Season Pass worth buying?

Hi there, I’m about to get a PS4 and then Battleborn! :slight_smile: . Is the season pass worth buying please?

If you want any of the Ops missions yes, as they’re 5 dollars each by themselves. If you don’t want to grind 237,500 credits to unlock the new characters (would be much better spent on bank/loadout space and faction packs) yes.

short answer would be yes.

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Depends actually. I’ve played the OPS a few times but they aren’t my cup of tea. I’ve mainly played the first one for skins and played the second for the story. They are nice but I don’t really farm them and wouldn’t mind if I had them or not. I know other people really like them though. I’m more PvP focused so the season pass isn’t as important to me. I get to play all the new characters ASAP but earning them wouldn’t be too bad, especially considering the time between each release. You could buy a few OPS missions on their own, or just focus on PvP, but you’d probably be restricting yourself. I’d play the base game first, then decide if you want more PVE with unlocked DLC characters or more PvP focused and earning the DLC characters with currency instead.


If you like PVE or plan to play it at all, or even mildly like it, then yes. The 5 Ops are great from what we’ve seen, and getting the characters for free and Beatrix early doesn’t hurt. If you have no interest in playing any pve then honestly, probably not


I would say it depends.

I certainly wouldnt have paid for it, but it was part of the discounted digital delux.

Ops missions are short and cannot be played splitscreen with non-season-pass-holders. Additional toons can be unlocked. There isnt much reason to buy it.

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sheesh, some of these people are such tightwads. “you can grind for your loot” “you can grind for the new characters” “the ops missions aren’t long enough for me”

well, good thing you get 5 of them, and they’re made to be highly replayable by having different skin unlocks for each character, different dialogue for the first 10 playthroughs and new taunts for a variety of characters in EACH Ops mission.

yes, you CAN grind for your gear… or you can enjoy playing through brand new content which lets you repeatedly earn commander packs just for getting max Ops points

yes, you CAN grind for the new characters… or you can enjoy a week of early access on each new character and have even more fun spending that near 240,000 credits on sorely needed bank space your 15 loadout slots to make build for your characters, and use the remaining credits to buy somewhere around 80 faction packs to unlock various skins and taunts for a plethora of characters while getting gear designed specifically for the faction/s you like to play making the gear grind even LESS necessary.

So ya. you COULD grind for all that stuff (and miss out on all of the new PvE content)… or you could you know, get it all at once for a really small price. But that’s none of my business.


You forgot to say:ops gives more credits than PvP.

Comander lootpacks gives skins and taunts, if you already have those skins/taunts you can make 600 to 1700 credits per run :stuck_out_tongue: + a higher (not huge) chance for legendary gear.

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Thanks guys for your answers and the healthy debate :blush:

I managed to find the game at a bargain price (2.9€), so no season pass… I’ll buy the ops separately then and hope I won’t regret it…!

You should still pick up the season pass if you plan on playing the DLC ops.

The total price of the DLCs is around $25 ($5 for each operation), and the season pass is $20. It’s a good choice, unless money is very tight and you’d prefer to get the ops whenever it’s financially convenient.

Plus, you get some extra goodies too.


You can refound (i think) 3 items, so be carefull :wink:

i get 5 brand new missions that (so far) have been highly unimpressive and yield rewards that are mostly cosmetic and so of no worth to me? Sounds like a great purchase.

The season pass is for die-hard fans and people who want to support gearbox. I happen to be the latter. The base game has enough content that no additional purchase is required, especially at the bargain prices BB is going for… though cheaper base game makes the season pass far more appealing.

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I’m sorry those 58 new skins and several new taunts are so worthless to you. some people just wouldn’t be happy even if they put BL3 as one of the operations…


Borderlands 3 as a 5 dollar Op? Methinks you mock my pain.

just to be helpful

you can get the base game for $5 now and the season pass for $13 (pc)

hardly anyone to play with on consoles anyways so might as well get it cheaper on pc

No offense, but I think you have that quite backwards. I never have trouble getting games on Xbox, and I’m told queues can be over 30 minutes on PC.


way over 30 minutes by friend

i advise anyone considering battleborn these days to buy it as a single player game to avoid buyer’s remorse

ps4 q times were redonk as well. Xbox has some long ones most times of the day.

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i can’t speak for the other ques as I don’t have those (may have PC version shortly though), but I can definitely say at most times, at least on whatever server I happen to be on, que times are decently short on XB1. I have had long ques before but they’re more outliers than the norm. hell, I’ve had times i’ve waited longer for a match on Overwatch than a match in Battleborn.

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I bought the season pass on ps4 and pc when they went on sale. i cant save enough credits for characters to save my life. everytime lootpocalypse rolls around im at 0 creds again, lol