Season pass question

I am new to the forums so I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. I am here to ask if I get the season pass now, do I get access to alani early? If so, do other profiles get her early if on the same console(XBONE)? Do other profiles on the same console get access to content when it comes out?

You get access to Alani but the other profiles don’t get access to the season pass content.
gotta buy it for all the extra accounts

Okay, thanks

But they will still get access to the new story missions when they are released right?

Nah, says on the season pass when you purchase it "This content can only be used by the original purchaser and cannot be shared. Additional profiles may purchase this content in-game or through"
So I assume dlc story is apart of it.

So to be 100 percent clear, I get the content and then the character early but the other profiles do not and need to buy the content that is presumably already downloaded (when the time comes) to play new content and do not get the character early. Also, if I buy now do I get a hero key? Sorry for all the questions.

You get the content and the character, yes. But the other profiles dont get anything unless you buy it on those accounts too. I bought the season pass today and got a key too. No need to feel sorry btw

Thank you very much

No problem, man