Season Pass Won't Download

Bought the game, game downloaded fine. I try and download the season pass and it loads for about a second or two then comes back to the page.


Better than me i bought the super deluxe and nothing is downloading

I’m wondering if the season pass hasn’t been officially ‘released’ yet - it’s not showing up on either XBox or PS as far as I can see. The rest of the stuff seems to download, but some folks are having to go in and restart the download for the extras before they actually show up.

I think I’m missing like half of it. I downloaded a lot and am missing certain things I feel like I should have. Though it might just be the emotes and stuff.

I bought the super deluxe edition yesterday and everything downloaded just fine. I got on today and it’s all gone. I tried redownloading my season pass and the page keeps refreshing. It says I have 7 add-ones installed, but they’re nowhere to be found in-game. This is really frustrating and I would like some sort of answer or solution @gearbox.

I won’t download for me but I’m wondering if by reason it I staled song with the game and the other packs because I have the butt stallion pack (grenade, trinket and weapon skin) in game and that was part of the season pass

The season pass is what will unlock the playable DLC when it drops over the next several months. The other packs (toy pack, gearbox pack, etc) where bonus cosmetics and items included in the various collector’s edition versions of the game which were included alongside the season pass. I’m not sure at this point if we should be seeing the season pass as a separate downloaded item or not, but the first DLC won’t be dropping until October judging by the name (it’s Halloween themed).

I’ve tried contacting my retailer as I also don’t see the season pass, they could only tell me to try contacting borderlands affiliate social media’s and directly. Not heard anything, also opened up a support ticket. It’s strange that there have been no announcements with there been so many asking? There must be thousands of people in the same boat over the various platforms with the same issue. When you drop £90 on a game, you think help or some information would be available.

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I’m having the exact same issue, only when I remembered everything, I didn’t receive any of it in my inventory

I just got the SDE today and put in the code on the playstation store but nothing went into the downloads at all so I’m not even sure if it even went through even though it said code redeemed. I haven’t seen any of the stuff from the season pass.

Season pass is not a download item itself, just a ‘check mark’ on your account for later. The super delux items should be downloads (five of ~10 MB each) but depending on your settings they may need to be downloaded manually. Once downloaded, you’ll need to go into your Social > Email to activate them for the character you want them on.

I have season pass. Moxxi new doc has showed up. It tells me I have to purchase it but with season pass it’s supposed to be free.
I’m prompted to go to ps store but there’s nothing there capt stuff I’ve already purchased?

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I am having the same exact issue. Did you fix yours?

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I’m not sure but it doesn’t get released till 19th

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The poster/mission marker has appeared on Sanctuary, yes. But the DLC doesn’t drop until the 19th. Until then, you’ll see the same prompt - just ignore it (it’s basically a marketing move). The situation should resolve once the DLC actually gets made available for download.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve ‘purchased’ the season pass but the DLC is asking for purchase…

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