Season Pass ideas

The name allone is gold :muscle::joy:

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Trauntlet Trauntlet Trauntlet

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That’s a great imagination. Like all the character sets, except FL4K. He is a Hunter. I would set it up with some along these lines.

FL4K starts to glitch with flashes of his past, and he needs to find the person responsible for his AI programming, and sets up a plan to infiltrate the facility that created him. Only to find out He and Zero have been secretly released by someone who wanted the Hyperion and Dahl programs erased from history.


I really like the idea of Fl4k experiencing mysterious glitches, and the Zer0 connection is hinted at in the game, so I really hope that we’ll get back to the Grand Archivist, the archive, the other indexing units, Zer0, One and “Omega Labs” at some point in the future.