Season pass holders and marketplace skins+taunts

Well, the keys are refunded once you unlock the character through credits.

So, hypothetically, season pass holders could have everyone unlocked and a fistfull of useless keys when all is said and done.

Letting us unlock a skin or a taunt with them would be a nice olive branch and extend the value of season passes and deluxe versions as the content rolls out.

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I bought the SP and game thinking it included everything previewed in the beta (that includes T2 skins, they were shown back in beta multiple times); it didn’t. I completely understand that a SP entitles me to all future content released in the game. I didn’t realize it didn’t include T2 skins, however, GBX intentionally mislead people into thinking it did.

They even mentioned “new skins and taunts” were coming with Alani (IIRC), but they didn’t; instead they released them behind another pay-wall separate from the season pass. I don’t know many/any games that do this, I thought most SPs entitle you to all “new” content released after launch; if you can think of any, please elaborate.

Instead, before they even release content that had already been paid for, they are asking for more money for things that were already present in the game since beta.

That is greed.


Yeah, but you get the popcorn and the soda in the place, in the cinema, ready to see the movie with them on hand.

Not a promise of future popcorn before the movie ends, without ETA, with people selling food to other costumers while you are waiting for yours… food that was promoted, maybe for an error, maybe not, we didn’t know when we paid for the game or our season passes, as included as a benefit of the movie, like a perk to going to your neighborhood cinema and not a big company, that you’ll have to pay after you already paid and you don’t get even info.

I’m really feel obligated to purchase things, specially fluff, but when I’m, in blind, trust a company with my hard earned money, I really, really hope they consider me, for my effort and trust, when they decide to give something or get more.

I still don’t know what I’m going to get for my season pass money or when… What I know is that skins that I already saw and some of them I wanted, skins that they let people to believe were part of the game, with a hush hush approach, are being now sell, before even trying to give season pass holders anything for their money, like they doesn’t care about their money, my money.

They had to speak about T2 skins sooner, don’t letting people sitting on commander and regular packs and asking every day in the forum about them… And they should show some respect for season pass holders that gave them money before hand without questions.

Sure, the skins aren’t expensive and you don’t have to buy them… But like I said before: isn’t classy. This move is very jackassy, specially for those of us that paid getting nothing yet, not even info.


By definition, a season pass is meant to cover all the content within the release window of the game. I bought it. I own it. I expected the “new skins and taunts” that it so eagerly crowed at me to include, oh i dont know, the SKINS AND TAUNTS, that it bloody promised. Now i jave to spend even more money on this? So i can get skins that have been around since the freakin beta?!

How in the world can anyone stand behind this in good faith? How do you not see the bloody backhand we are all getting? This is literally the worst thing they could have done. The only good thing to come of this is a definitive reason for the silent treatment these past few months. They knew it was coming, they knew we would react in kind, and they knew damn well that the backlash would be BAD.

Take my advice, get rid of your marketing department before they bankrupt you. You place the blame for all this at their feet, let their heads roll. Coffin makers are ye all for this wonderful, doomed franchise.


I think this is where a lot of the problems are coming from; they never really specified what comes with a season pass. Its very vaguely worded, and they never really expounded upon the “new heroes” (“free DLC” as they’re calling it) until after launch.

I can guarantee you, I would have never purchased the Digital Deluxe or Season Pass if I knew all it would include was an “unkown” number of PvE missions to be released several months after launch; I find the PvE in this game to be very boring and repetitive, and certainly not the best “feature” of the game. I bought it because it advertised heroes (which are free to everyone) and PvP modes (which they also claimed would be free for everyone, after launch).

I assumed (my fault, I suppose) that their season pass would included all of the “new” content released post-launch … You know, like most season passes do. However, it doesn’t; which completely defeats the purpose of a season pass.


Exactly. When all the season passes I’ve ever had gave me every single new content from a game I expect this one to be the same. Lol assumptions


Th man echoes my sentiments And articulates my thoughts as though he is pennin them from my head. Thank you, sir.

