Season pass holders and marketplace skins+taunts

Lovely, reallly lovely. But two things.

First, If i am correct, GBX didn’t mean for T2 skins to be in the beta. That, if i am correct, was not supposed to happen, and they missed it.

Secondly, GBX wanteed to release the skins, full heartedly.

So when you say GBX is greedy, you have to realize that GBX didn’t choose to sell them, 2k did. And they are not the same thing. Thats why I hate activision, not bungie, for the stupid BS they pull on their fans all of the time.

I do believe it’s fair. I pre ordered the deluxe edition and have received everything I was promised. Why do I deserve extra stuff beyond that?

I expect the season pass to be slowly released over the next year or so. Why does it matter to me if other people get a chance at buying something i was never promised?

Hey that gas station sold that guy a candybar…Where’s mine? I bought gas too!

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I can really understand your point, as I´m a GBX-fangirl too.
And yes, it was wrong to leak T2 skins without any word if they were in the normal game or not. I´m not even sure if GBX leaked those themselves…so I´d not make them responsible for leaks they did´nt support.

All I wanted to say in my prior post was that I really welcomed the approach to pay characters with ingame currency. Since I payed full price on BL2-TPS character DLCs it was a great thing for me to know I can unlock Alani without paying real money.

I never said I agree with micotransaction in general, I dislike such concepts alot. Thats why I brought up some examples of “greedy games”.
SeasonPasses are tickets that provide content over a long time. You reserved your rights on the next DLCs, and you´ll get them accordingly. Of course it would be awesoe to have more content earlier, but just because there are some weeks/month to wait it does not mean your SP is worthless…
(I still have to get mine, had no money yet…)

EDIT: Soooo many typos, need coffee!!!

Sure, isn’t the same publisher than developer but they are both in this, this is their baby. Also, I wasn’t the one that started with ‘Gearbox isn’t greedy because…’, I was taking my two cents on the mod comment.

And was a mistake or no, they screwed it up when they chose the hush hush approach to the T2 skins.

People were hoarding packs, people were askind one day and the another too for them, they even called them when they said the skins were coming with Alani… And they remain in silence.

Was their initial idea sell the skins or not or show them in beta, they had to address the community about that, from the first freaking moment, the first thread about the T2 skins. The moment they chose not to speak, people assumed something logical: if it was on beta, is part of the game.

What I have to chose from? Thinking they are being greedy or thinking they don’t know how to address the community or manage their own game?

Still I seeing a marketplace asking for more money when I don’t have anything from my season pass yet… That’s not classy at all.


Notice they both have the same dates on them. Notice that they will seell skins. Notice also that you will get free skins. Now please, can we just relax? If this doesn’t happen, then ya’ll can freak out about skins in an FPS.


To me it’s needy, not greedy. GBX didn’t have a lot of sales, and they need to survive, mroe importantly, 2k needs to makee money off of this. Not 100% the best way to get money, but there aren’t a lot of options right now.

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You misunderstood.

If 2k and Gearbox want to have microtransaction content to get more money out of people who want to spend theirs, that’s absolutely fine.

But take care of the people who have already paid you, first. This isn’t about what people were promised, because you’re right - we weren’t promised all the skins, only some. This is about maintaining trust with your customers and treating them respectfully, instead of treating them like hostages.


Alani came out first and I had immediate access to her. Contract fulfilled until next dlc release.

Now they want to make a little extra money. No harm done.

Although I do see your point about not communicating. They could have and probably should have made a lot of things more clear. Who knows their reasoning behind the mystery.

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You are freaking correct, they are doing this because they need money.

I know they shoot their own foot realeasing the game in the same month as Overwatch and I’m confident this game will blossom as Borderlands… will take time, and people discovering that Overwatch is a boring one trick pony, polished one trick pony… that will have a stable community with people playing it a lot in the future. And, of course, Gearbox and 2k doesn’t eat “future” but…

They are ways and ways to do things. People already was waiting for the T2 skins, they already saw them… they wanted money? Sure, sell the boosters, sell the loadout space, the inventary space and the taunts. But when you are hush hush and your community is putting with a lot of crap, with queues like for ever on pc (right now is decent, in the beginning was a nightmare), drop of fps in zones (you know, echelon and others that I hope they correct them this update)… they had to release the skins as people hoped, like part of the game (and if they wanted also to place them in the market for money to go around the rng, cream over pie) and create new ones, the T3 and another T2, for money in the future.

