Season pass not working moxxi dlc

I went straight to the xbox store and searched for Moxxi and I was able to download it. I have super deluxe on xbox one X.

Probably the same thing if I guess right - the store card may or may not show a price but, once you click on it, the “Install” button shows up instead of the “Purchase” one? XBox Store is weird…

Yep me too. PS4 with super deluxe disc. Paid 120 so I wouldn’t have these issues :confused:

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Not fixed …

im on xbox one with deluxe edition PREORDER … and no luck here, kinda weird because i got all the starter pack stuff ,bloody harvest and maliwan blacksite without a hitch . problem probably isnt on our end :thinking:

Edit oh $hi;t my deluxe bros just look it up in the store its not in the add ons for this game list

On ps4 still not fixed. Store Shows season pass bought and moxxi dlc 14,99€. I am really pissed. Only thing they do a good job is destroying builds and nerf weapons

Still nothing yet, game is telling me that I need to buy season pass and dlc on PS4 hoping GBX at least comes out with a major update tomorrow to fix it

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I play on xbox i can’t download on someone else’s xbox one x i have tryed both solutions😡

So email that I send to Sony, I got replay just now

"Thank you for your email about BORDERLANDS 3.

"We see that you have not yet downloaded and / or used the content, and for this reason we can offer you a refund of ($ 14.99) for your chosen payment method, and the money will be visible in your account after 5 business days.

Thank you"

Same boat here

I bought the Super Deluxe Edition for XBox One (Season Pass included) but I have the same issue. The game is telling me I have to buy the Season Pass.

My Box is a XBox One X with Gamepass Ultimate

Gearbox please fix that issue asap

I had the issue as well owning the super deluxe but being blocked by a paywall, I reloaded the game and went to “buy” the dlc from the poster instead of straight from the store and it came up free finally, not sure if this will help anyone or I just got lucky

Just for be sure on ps4 i did this and worked. Logged in game visit poster near moxxy bar on sanctuary3 this will put yu on store yu will see dlc free download it.exit game relog and now at new visit poster yu will be able to start quest. I hope help all ppl still having problem

In the Shop I‘ve found the Moxxi DLC already purchaced. After pressung that I was able to install another 6GB of content. Download is running. Hope it will work

I was in the same exact boat - and I’m not sure whether it’s a GBX fault or Xbox way of doing things on their platform.

Basically, purchasing Season Pass (as a stand alone or part of Super Deluxe edition etc.) is not enough. You have to INSTALL the damn thing. Store tells you that you own it, but you need to figure out that you have to actually install it.

Weird behavior for sure - I was naive enough to assume that when I bought my digital XBOX copy and downloaded/installed it 3 months ago, it took care of everything. Nope, had to jump through extra hoops yesterday. May be if I had automatic updates enabled it would’ve been easier?

Plus, it was not available for install until the DLC went live. It appears that the season pass is in fact the content, since it was 6 GB.

To anyone on PS4 having this issue - if you purchased the season pass or had it as part of the super deluxe edition, you should be able to install this now. If it won’t install, I suggest contacting both Sony Store support for your region and 2K support for assistance.

See this post:

Ignore any price showing on the season pass item and just click it. On the resulting page the button on the top right should say “Install” not “Purchase” and you should be good to go.

Still the Dame on ps4 . Season pass bought but i have to pay 14,99€ if i want download the moxxi dlc. Really good job, gearbox you have fine it very well. Today is friday and next week are holidays so i can’t play the dlc during vacation.

Yes I was able to finally find it but so many hoops when it should be simple like others games that I have not one worry and just jump in.
But… with that said I had forgot the frustration because this DLC is fantastic. Thanks Gearbox I’m trying to be patient with the headache because of the end result.

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I restored licenses, resetted Router, restarted PS several Time. Clicked on season pass in the store but there is only to rate the season pass (done with 1 star)
Nothing works.

Why should i pay again? There is no download button, only the pay button

It’s really frustrating. 4 of my Friends (Deluxe Edition) can play and they had no Problems but 2 have the same problem.