Black ops 3 season pass doesn’t give you everything.
Borderlands 2 season pass didn’t give you everything.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment but basically every game with customizable items has microtransactions such as these.

Again what is wrong with them trying to make extra money on the side? You still get everything you paid for.

I understand that, but I want to point out here that the exclusive new taunts&skins for DE & SP-holders are seperate from these microtransactions-contents. You´ll get exclusive skins, while these new ones are not exclusive since everyone can buy them.

At this point I want to say that we mods (purples) are NOT working for GBX. We get no money or any extras, or any info sooner than everyone else. We are volunteers that put our freetime into this forum to do tedious admin stuff mostly. Like delete spam, or changing usernames if people want new ones.
Please read the FORUM RULES again.

We are consumers & gamers ourselves.
Please don´t mix up my personal opinion as gamer & consumer with being a GBX-whiteknight. I´m just not interested in the cosmetics, so I don´t feel scammed as you do. I simply have another perspective on this.


The problem is we were mislead into thinking T2 skins were part of the game already (since they were shown off in beta), and were to be part of the season pass DLC launches or obtainable through in-game packs. I know MANY people who never even opened their commander packs, thinking they were adding T2 skin with Alani (“new skins and taunts coming with Alani”) that would be obtainable through loot packs.

That’s why you hear so many complaints about communication, because there have been so many “unknowns” regarding future content, skins, taunts, drop rates, in-game PvE mechanics, etc.

Many people already purchased season passes to support the game’s development, yet we haven’t even heard mention of the first DLC mission to come. Instead, the first thing we hear about is them wanting more money for T2 skins that were already part of the game in beta. Thats the problem, I feel, most people are having with this “news” about a new marketplace.

Its absurd, and a complete slap in the face to anyone who purchased a season pass or digital deluxe edition of the game.


Aye, but you dont really do you? We were told at the conception that buying a seasons pass gotcha the skins and the taunts, the characters, and the keys. That was my understanding and the reason i laid out the extra money. I believe in supporting the games i like. I buy everything i can when i want to support more from the developer. I do this with a lot of franchise games and indies. I dont give` capcom a dime of my money and i buy all of their games preowned. I dont support them in anyway. The reason? The skin fiasco when they rolled out a streetfighter and tried to lock all the content behind paywalls, that was already in the game. The beta contained all the content they are only now releasing. THE BETA.

They have been sitting on this, gauging the fan reaction, waiting to see how long it would take. They kept mum about the skins on purpose. They knew people were salivatng for them and wanted to wait to release them, knowing people would pay because of how badly we bitched about it.

We werent lied to, but there was no honor in their moves. Obfuscating the truth behind a cloudy and vague wording is worse than lying in my book. They misled us. Manipulated us. Took advanatge of us. Now we are at their mercy with no option but to forego what we have desired since the games bloody inception.

I pre ordered the deluxe edition and had no idea about T anything skins. In all the advertising directed toward your everyday guy it said nothing about specific skin types so how were we misled?

Again, lack of communication is an issue but really when it comes to story DLC please keep it secret. I want the mystery of this game to last as long as possible. Black ops 3 does the same thing with their zombie mode.

Yeah… but no.

When you enter in a beta and they say to you: This is it. Everything you play here, is what you get with the game.

And you see T2 skins on bots… you assume they are in the base game. You can be wrong, of course, the forum is for that. And if you ask for that and you get zilch saying you ‘no, you are wrong’, you continue to assume. When people asked when were the T2 skins, they say soon, something about around Alani’s release… Alani was released, when people asked about the T2 skins, again they said soon, about the same time as Alani’s was a mistake, we spoke about Alani’s skins and taunts (like if we didn’t assume Alani will come with skins and taunts, as they needed to come clear in that…). And when people asked again, saying asking even for info about if they were released in packs so they could stop to be sit on those, again nothing…

People can get wrong, is their job to come clean and explain things.

