Season Pass ideas

If you were in charge of a season pass content, what would it be. If I was to make a season pass I’d make it a 4dlc pack with focus on each new vault hunter.

DLC1: Amara

Amara and the team go to Partali in search of Amara’s birth parents but her return attracts attention of a mob king looking for revenge.

DLC2: Moze

The team takes on a job of checking out a salvage ship, which turns out to be a trap set by a Vladof General and Moze’s ex-superior, Kaziak.

DLC3: Zane

The team’s vacation is cut short when they are attacked by hitmen hired by Zane’s sister. Tired of always being in the shadow of her brothers, she’s determined to be the last Flynt standing.


A pandoran village is under attack by underground lobster monster. People are disappearing. The team is on the hunt for the most dangerous game - the Invincible Grandson of Crawmerax the Invincible.


I’m not giving them anymore “cash” till they do something better then there doing now. I hate to be negative but thats how i feel on the matter.


none because they dont listen to fan base so saying idea’s is pointless and instead prefer to milk fools who buy into thier lies.


I have had similar ideas for content, basically Headhunter missions based around the story of our VH’s.

I think FL4K’s expedition should be a trap set by the Grand Archivist.


They don’t listen to the fanbase and don’t fix major issues of the game. I didn’t buy season pass 2 and won’t buy anything else from Gearbox until their behavior changes.


im still surprised people have hope in gear box/2k as i also didnt get season pass 2 but got skins for free due to season pass 1 but any future games they make i probly not even buy with how they treated bl3 as if they make bl4 it be just as bad as bl3 or worse.

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Just because something is not likely to happen doesnt mean you cant enjoy daydreaming about it.

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i mean you can try but surely by now with how you seen gearbox/2k act towards fanbase with how they make updates you see there is no chance in hell they listen to you anyway hense why lot stopped playing bl3 and moved onto better games.


These concepts are quite interesting, Gearbox hasn’t really ever made Borderlands DLCs that revolved around the currently playable characters plot-wise, yet. Although, they actually pulled it off really well with Battleborn story operations, so I would be curious to see if they could figure it out for this franchise too.

Out of your ideas I really like the Amara one (Partali and its criminal underground could be fun to explore, and it’s always interesting to see places that were previously only mentioned), followed by Zane’s (good setup, ties neatly with what we know about the Flynts, and might deepen our knowledge of this family), then Moze’s (sounds a bit generic) and finally Fl4k’s (it doesn’t really seem well connected to their past, and I’m not particularly into a third Crawmerax).

It might also be intriguing to play similar quests but set in the past, perhaps through some Claptastic Voyage/Fantastic Fustercluck/Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion style shenanigans.

Now, my ideal new season pass would probably have the same base structure as season pass one: four campaign add-ons and a few additional things sprinkled between releases. Assuming they want to keep big plot threads (the Creator, the seventh siren, Elpis, the war) and major character returns (Fiona, Sasha, Loader-bot, Gortys, August, the Watcher, Athena, Janey Springs etc.) for future projects, these are the base elements of what I would include:

Clay and especially the Rogues feel really inconsequential to the BL3 story, their whole quest being little more than filler. This DLC would try to somewhat retroactively fix that by using the whole Going Rogue mission as a setup. This DLC is basically a rogue-centric, planet hopping smuggling adventure that Clay asks you to join in, in his quest to reform the Rogues (after the recent losses). Domino and Agent Double D come back. Instead of the expansion only being set on a single planet, the new hub is actually the Rogue’s ship, and you use it to visit various locations (so each one of them wouldn’t really be as fleshed out as vanilla ones but they could still be intriguing, a bit like Athenas). You might visit towns born from mining sites in asteroid belts, or encounter space pirates inspired by the ones cut from Luxy’s DLC, or abandoned hovering platforms in the upper layers of gas giants. You might also stumble into Kitru, Zane’s old acquaintance.

This DLC is set on the ocean planet of Junpai-7, in a mysterious, lawless, Bermuda triangle-style region. According to a recent study, the dangerous anomalies that plague this sector might actually be linked to a great concentration of seraph crystals…but this obviously attracted a lot of people from around the galaxy. There you also meet up with Eliza, who needs your help in watching over a grown up Pickle, who foolishly ventured into the stormy sector. Captain Scarlett also shows up, looking for the crystals. We get actual boats as vehicles for the first time in the series, as well as rudimentary surface swimming mechanics that get replaced with floating above water through a hoverboard of sorts after some progress. This DLC also finally explains what seraph crystals are.

Aurelia mentioned that she left on a poisonous gas on an entire planet. You go there (for some reason) and find dr. Ted, who plays a frenemy kind of role inside the add-on. You also get a dr. Zed cameo at the end of the DLC.

Tannis finds a new solar system, which has remained hidden up until now due to the fact that its star is completely enveloped in an Eridian dyson sphere. As you explore, you actually find out that the sphere contains a lot of unknown samples of alien DNA and tissue, presumably coming from planets and civilizations that have been wiped out by the Destroyer centuries ago. Although, some acolytes of the Destroyer (of a dubious species) seem to be on a quest to destroy every single one of these. You help a lonesome sentient guardian, the Preserver, to get rid of the invaders once and for all and save as many of the left samples as possible.


