Season pass not working moxxi dlc

YAY!! Just went back to ps store via game and I’m now downloading Moxxis Heist!!


Funktioniert…auch in Deutschland. Perfekt

It works now…

I confirm in italy dlc downloadable free with season pass directly from sanctuary3 posters. Ps4 user maybe we are fine lol

Downloading now PS4 uk

Access the game outside of Moxxies Bar on a poster…

I have just now been able to download it on ps4 from the home screen go to bl3 and then move down and find the store option, select heist and there was a dl option

Hello, just to inform Gearbox that I purchased the season pass for Borderlands 3 about 4 weeks ago and the new DLC was released in the UK today but there is a problem or glitch somewhere as on the marketplace it says I have clearly purchased the season pass but I’m still being asked to purchase the DLC. I have been on the phone to Sony PlayStation and explained my issue that the system or game does not recognise that I have purchased the season pass and asking me to purchase DLC in game and in marketplace on PlayStation 4. Not a good start. Is their any answers on what is going on and when will this be fixed please.

Its working now…

It’s just let me download, thank you. Merry Christmas.


On ps4 still not working . Same after restart

Same problem, anyone got any solutions

Check to see if there’s an updated Season Pass for download. One way to check would be to go through the in-game menu (item below character select).

I accessed the dlc from the store. Not the season pass area.

I got the season pass and went to the store through the poster and it came up free for me. Downloading it now on ps4, so it should be working now

I am still having this problem right now on Xbox. I go into the story and it tells me the Moxi DLC will cost me $14.99. [works now]

Yup I bought 5he super deluxe pre order and now I cant play this dlc. Super lame gearbox super freaking lame l. This better be resolved fast. I paid good money upfront and in full if 8 had any clue this was going to be the state of affairs I would have waited a year to buy it for cheap. Lame! I’m also on xbox. In the store it says 19.99 for moxxies or sixty bucks for the season pass that I already own. EDIT There is a fix by using the xbox rewards app look for it on reddit.

I love my pc. Just kidding consoles are fine. But usually we have more problems than console. Had to remember that pacific standard time is 3 hours different than east coast time. I got pissed until I went duh. Hope they fix it for you console guys.

For anyone on XBox who’s still trying to figure this out:

  • There was a small game update to install
  • Once in game either go through the link in the menu to the store or use the poster
  • If you have the season pass (super deluxe version) IGNORE when it shows a price - click on the ‘card’ for the season pass anyway
  • You should now see the option to install the season pass - it’s a 6 GB update (!)
  • Once done, restart the game and enjoy.

Odd way of doing things, but whatever - it worked.