Season pass not downloading (ps4)

pre ordered the super deluxe edition with the season pass on psn. day after the release now, but whenever i try to download the season pass it will just not download what so ever. any help or at least others in the same boat

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Same problem for me. Literally is doing nothing but refreshing the screen

I just assumed it will download when dlc is actually released

I don’t even know if it is on my version of the game as it doesn’t show anywhere. I have the super deluxe edition, but besides the PSN code there is nothing, so I just assumed it was unlocked with the code and just didn’t say it.

I have the same problem, i don’t even Have the deluxe edition’s adds

Me, my bother and my sister all have the same issue on PS4. Season Pass has a download button but it doesn’t do anything. All 7 add-ons show installed but are not available in game. Part of the reason I bought the super deluxe pack. Now I wonder if the DLC will work when it comes out. Frustrating. Wasting playing time trying to figure it out.

I hope that they will Fix this problem asap

When ingame press start on your controller and go to social then select messagas and you’ll find all prosmatic packs , included is the stallion pack that is only in tha seasonpass. because there is no dlc avalible it wont show but for seasonpass holders it will be free when the time comes don’t worrie

I’m on Xbox one X the season pass do not show up at all in I buy the super deluxe edition. its ridiculous that the player have to go through this when you pay top dollar on a game.

So, is there a fix? I am just seeing people say there is an issue.

there is no ‘fix’ and no ‘issue’. people who bought the game including the DLC just have it unlocked when released.
we all know that the DLC will be later this and next year. just like BL2

I have waited for the dlc to come out and it still says I do not have the season pass even though I bought the 90$ version of the game and put in all the codes multiple times and still nothing does anyone have a suggestion plssss

Try to download manually from borderlands 3 ps store, or try ro restore license :

I have waited for both dlc’s while getting the SDE of Borderlands 3 and I still couldn’t play either of them. The problem I see with my purchase was I bought the game in the account that is active (or the main account for game sharing) and I restored my license on both accounts and nothing worked.

There are some regional restrictions on content, especially DLC2 from posts I have seen on the forum.

May be worth contacting Sony support for account licensing issues.

I don’t think contacting Sony would help because I’ve gotten other games that have dlc and we can both play the dlc