  • A takedown against a vault monster who has been ravaging an unhinabited planet for who knows how long, as you find out who actually might have opened its vault millennia ago, perhaps a predecessor to all vault hunters.

  • A sort of trial against the whole Traunt family. I know it’s borderline sh*t-post, but it could be fun.

I’m aware that a lot of these ideas suck and/or are underdeveloped, but it’s just fun spitballing and wishful thinking.


Hmmm…I would say fixes to the game that have been a issue since the games release but don’t feel we should have to pay for that.

Thinking maybe they should of listen to their actual customers because seems to me this last Season Pass they put out tanked because there certainly isn’t a lot of chatter from GBX about it since it’s release. Maybe if they included a clause that everyone that buys DLC will get a check written to them for further testing GBX products might have a little sway with the community.

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Good ideas. 1st and 2nd sound really cool, with the 2nd having environmental factor having an effect on the player.

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The Trauntlet Needs to be the next free takedown.
Could involve the rest of the family invoking dark magic to resurrect Sammy and Daniel for a dual Traunt/Haunt final battle.
Face off against 10 Traunts with a smattering of maliwan foes in between.
The vault hunters get lured into this gauntlet like trap by the promise of free soft serve. Or something.




Soft serve should be a maliwan legendary grenade that explodes into a pool of all elements. Acquired by completing THE TRAUNTLET. Awesome name; wish I could upvote twice.


For Season pass 2 .

DLC 5 :

Exactly like it is , except arms race also lets you “sacrifice” an item to augment its drop chance by TONS during the next run . It can be any item from any dlc or base game . Helps make arms race repeatable without being too dull and for farming better rolls in a “fun” way!

Free content in between:

New arms race mode , the lobby for arms race is now a spaceship in the form of a drop pod and can now land in many new locations , focusing on the zones best items (all possible zone have had their drops revisited and buffed to be of interest)

This is available to everyone , stormbind complex(OG arms race still dlc locked)

DLC 6 :

5 new raid boss , 2 of them with a new zone , 3 of them on existing zones. Tons of new items and tons of old one returning from bl1 and bl2 , alongside a final buff them all patch to try and make all weapons equal (or at least close enough)

Free content afterward: 1 ultimate raid boss with 4 final takedown(themed towards each VH)

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Trauntlet might be the single greatest word I have seen coined on this site. Even considering the travesty of wasting such a creation in the center of my being I need a TORGUE Takedown.


Indeed there will be better games out there you can bet on that. As for BL3 right now well it seems its time for most to move on to greener pasters or wait till the end of time for them to do anything to fix or update the current state of the game.
I will move on eventually and have my eye on a game or to that will scratch that BL itch for me in some way, shape or form. Time will tell.


Trauntlet intensifies

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I like the idea of character focused story missions. See more enemies and locations directly related to each hunters backstory. Seeing a certain previous hunters home temple in this game was so cool and made me like that character even more.

I would like to see a big shakeup though. My own idea would be a new manufacturer coming to tame the borderlands. Have the hunters be hired by one or more competing manufacturers (Torgue, Jakobs, Atlas, Marcus, etc) to put a stop to their plans. IE, blow up their new headquarters on Pandora.
Gets us back to the planet we love to hate the most, unlock some new zones to explore and tons of opportunity for new enemy types. And hopefully maybe a new weapon type (equivalent to eridian weapons from BL1)

Kore Mechanics: Efficient and organized.
Shield mods: Add slowly regenerating armour but have low capacity, slow recharge.
Sniper: A sci-fi bow, hold to charge, release to fire exploding bolts on a slow arc.
Missile: Launches a balloon drone that strafes the area with bombs.
SMG: AOE swarms that move in lines damaging enemies.
Shotgun: bouncing or rolling spike balls (no elements).
Pistol: Piercing spikes that can hit multiple living targets (or partially bypass shields).
Grenade Mod: Grenades land as spinning tops of doom with small push/pull effect as they roll along ground or lob into single position.

The enemies could be armour focused, maybe have power armour that ejects an organic fighter on death (but not on crit death).
Drone firing mini bosses that send out laser guided walking bombs towards the players (get out of LOS or kill the bombs).
Aesthetic: Brown and grey, boxy shapes with happy logos and positive stickers.

Missions could include saving bandits, competing with bandits to grab mission items before they do (like rats from BL2), jumping onto a moving train/flying hauler to gain access to the HQ, bribing some Kore Mechanic workers with coffee booze and pizza, and blowing up big defence guns. Boss could be a Holloway from Eden-5 who is still a middle manager at this corrupt corp who came up with (stole) the idea to head to Pandora (really was chasing Vault hunters to get to Gaige). He uses packs of deathtrap-like bots from his overheating power armour.

I would absolutely pay for a new manufacturer or something similarly large as a season pass addon.


That is the most Borderlands fan idea I’ve ever seen I feel like it’s something they’d actually make. Pure perfection.