Season pass holders and marketplace skins+taunts

It’s too soon to be announced? Wasn’t it just an accidental leak? The marketplace doesn’t have anything new at the moment.

But I see your point.

Its coming out tomorrow; check the News forum post about it.

Too soon.

Ooh interesting.

As far as I know it was an accidental leak, caused by glitch giving bots in the beta these skins. GBX never stated anything official regading the leaked pictures and everyone started to make their own assumptions.
Most people who are dissappointed now made early assumptions on the T2+T3-skins.

Also GBX never said that these were all the skins we get. I´m sure we get more from packs & I think the SP-holders can expect more digital exclusive content as well. To conclude everything goes 2Pay now is a bit to fast and harsh in my opinion…

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Just gonna leave this here as well as I contemplate what exactly digital bonus means…

I am sorry I can’t get over the fact that if I want to get a skin for a character I (a digital deluxe owner) has to pay $5 to get the platinum to unlock it and if I want everything it will be $70 and this is only tier 2… we still have another coming and I have heard that tier three will be bigger changes meaning they will likely be mucharged more expensive…

Oh sweet! I forgot about the digital bonuses. Thanks for posting that.

GBX could’ve easily avoided any of those assumptions by communicating with the player base about how those skins would be obtained.

Instead, many season pass holders and digital deluxe purchasers feel mislead. Also, considering that they’re choosing to release more paid content that isn’t included in those purchases, before SP/DD purchasers even see any of the “content they were promised” (not even sure what “content” the season pass/dd includes at this point), proves that they are more interested in money (“everything goes 2pay”) for new content that will be added.

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Could it just be that these mentioned “Digital Bonuses” are still coming and that those could be badass & exclusively for SP-holders?
It does not mean that these bonuses must be this new skins and taunts, it could be something completely different you get exclusively.

And the herokeys are kind of bonuses too… (I have no SP, so I see these things as a digital bonus I had not at my disposal. I´m still grinding coins and saving money :slight_smile: )

Woah I just read the actual blog about the update. There is so much specifically geared toward people with the season pass. I’m so stoked right now.

Ya know thats even worse. Far worse. That means that they had made the skins, wanted to keep them hidden from us, even though they were already made, so they could SELL them to us AFTER we bought the game. Whatever content is made when the game is released should be released at the time the game is. Bottom line.

Youre saying that because the skins were accidentially revealed, that makes it okay for us to now have to pay for them?! Because we shouldnt have known in the first place they were made!?

Is this real?

Are you seriously saying that we shouldnt be uodet because we shouldnt have known?!

Yeah, I don’t think Gearbox is taking the money and run but, again, they could inform the community when those skins were leaked and they didn’t, and also they could some of the already paid content, like some skins and taunts, before asking for more money.

We, that already paid, to get some new skin, will have to wait a non-announced period of time, to get something new while people that only paid the basic game will throw a couple of bucks and get something now (when the update goes live, I mean). Or we could throw even more money to get these skins too… Don’t you see a problem in that? In the way of taking care of customers and don’t value people that already gave them more money that the price of a skin?

Do you really, really think is ethical or normal from a business perspective?

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[quote=“Ganjamira, post:69, topic:1512786, full:true”]
Could it just be that these mentioned “Digital Bonuses” are still coming and that those could be badass & exclusively for SP-holders?
It does not mean that these bonuses must be this new skins and taunts, it could be something completely different you get exclusively.[/quote]

This could be, but that is entirely speculation. The information available to us right now says that DD and SP holders are going to have to purchase these new cosmetics like everyone else. It is simply too soon for Gearbox/2K to ask for people to effectively buy another copy of Battleborn to have all of the content in the game.

Do you really not have $20 to spend on an SP? If I had a way of gifting that to you, I would. No die-hard Gearbox fan like yourself, who has taken on the thankless task of moderating forums, should be locked out of content for $20.

Part 1 of the bloody problem…

This is literally the only line referencing season pass holder and/or future DLC. It also has no concrete details about any of the skins, taunt, maps, etc, or their release dates.

"On top of that, the first five Battleborn DLC Packs will have EVEN MORE skins and taunts that are only unlockable by playing the Story Operations and will not be sold individually in the Marketplace. "

The blog is almost strictly about how the marketplace will work and how much things will cost. By the way, none of that is included for season pass holders.

Not sure where you’re finding “so much geared towards people with the season pass”.

I imagine many season pass holders are sitting behind their screen asking, “what did I actually buy?”


If it makes you feel better, you’re not alone.

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So we have some skins and taunts that come with the core game. We have more skins and taunts that come with the Digital Deluxe Edition. We have the skins that come from pre-ordering. We have the skin that comes with playing Battleborn Tap. Then we have the skins and taunts that are going to be available through microtransactions (the ones that were viewable on the bots). Finally we have the skins and taunts that will be included with the Story Operations (you unlock them by playing the DLC).

I had originally assumed that the skins people saw on the bots were going to be in the DLC packs. It turns out I was very wrong. They will be available in the updated Marketplace. This means there are going to be even more skins and taunts available in the future with the DLC available in the Season Pass (and the Digital Deluxe Edition which includes a discounted Season Pass).

I could assume that the Tier 3 skins everyone is hoping to get a peek at are going to be in the Season Pass content but I might just be wrong on that yet again. I don’t know what’s going to be in the SP content other than the Story Operation and some skins and taunts. Not what kinds of skins and taunts they will be. I’m not even sure what the story content will be either. For all I know it could be just another escort or wave defense mission. Or it could be the content we saw in early videos where Mellka was ‘hacking’ security to get a passcode. It could be anything. I don’t have a lot of details to work with here.

No, no I did not say it makes anything okay or better or justified.
I said there was a leak and people made assumptions. I did assumptions as well, but I made no certain expectations to be not disappointed when my assumptions are wrong.
Thats really all I wanted to say.

Yes it’s ethical. They are giving people options. I like to have options. If they said buy this or you can’t win, I’d be pissed.

Instead they said hey if you trust us, buy our season pass and will give you some good exclusive stuff.Just hang in there.

This was the plan all along. Links are above. Though, I do think the timing is…unfortunate in some ways.

Yes, but its GBX problem, not mine. I don´t work for them, I volunteered to keep this forum in order, nothing more.
As fan & consumer I wished for more clarification as well. No need to getting so hostile because I´m not as enraged about this than you are.