Seasonal Greetings~!

(Jak White) #1

Christmas is almost upon us and I’d just like to say, Merry Christmas to all who reads this :blush:

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #2

Now for the origin story of Christmas.

Long, long ago, a guy named Chris ate WAAAAAY too much food, and doubled in mass. The “t” is actually a + symbol but was mistranslated onto modern typing machines.

The more you know…

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #3

Lmao. Good one, Sandman.

Merry christmas everybody!

(Watcher on the wall) #4

I am going to tell this for generations.

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #5

For visual aid we’ll use Chris Pratts transformation over the last 2 years in reverse.

(you can change the song, hun 🌻) #6

Merry christmas, we have the main thingy with the gifts on the 24th in Sweden.

Id post a pick of my tree, from my own forrest, but it wont load…

(Jake Armitage ) #7

Merry Christmas everyone.

In my opinion, this is the best cover of little drummer boy. Enjoy and happy new year

The Little Drummer Boy (1990 Digital Remaster):

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #8

It has just turned December 25th where I live, so Merry Christmas everyone!

(Jake Armitage ) #9

Merry Christmas