And… freaking give us, season pass holders, an ETA in when we get our first payment in content for already paid money.

Sure they need money, but they started being greedy when they don’t even show some respect for people that already gave them a handsome figure of that money.


Alani is not even remotely relevant, we’re talking about content gated behind real money. If I chose to not buy a season pass, I could have gotten her by playing the game.

The DLC we are getting in the season pass, the content that you can only get by either purchasing the individual DLC packs or the season pass, none of it has arrived. The contract hasn’t been fulfilled.


The hero key count? I didn’t have to spend credits to get her.My apologies. I thought that was apart of the deluxe.

Yet. I might add a yet.
Its a “Season” Pass, covering a large timeframe or season. Its about 6weeks BB was launched. The Season Pass easily covers a timeframe of a year or longer.
First BL, BL-2 or TPS DLCs were released a good couple of months later, why should they rush this schedule in BB now?
I undestand if you want more content faster, but it does´nt change that your contract is still valid.

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I’m not saying I’ve been deprived of anything, I’m simply stating something that should be obvious for any business that wishes to keep the good will of its customers:

Take care of people you’ve already taken money from before seeking more money.

This is what is at the root of people who feel they are being treated unfairly. It’s not about thinking they deserve more than what they paid for, or that they’re being robbed of something.

If you want to take Borderlands 2 as an example, then let’s do: People who purchased the season pass got to enjoy Scarlett and Mr. Torgue DLCs before the release of the first paid cosmetics packs the following year. This was a much friendlier approach to selling additional content amidst the release of content already promised to those who had purchased the season pass, from the perspective of said customers.


Yeah but six weeks after launch we have a freaking market asking money and not an ETA in ours.

See where is the problem?

I don’t want to get mad on Gearbox, is one of my favorite dev company, I even forgive them for Aliens Colonial Marines being Alien one of my favorite franchises… THAT’s love! And that’s trust.

The problem is that I’m not rich, my money is a plain worker salary and I made an effort to get the game and the season pass and not only I don’t have info or ETA about my dlcs already paid, no new skins, no taunts, they are placing between another pay-wall skins that I already wanted, that I knew their existance, like I didn’t pay money yet… taking a fast approach to more money and not fast enough to even inform people about things they already paid.

I don’t want a dlc right now (tho I could enjoy it greatly), I think like they took their time to think in getting more money, they could also take time to give us some info… you know, like… paid customers perhaps? Or giving us some of our already paid skins? taunts?

'Cause, again, I paid game+season pass, not a deluxe edition, so I paid and I didn’t get even a thing. I have nothing for my money and they are asking for more.

I feel a little, a little, little, little cheated.

Not enough to hate the company or the game but enough to call the publisher in their bs.


Wait I just realized.
Where did someone say that season pass holders won’t get anything extra? This was a surprise (kindaish a surprise) maybe gearbox will throw season pass holders a surprise shift key or something to make up for upsetting people?

Optimism is sweet.

Everything you just said pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about this whole debacle. Leading people on with T2 skins and failing to deliver content that was already paid for – before asking for more money for content that was already present in the game – is complete … Well, you know.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Well, it may not be the best practice, but I’ll be buying Platinum packs…but not the highest priced ones. Whatever it takes to show that I support my favorite game, I suppose

I have to see if I get money for this, but if they offer really cool Orendi stuff I might invest 6€. I´m really not in a good financial situation, I´m still saving for the DLCs/SeasonPass.

Its hard to see how many people feel forced to buy stuff. I think its a option to get cool things you don´t really need.
Its just like paying extra for popcorn & nachos in the cinema. It would be cool if that stuff would be free, but it is rarely included in the movie-ticket.

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I think they should let season pass/deluxe version owners unlock marketplace skins and taunts with keys.

If I’m level 100 and I buy Alani or another new character with in game credits, what the hell else am I gonna do with those refuded keys?

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You know that the money you spend for the SP is for the upcoming big DLCs right? Its not like you wasted any money so far.
Also they would give away content for over 70€ for free onto SP holders, which payed for the DLCS in the first place, not for the T2-skins.

There was never a official mention the T2-T3-skins would be covered by the SP or DE… at least I never red such a notion.
Why demand something for free as you payed for it, when you never really did payed for it? You payed for the future DLCs, you´ll get them when they come.

Can´t you save up those keys for Pendles and the other upcoming heroes? (Still grinding credits for A&P, I wish I could effort the SP…)