Season, Pass? - Who You Gonna Call?

Here it is folks…
Now that sounds like a Ton of supreme, unique, creative and deep additions to this fine release.
Ya gonna bite it, or bite them ?

Season Pass or Pass ?
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You be the decider !

So now that the Arms Race has been shown, and what the Season Pass will contain.

Personally the new mode sounds rubbish to me, Borderlands without the borderlands, new maps, no skills, great! Sounds like COD.

Smells fishy too… Cut, resold,

So will you pass on the Pass or make a pass at the Pass !??

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Honestly I really don’t care for the season pass except for the new skill trees I would spend money if the skill trees were separate from arms race tho maybe. Also those skill trees are kind of a trap I mean to get the coms and stuff for the new skill tree you have to play arms race and I don’t really enjoy being strong armed into doing stuff.

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I voted NO as of now. If tomorrow they can prove that the game play is interesting and engaging even with all the disabled skills, I might change my mind. Until then, I’m gonna park BL3 as my main game. I’m trying other games right now.

Edit: MONEY is not an issue for me. It also looks like I have no reason to rush for an Xbox Series X based on what I have seen today.


Just want to say, while I appreciate people taking the hard anti-BL stance, it’s crazy how badly some hate on this game.

Again, this isn’t me saying ‘oh get out of here, no negativity allowed’, because I think good discourse is achieved by views from both sides. However, I constantly see the same names popping up in every other thread trashing on the game. If it’s not fun and you don’t like it, why not just move on? This is a serious question, please don’t interpret it negatively, Im just curious.


I imagine it might be fun, but it’s not enticing enough for me to drop money on it right away.

New trees are cool and all, but I kinda don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them since I’ve done most of what there is to do with this game (replays really aren’t as fun to do with this game as prior Borderlands IMHO). I was hoping the other part of this DLC would answer that, but welp.

Never say never, but for now I’m giving this one a miss. Can always re-evaluate when I know what the directors cut is.

Of course I hope anyone picking up the pass get what they want out of it.

I think because people are passionate about the franchise and it sucks to see what this game became.

Most of us I think were good with M4 BL3, sure it had its issues with story and some balancing Etc. but it was still fun to play. Now it’s just broken and unbalanced, with mayhem 2.0 it just ruined the game entirely for most.


The biggest mistake they made with this is there’s not clean line of progression. If you want to use the new skills and get the new class mods and weapons, you have to play a game mode that takes all of that away from you.

It’s worse that the “You need to get mayhem 2.0 weapons to progress in mayhem 2.0” because you’re not able to engage your skills.

What’s next, 3 and 4 player split-screen only supports a max of 2 controllers?

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I have over 500h in that game so far and also a big fan oft the series.
But BL3 feels like a god damn bad april fool joke to me. A mix of a beta and game as a service.

I could just list up again all my points Im frustraded about but do you really want to know? I mean I would do it if you want… But I think I have done it already a lot of times and Im in a state where I dont want to repeat it all over and over again.

You just have to know that there are people who love the game so much, that they just dont want quitt he game but are really dissapointed abut it. I skipped a half year (was 53 and then joined back then cap was 60) so basically the cartell event and a few weeks oft he anniversary event (The money and eridium one). I have fun with the game but the level caps ruined the whole expirience for me. The game made so many things right but on the other hand destroyed so many things which were much better in the parts before.

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As a few above have mentioned.

Many, myself included, are long time fans of this franchise I have around 3000hrs in BL2. around 1000hrs for TPS (the weaker, until BL3, entry).

While I did not care for the story of BL3, the gunplay was solid.

As the months rolled on, and we (i) came to the conclusion that this game simply was NOT ready for release.
And now, over a year later, it is still in a woeful state.

And now to my own gripe.

I was happily(ish) playing all the way through June.
Then Guardian Take-down arrived.
And with it, the removal of the HUD Scaling option. This REMOVED a settings I have used (since lauch) and made the entire HUD Massive, with No Way to shrink.
They, then renamed it it Resolution Scale.
They, then returned the original HUD Scaling option, But it does NOTHING.

When the setting returned it no longer Functions

That was five moths ago.

And now they have the audacity to charge for a further sub-par content, without fixing issues plaguing many players.

Then there is the lack of content.

Does Season Pass contain any Raid Bosses ? Does not sound like it. Or any of the numerous things missing from this title, that existed in the 3 previous entries.


It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be particularly economical to get the pass over getting the two DLCs separately. So unless I hear something about the second one that makes me want it before I inevitably get around to grabbing the first for the skills, I probably won’t be getting the actual pass.

I’ll pick the glove on this one.

Maybe we feel ripped off. I could deal with epic exclusivity. I could deal with the poor character development. I dealt with the crappy story. I coped with the disappointment of seeing the opportunity for true open world developing around many planets not taken. I started to feel annoyed once I saw the anointment system was playing a major role on builds instead of being a little bonus. And the rng layering also because of this, making farming nearly impossible .Further pissed about the constant buff/nerfs. And the powercreep. And mayhem 2.0 as a reaction to how easy the game had become because of anointments. And the annoying-visuall cluttering modifiers. And the constant tailoring if the game to suit the casual player, making it unengaging and easy. And… Well, simply seeing that BL 3 didn’t live up to what it was supposed to be.
Remember “war is coming, and we’ll need all the vault hunters we can get”? Instead we got two sketchy villains that are a parody of a parody.
And now, their response to making this game about guns again is this fortnite-ish mode. Nothing to do with Borderlands.

Haven’t played the game in months now. Kept it on the hd hoping they would at least rework the anointments, but that’s definitely not happening.


arms race sounded good at first… then i started thinking and now it just as bad as the main game…

again, solo players get the short end of the stick…

also the new skilltrees realy don’t appeal to me… only one remotely appealing is iron cub because i realy hated moze’s skill.

also the main game is nowhere finished… difficulty scaling (or the lack thereoff) is crap… weapon balance is pretty much all over the place because powercreep and anointments…

is for me it’s a no… if they eventualy fix the mess they ignored the previous year i might end up getting it but that doesn’t seem likely to happen soon…

I was hoping that we may have a slightly more detailed road map for the next year, including what we are getting with the season pass. The new skill trees aren’t really doing it for me on any of the characters and arms race for a soloist looks rather dull imho.

I don’t understand why you would introduce a new skill tree that you can’t use in that mode?? Maybe it’s because I’m closer to 50 than 15 that I don’t understand why borderlands has no borderlands in the arms race??

I’m hoping some more detail is forthcoming before Nov 10th.


While the skill trees are interesting. I have doubts about arms race with the older Xbox One handling this as it can have a hard time with modifiers. There is essentially no information on the other DLC, so probably not. Well not till information comes about the second dlc.

Not to mention they dont have a solid track record for new implementations in BL3.