Season Pass Not Working

I know this issue is already known but im posting anyway

I purchased the season pass today (Knowing it was bugged. I know smart choice)
And i have not recieved any of the content i was supposed to get. (Keys, Skins, Taunts, Titles etc)

When i go to the season pass on the store it just says manage (And if you select manage you get taken to nothing)

In game i also had the bug that showed all characters as unlocked (Which is another issue)

And also i can not access the character tab in the marketplace.

Im sure you guys are already working on it but I figured i would just post the issue anyway


I have a friend who plays xb1 and had the same issue but it fixed itself somehow after a day or so of playing a different game. Anyone tried pulling the plug for a minute or two to clear the cache?

Bought my season pass via XBOX store. Worked just fine. Got season pass achieve and my key. My guys all showed unlocked about a week ago even though I know they weren’t. I don’t think that bug is associated with season pass.

I hope the same thing happens to me.

I tried hard resetting, re installing, trying different accounts.
Sadly nothing worked

I’m having the same issue with the season pass. I’m also having the issue showing all players were unlocked in the command center, even though I knew some were not.

I also have that unlock bug.
Its something to do with unlocking kleese.
I say this because after he gets unlocked every other character shows as unlocked

Same, brother.

The strange thing is that I had to buy two passes for the same console – one for my son and one for myself. My son’s downloaded code worked exactly as expected. But – literally moments later (however long it takes to log from one account to another) I tried to buy my own pass – using an existing gift card – and it failed. Which is to say that it definitely processed / deducted the $21.35 from the card (it was happy to accept that!) – but the content simply isn’t available.

I even tried just to re-purchase (yet another) pass – but we’re met with the blank ‘manage’ button of Eternal Emptiness.

For 2k I’ll just say – the lost $20 doesn’t really upset me at all. But seeing how disappointed my son was to realize that he and I wouldn’t be able to play together – yeah, that’s how you lose a fan.

Good luck.

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Thats awful.
Im fine with them taking my money too.
What dissapoints me is the fact that gearbox had a perfect score from me up until now.
No issues with any past games whatsoever.
Borderlands will always be my favourite game series.

I hate to say it but if my issue doesnt get resolved i may be putting BB down.

Same issue here too. I created a ticket on 2K hoping they sort this out, seeing how it worked for some people on the forum.

Keep us updated if you find a solution, I’ll do the same.

Open a ticket and send then a screenshot of your confirmation email with your email adress showing, or with your gt on screen saying you own the season pass. Make sure you include your shift support id, battleborn support id, shift account email address, your platform and your gt. It’s best to go through 2k.
Be persistent and be sure to reply to the ticket acknowledgement email with the screenshot as the basic ticket page doesn’t have amuch upload button. I got a little irritated and kind of got nasty as I had been waiting for days with an open ticket from gearbox with no response, but just be patient. When I opened my ticket with 2k they esquillated my problem and fixed it the same day, took about 6 to 7 hours.

Yeah, I’ve done all of that yesterday. Joined my microsoft bill proving I bought it. I’ll give them another day before doing anything else.

Weirdly enough, this problem doesn’t appear in the FAQ suggestions they give you on the support.

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Forgot to mention.
My stuff got fixed a day ago.

Mine worked just fine, I have to suspect it’s something with the transaction itself and not gearbox. It’s nice to see they are at least trying to help.

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Same issue. Just bought the Battleborn Digital Deluxe and I have all the same issues as well. Really hoping they fix it.

so who do I contact to get my money back, I bought the standard edition and purchased the season pass in game which I know I paid for since my e-mail had the notice that it took my money but I still have nothing from it.

I am having the same problem. I actually got charged for the season pass twice. I pre-ordered the game for my husband before it came out officially. I got ahold of Microsoft and they refunded one of them. I’ve written 2k twice and didn’t get a confirmation email or anything.

My husband is pretty upset mainly just pissed because I don’t get to play any of the new characters unless I buy them with credits. I don’t have the unlock bug but I do have the it’s not showing up bug and not getting any contents even though it went out of my account v_v

Submit a ticket to support

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I did three times now with all their required information but I haven’t even recieved a confirmation email =/

I contacted microsoft.

Finally got everything fixed through the 2K support. Took a week and a whole bunch of screenshots but it all got sorted out. Plus, I got 6 legendary packs for all the hassle.

Just hold tight, they are aware of this situation. If you contacted gearbox, try contacting 2K directly. It worked for me and for others.

Hope to see everyone having problems with their season pass ingame, I’m with you guys !