Season pass not working moxxi dlc

I’m not suggesting you should pay again.

For some reason on XB1, the store shows the item with it’s price whether you’ve already paid for it or not. When you click on the item and it goes through to the actual purchase page, instead of showing “Purchase” it actually shows “Install”

As I said, that’s how MS have it set up. I don’t have a PS4 so I don’t know how they have their store pages set up.

I would suggest checking the size of the season pass file on your PS4. It should be around 6 GB. If it’s missing, you’ll need to manually download it. Again, not sure how it works on PS4 but there’s a way to check for available updates on XB1; PS4 probably has something similar? If there’s nothing on your HD at all, then I would suggest contacting the PS store support desk in the first instance, since this appears to be a PS issue not a game issue.

PS Store tells me if i have issues with season pass and DLC i have to contact gearbox.

Well, in this case it would actually be 2K support:

Were you at least able to confirm that you have a 6 GB download of the season pass on your HD? Because that’s what you need.

I can only Review the Game file size (43,22 gb) and Version (1.8). I can’t Review or delete the season pass only.

Thank you for caring

Finally I could fix my issue by installing the DLC over Microsoft Store

Can you check the update queue to see if there’s a download pending still?

Yes but nothing . I think i delete gamefile and download it again. Hopefully it works. But my inet is not the fastest.

That sucks. Good luck!


I had to go to the store and click on game pass, which said I owned it, then had to install it :wink:

Had this problem on Xbox. Found if I clicked on Borderlands game tab and selected manage game and add ons, Moxxi’s heist was in the ready to install tab. When I tried going through my games and apps though it wasn’t there.

I’m on Xbox One and I had to go to the Xbox store. At first it said to pay $14 but then when I moved the cursor over it it said to download the DLC. I had previously bought the season pass. Have you checked this on the PS store, whatever its called. Sorry I haven’t read all the comments yet.

Have you season pass or did you pay the £11.99 like i did even though iv got season pass mines just installing now lol

Just bought the season pass, got everything with it, except the butt stallion stuff and the dlcs, so im guessing in 2020 it’s still bugged?

What platform are you on? Instructions vary a little bit but, as long as the season pass and base game are for the same region, it should work - it has been for pretty much everyone I know, at least.


OK - I suggest checking the PS4 Tech Support section for more info as others have navigated around this previously.

Alright, I’ll check it out, thanks

Also assuming that means I search borderlands 3 PS4 tech support?

I can’t find any information on any forum except this one and it’s getting disheartening honestly