Second Annual 2018 "UNOFFICIAL" BL2 & TPS Hunt

(shred) #864

No they don’t count, can only grind the items above.

Those items don’t come from a specific loot pool. Hence, why they’re not on the list.
The five items above are special items as they don’t come from a specific loot pool either. It’s to reduce people from farming vendors and grinders for the majority of TPS and mainly focus on farming enemies with loot pools.

(LootHunter_twitch) #865

Oddly enough this is what i was getting about your level in the Badlands. But soon as i went into the OP levels, they just stopped spawning. It’s like the game forgot i was in UVHM pt2…

Problem is, after having so much fun leveling a new Maya and getting all that loot, i want to play again now!! Might do a run with Gaige. Or level Sal then do Gaige :face_with_raised_eyebrow: B2 is still too addictive.

edit: I noticed you on with Sun. Are you in the U.S? I would have joined in but i was a wee bit tired.

(Jim Raven) #866

Just a small correction. I have found the IVF not the kerboom. Kerboom has been noted on my sheet. I have a pic of IVF on my previous Haul post. Speaking of Which.

Editing this post with new Haul

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

Uniques (Vanilla) Done
Hail - Iwajira [3]
Lazlo’s Freezeasy - Lazlo [3]
Marek’s Mouth - Rabid Adams [3]
Meat Grinder - Meat Head [3]
12 points

3DD1.E - CL4P-L3K [7]
Blowfly - Eghood [7]
Cryophobia - The Bosun [7]
Eridian Vanquisher (Claptrap) - X-STLK-23-2/Sentinel [5]
Fatale - Drongo Bones [7]
Flakker - E-M-D Tork [7]
Longnail - [The Invincible] Sentinel [7]
Oxidizer - Rooster Booster [7]
Pitchfork - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Supernova - Bruce [7]
Zim - Giant Shuggurath of Ice [7]
Absolute Zero - EOS [7]
10 * 7 + 10 + 5 = 70 +15 = 85
12+85 = 97


(User2136) #867

Game doesn’t want to give you too much help getting those pearls apparently.

Yeah, I’m US Would be fun to get in some 3-4 player runs

(Jim Raven) #868

I had no luck with berrigan still… i went and checked the pool to see whats up… apparently its a 1/15 chance as a mission reward. I believe read only /dashboard should/could be allowed for this one. I have found no support for the UVHM only drop theory

(shred) #869

Did my previous reply not have enough proof in it?
UVHM only theory is wrong. I got mine in Normal mode. Unless you’re talking about increasing the drop chance in UVHM, then idk.

(Jim Raven) #870

Nevermind me FINNALY managed to get it!! got a few more items. i am only missing a handfull of items now :smiley:


Berrigan - The Holodome [7]
Longest Yard - Teh Earworm [7]
Meganade - Self Loathing/Depair [7]
Omni Cannon - Sponx [7]
Thunderfire - Self Loathing/Depair [7]

Moonlight Saga - Tiny Destroyer [7]
Thingy - Iwajira [7]


9more to go. prolly gonna finish it tommorow

(Santa Söze) #871

Chapter 1 - It Enters Your Face

A couple nights ago, @StrikerZidane saw that I finally got my ass to 72 : Raid Time! A few stabs at Hyp - we both wanted Norfleets - none received :tired_face:
So to Vorac : we didn’t have much success for some reason ( maybe it was because I kept killing the Chief :wink: ), but we finally got the bastid. He dropped an Interfacer, which I’ve been using since. We stopped at one : I had to turn in the mission and we both had meals to deal with.

Chapter 2 - Creature Slaughter Dome ftw!

I’m still not through the story ( about to get to 1000 Cuts ), but I’ve gotten the WEP & CSD properly unlocked ( meaning, during the story the derpy check point won’t save you in the CSD until…mission complete?..something else? This was discussed at length elsewhere yesterday ). Just as I started, @shred popped his head in to see what was going on.

Perfect time : four tubs in one run. So an hour and a bit of tubby farming yielded a pretty good crop ( some of this was from some solo Pete & Terra farming ) :

  • Blood of Terra - 7
  • Bunny - 7
  • Hoplite - 6
  • Interfacer - 6
  • Legendary Anarchist - 5 ( got 2 in one run :roll_eyes: )
  • Legendary Gunzerker -5
  • Legendary Hoarder - 5
  • Legendary Ninja - 5 ( time to retire my blue Shadow Ninja! )
  • Legendary Nurse - 5
  • Legendary Reaper - 5
  • Legendary Sickle - 5
  • Legendary Titan - 5
  • Legendary Torch - 5
  • O-Negative - 6
  • Pitchfork - 7
  • Slayer of Terra - Maya - 5

New total = 543


I think shred got exactly 2 things he needed from that collection :laughing:

(shred) #872

cough 1 cough

(Nik Durst) #873

Yeah, TPS is a different game. I started with TPS as in my introduction to Borderlands was TPS and for that reason, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I have yet to get a character to max level. I think the highest level character I have is maybe 53 and I haven’t finished UVHM on any character. TPS frustrates me to no end quite often.

Congrats on the Twister and Bekah finds!

(LootHunter_twitch) #874

i’ve had this problem before, did you go up the elevator to the top check point? This always worked for me, not just going into the entrance and back out. Also, when your in the CSD turn your BAR on/off also, this helps with the save point. If these don’t, shout very loud at the TV/monitor!!

(Nik Durst) #875


I have a few new TPS drops to bring my total to 249 points


Longnail - 7 pts

T4s-R - 2 pts

Boxxy gunn - 2 pts [I accepted the reward before screenshotting it :frowning: If this isn’t acceptable, let me know so I can add it back to my list of items to get]

Nukem - 7 pts

Thunderfire - 7 pts

Crybaby - 2 pts

Eridian Vanquisher (Aurelia) - 5 pts

Axton is OP6. He’s the first I’ve taken past OP2 :blush:.

Accordingly, I have several BL2 drops. Everything should be in order. Total: 554 points


Bone Shredder - Bone Head 2.0 [2]

Commerce - Assassin Wot [2]

Cracked Sash - Tubby Enemies [3]

Dog - Assassin Rouf [2]

Flynt’s Tinderbox - Captain Flynt / Sparky [3]

Fremington’s Edge - Assassin Reeth [2]

Gwen’s Head - The Box [2]

Judge - Assassin Oney [2]

Lascaux - