Season Pass not working!

I bought the season pass today but am yet to receive anything? Also when I try play any of the dlc it takes me to the ps store where it says season pass purchased

The season pass is not something that gets downloaded as such. Before you do anything else, go and check for downloads manually - for some reason, auto-update doesn’t always seem to trigger those. Then restart your game and try again.

Note that there are several identical threads in this section covering the same issue, some of which will have links etc to the instructions for manually checking for updates.

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I have the super deluxe edition, everything is downloaded but I still can’t start any of the dlcs

What platform?

I play on ps4

Ok, moved you into a more appropriate thread. A few things to check:

  • Are there any pending system or game updates? If so, install and make sure you reboot the console afterwards
  • When you’re on Sanctuary and go click on the poster outside Moxxi’s or the invitation on the desk inside Hammerlock’s room, what happens?
  • There should be an option in the second game menu (after pressing ‘Play’) where you can start a new level 13 character straight in to one of the DLCs. Can you use that?

Make sure you’ve gone into the PS store & downloaded the dlc’s. They don’t automatically download, you have to do it manually. Once they’re installed you’ll be able to play. Hope this helps

Okay this has not been resolved at all. I bought the dlc today, downloaded it manually through the game menu and still cannot access the dlc content. It just keeps bringing me back to the same(buy this content( when I go to the poster.

When you click on the ‘buy this content’ thing, what happens next? On XB1 I’ve found it generally better to go directly through the system menu to download content rather than the game menu; if you do this through the game menu, I’ve found it best to completely restart the game.

If neither of those things fix it, you’ll probably need to file a support ticket for help.

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