Season Pass purchase Bonus skins missing

Now before I begin I initially thought it was only me having this issue but my sister is having the same problem on a different PS4. She bought the season pass to test it after mine didn’t unlock.

The bonus skins that are supposed to unlock as soon as you buy the season pass are missing for us, its the set called Cyber. I know they are working for some people as I have seen others using them ingame.

We even have the Season Pass Holder title unlocked, just not the Cyber skin set.

Any suggestions or anyone else having this problem?

Drop a support ticket request here:

They should be able to sort you out.

Gamestop called me after I picked up my copy this morning, they were told that the codes for pre order and such may take some time to unlock. A few hours easily. So if your isn’t working, just wait

This wasn’t a code, this was the season pass bought directly off if the PSN store.

Its been several hours & still not showing up anyway.

The gold skins all appeared instantly, its only these that haven’t

My girlfriend has the same issue through PSN. She got a message fromGB that there is a delay and to try using the code again later through out the day

There is no code. The season pass was a purchase directly through the PSN store on the console.

It has registered the season pass holder ingame title but not the set of Cyber skins that are also supposed to unlock.

Are you sure you don’t have them? Here are the skin names:

Orendi: Bwaaaaaaaaah
Miko: Our Darkest Hues
Phoebe: Theorist
Oscar Mike: RDC-XF "X-Ray Uniform"
Caldarius: J-HTX-S “Supernova”

I am having the same problem with xbox one and good luck on having them help you they are slow and dont care

The Cyber skins were included as a bonus for purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition, not the season pass alone

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Complain to the better business Bureau I’ve already submitted a complaint, I really don’t think anyone cares though. This company is clearly going to hell.

Thats what i was thinking there are no bonus skins for the season pass.

Yep. The cyber skins only come with the Digital Deluxe. Not the season pass