Season Pass or DLC Issue

I have a hard copy of Borderlands 3 that I bought in Singapore second hand… it has German text on the back, but they said it runs fine in English… and it does… have been playing this and it downloaded all the updates etc. Liked the game so much, I went and purchased SP1, it is digital and purchased on the Singapore store. I can’t start up the DLC. It shows in my PS4 library as purchased - and I did also download the DLC, but can’t start it up from the game. Is this due to the disc being a different region to the SP1?

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They both need to be for the same region. Check product ID on the box and compare it with DLC, this can be checked via www PSStore (BL3 product ID in Singapore version is PPSA01462).
But I can already tell you that if the box is for Germany it won’t work.

Thanks. That was what I was afraid of. They really should put some warning about DLC having to be of the same region to play properly.

Is this the same for saves as well? I can’t transfer my character from the disc saves.

Yes, saves need the same region as well.