Season pass of TPS vs Destiny's latest expansion cost

$30 for the season pass of the pre-sequel isn’t all that bad comparatively. Presequel season pass had 2 characters, the holodome, and the claptrap DLC. And level cap raises. Also, it’s looking like they aren’t adding anything to it. But who knows for sure besides Gearbox.

Look at how much Bungie is charging for third Destiny DLC. $40. OUCH! I’m waiting for that one guys. Not until I can buy that for $10 or $20.

But, for new players, it wouldn’t be that bad to buy the Destiny $60 taken king version that’s coming out. It will have Destiny + all 3 DLC. That’s the only price model that makes sense to me.

At this point if you bought Destiny day one, I think you would have spent $60 + $40 (season pass for DLC 1 and 2) + $40 = $140 across 1 year and a month.

40 dollars for a DLC?! I got Borderlands 2 GOTY edition for much less and I had it shipped from USA to Europe. I can’t imagine any DLC being worth 40 dollars. I seriously hope this isn’t becoming the standard for modern games. Day one DLC I can stand, paying a full games’ price for an expansion I can not.

And from what I’ve heard, the vanilla version of Destiny had very little content in it anyway. I remember the times when Halo games were absolutely packed with content. Seriously, WTF happened to Bungie?!

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okay, I know people just love to bash on Destiny, and while I do think $40 is a bit too much, here’s how you look at it:

Destiny is NOT the same as Borderlands. Destiny is an online MMORPGFPS (imagine halo and WoW having a child) and it is an ever-changing, always-online game. So instead of monthly subscriptions, we pay for the DLCs for continued support, which makes a lot of sense for me. Obviously, to someone who’s not into Destiny, they see less value in DLC and even less in paying a subscription, but that’s how I see it.

TL;DR Destiny DLC is expensive because Destiny is an MMO and DLC’s basically replace monthly subscription costs.

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I think that it is worth. We have a class that can use a bow, man. Come on, no kidding.
Also, there is a version of Destiny that already includes the two firsts DLC, isnt it? Something like a complete edition

Yeah, veteran players are getting shafted with the various DLC editions (we paid $60 + $35 for Season 1 expansion pass + $40 for TTK and new players are getting all of them for $80) - this is me speaking as a veteran, btw (been here since the Alpha).

BUT like I said, the cost is more for server costs & continued support of the game. Think of it - you pay $15 per month for some MMO or buy expansion packs that bring entirely new, exciting contents AND serve as subscription costs - and with the traditional subscription model, you have to pay even more for actual expansions, so I think this pricing model is reasonable.

Also I can’t tell whether your first sentence is sarcasm or not…

I’m not trying to bash the game, I just can’t stand how Bungie is treating day one players. They would have never done something like that in the Halo days. Many of the loyal day one players were Halo veterans themselves, maybe even Marathon veterans. The DLC editions just show that Bungie simply doesn’t care about them. It’s just kind of depressing.

As Alpha player myself, I do feel similarly, but think of it this way: for the extra bit of money, we enjoyed the f*** out of Destiny’s prime time of year 1 content - and as the DLCs also serve to account for subscription costs, it makes sense that we are paying more.

It’s like technology - early adopters pay more simply because they get to enjoy it more.

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It is not! This new class probably is what will make me buy Destiny. Im just waiting for some more footage.

Cool, a fellow Hunter!

I’m more excited about the Shadestep (or shadowstep or whatever it’s called) - it’s BOUND to be a game breaker, I guarantee it.

Yea. That’s the same thing I came up with. They must feel that they can or must charge more because of approaching MMO-ish server setup. But WoW supports way more players at once. That said, the standard DLC prices seem like double what I would normally expect to pay. So I plan to keep on being the “buy Destiny stuff after 6 months” kind of guy.

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I remember Destiny, while I did enjoy it, I collected enough animals for a virtual petting zoo (anybody whos played the game knows that I’m talking about their error codes), so I didn’t get the season pass or buy any DLC. Defiance is another that’s bad about their servors lagging/timing people out and charging for almost every little thing.

As for the Season pass for TPS. the two characters, and Holodome as others have said were meh, but the Claptrap DLC made up for that I believe, so yes givin the choice I would more then likely go with the TPS Season pass

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I have the game for PS4 and XB1 and those f***ing weasel errors on XB1, man… christ. This is coming from someone who put 500+ hours into Destiny

Not sure I got any animal errors but I certainly got disconnected while in the middle of strikes. Now the game seems more forgiving of that, thankfully.

Hunter seems nice to play with, even more with a bow. The new titan subclass also seems nice.
I wish I could have something like a battlemage type class for the Warlock.

I’m not sure what a “battlemage” is, but while I really like both hunter and titan (both defender and striker… so fun), and while I know Warlocks are, in fact, OP and that 90% of Bungie plays Warlocks, I just can’t get into it. Hopefully that changes with the stormcaller, but I think what’s really putting me off is the jump. Glide sucks big time, and OP or not, I just can’t get myself to enjoy the class.

I would call Battlemage a Warlock with some nice melee mechanics. Dont know how exactly this could fit in Destiny though

Apparently stormcaller’s melee range is absolutely INSANE out of this world, even more so than warlock melee is right now! So that might be what you’re looking for.

Cool, Im going to search for it. Thanks!
Also, Athena is the Borderlands battlemage in my opinion. Nice elemental skills with melee traits.

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The new destiny subclasses seem cool. Hunter anchoring seems like it will be neat. Reminds me of a diablo 3 ability.

Recently in Destiny I started playing a Titan and finally trying the protective bubble. Reminds me of Borderlands 2 axton turrets, except I love how long the protection lasts, even though you can’t shoot from it. That’s the one thing about axton’s turrets that drove me nuts. The protection offered was rather fragile.

For me it’s not about the cost of the DLC but really what it does for the game. Good DLC should feel like a it belongs in the game world and not feel like its what should have been in the game in the first place. At the same time it should expand the opportunities of how to spend your time and keep you spending your time within the game. With good DLC its possible to turn a A game into an A+ game especially when the features of the DLC can be brought back to blend in with the original game to make it better. Extra levels, better guns/gear and new characters are able to refresh the core game, especially one that has repeatable play throughs. However, without also adding a variety of things to do, like more areas and varied offshoot themes, they can risk falling flat and not keeping you playing long term. BL & BL2 did a good job of making the whole experience better with DLC, and wanting to develop your characters further. TPS somehow made it feel like what was in the DLC should have actually been part of the game in the first place and once it was over it felt kind of like, well that was good but I really have no interest in doing it again. There was nothing to attract me back to keep playing to find out what more is possible with the game. I really missed this aspect of the game and it was totally the best with BL, BL2 downplayed it a bit but managed to recover with OP levels and Dragon Keep. TPS lost me altogether with the DLC they offered.

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