And I don’t have problems with microtransactions (fluff ones, I mean), I have a problem with them selling something that was already in game with the excuse ‘we need money’ when they don’t respect ■■■■ about people that already gave them money. I was ready to pay for T3 skins, not T2 skins after paying a good amount of money.

And sure, we will get the future dlcs… When? You annnounce a market asking for more money not even giving a clue to those that already pay you in good faith about their things?

Isn’t the same a company making a dlc or some costumizations to sell aside from game or even season pass, in the future, something new… Stripping something from the game and then sell it, I have a problem with that. That leaves 2k, and for some extent Gearbox, in the same level as EA.


I’m not asking for details about the mission, by any means; just freaking let us know when you plan to add them, or at least tell us when you plan to add them before asking us to shell out more money for content that was present in the game prior to launch.

I agree with you all about the communication mistakes. I wish they gave us exact dates but I’m hoping gearbox has a good reason for holding back on giving specific details.

I am just trying to understand why I should feel ripped off? What was I promised that I’m not getting?

I never said you should feel ripped off. Really confused where that comes from?

My problem is … Do we even know what we’re getting with the season pass? No, not really. That’s become abundantly clear as time has progressed. Heroes? No, those are free. PvP content? No, they said that would be free, too. Skins and taunts? No, only some skins and taunts, none of which we’ve seen (many of us assumed it would be the T2 skins previewed in beta). PvE content? When?

Instead of giving people information on what content we can expect, they’re holding their hands out for skins and taunts that were already in the game prior to launch. There’s not even a way to obtain these skins through in-game mechanics, which is equally greedy; even games like SMITE, LoL, OW, etc give you the ability to earn things through playing the game.

Heck, it would’ve given tons of people a reason to come back and actually play if they added the ability to obtain them through in-game mechanics. They’re only worried about money, though, not their playerbase.


Respect, more or less, plain and simple.

Maybe is just lack of communication but looks like they were silenced on purpose, to avoid the backslash of asking money so soon after not delivering even the first dlc, nor giving an ETA either about skins we already saw.

It’s like if Blizzard in the place of their ‘Buy boxes’ thingy, they decided the good purple skins were too good to be included on the base game and in release day those skins weren’t in the game, when asked about them they hushed and say soon and then, boom, microtransactions even on those skins already in game and you don’t have another way to get them.

Man, Blizzards sure will have new skins in Overwatch and I bet my soul they will ask for money for them but that will be in the future with new skins, not six weeks from release on skins everyone and their grandmother knew about… and season pass holders knowing nothing about their promised fluff, dlcs or whatever. Like if we paid with Monopoly’s money not real one.


Oh I wasn’t directing that at you specifically. Just everyone seems upset and I am just trying to see it from their perspective.

I don’t see it as them holding their hands out. They do weekly hotfixes and are just updating the games with things they intended to do and told us about from the beginning.
This just so happened to be one of the things that should have been implemented from the beginning and is now making its way in

That makes sense. Thank you.

Alright, here’s my problem with that …

They said they would eventually add microtransactions for cosmetics but never stated when. Yes, we all expected it. HOWEVER. We didn’t expect it before they added any of the cosmetics we already paid for with the season pass.

They got money for future DLC already through the season pass, but instead of adding even any of that first, they added more paid DLC that was conveniently “excluded” from the base game/season pass, yet was present in the beta. People who purchased the season pass were expecting to get the new content, and they’re not; instead, they’re being told they have to pay more for the new content that’s actually being released (before any of the season pass content), while being kept in the dark about what their season pass actually gives them access to.

That is the problem people have with this new system; its underhanded and shady.

Simply put, its too soon.

Too soon to be asking for more money, when they haven’t even delivered (or shown/mentioned/talked about/clarified/explained, etc) any of the content/cosmetics/whatever/not-even-sure-at-this-point people paid for in advance.