Season Pass shared on Xbox?


I am returning to Battleborn on Xbox from PC and I got the Digital Deluxe edition which includes season pass but when I switch over to a different account on the Xbox the season pass and all other content doesnt appear.

Is the season pass and digital deluxe content only account restricted?


The season pass is restricted the account that purchased it.


Ahh thats kind of a let down, they should change that in order to attract more players to the game imo.

I mean very few games now have DLCs that are account bound, I hope they change that soon.

I’ll explain it real quick
To stop rampant hacking of legendaries and such, everything is stored server side. This includes whether or not you have season pass content. So it can’t tell the difference between two random accounts and towards accounts on the same system. As such, it can’t distribute content as you, I, and many others would likely prefer. Luckily, the game is pretty cheap nowadays

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