Season Pass "Unavailable"?

Hi all!
I own the Standard version on PC/Epic. I’ve purchased the DLC and that toy gun weapon pack, all from the Epic launcher. I’d like to purchase the season pass but alas, it’s listed as unavailable.

Do I really have to buy the super deluxe edition to get the season pass now???

The season pass seems to still be available on the XBox store, so not sure what’s going on there. That said, if you already purchased DLC1 that is content included in the Season pass, so buying the SP now would effectively be buying DLC1 twice. Maybe the EG store is configured to prevent that? You might want to contact EGS support for clarification.

Did you ever get a resolution or answer for this? I had a spare $15 when DLC 1 came out, but not a spare $40 so I just bought the DLC. I’d like to just snag the pass now as it’d still be cheaper even at $40, but it’s unavailable for me too.