on the game. It just varies a lot from game to game.

If BB does take this route, soon, what will they give to the people that did buy it up front? This will be interesting to see. I purposely didn’t buy the SP because it can be purchased when ever. And I wouldn’t expect anything more than just extra missions and maps. Cosmetic items are often extra paid content anyway, like Borderlands 2.

What have they stripped from the game? If your talking about skins then that’s not really game content, just pure cosmetic. Sure it’ll be nice to have some, but surely GBX have the right to say what’s included in base game, season pass, and what will be available for money or pure luck of the drop.

Everyone needs to be patient at this time until the whole picture is clear.

And remember, there have been games that were so bad at launch they were literally re-written and ended up been awesome. Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy 14 were both disasters at launch…

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I didn’t complain about the price drop, is don’t giving even fluff to the full price owners and asking money too soon what I was complaining about.

And being skins or not, they aren’t selling something new, they are taking something that was already in the game. Being content or not is highly irrelevant here. They are taking something from a game I paid and asking me to pay it appart from the money I already dropped.

And sure 2k (not Gearbox, this is 2k being greedy again) can decide if something is part of the base game or not… and people could decide is a shady practices taking something from the game and selling it, asking where is the content of the season pass and when and show them a middle finger about their microtransaction market of theirs… Because you know, you can pull selling microtransactions in a game with a community not an empty one tired of being drain for every piece of content (or fluff) they add.

I’m a huge fan, regular player of FFXIV, and I know how the game started, changed and how is now. FFXIV has a store with fluff… but without a couple of exclusives like Slepnier mount or the Bennu one or the Scion’s clothes, you know what? The rest are old seasonals that you could get normally in the game playing. I paid the game, the Heavensward expansion, both in collectable form, and I pay sub and never, never, I felt cheated from Square Enix on the game. Because they didn’t show me dragon mount, Midgardsormr, from Heavensward on the game and on release they said me ‘■■■■ you, more money please’ after purchasing the expansion collection edition.

And I’m patient, I knew I won’t get my money’s value right away. But they are selling even more stuff without even giving info and that doesn’t feel good.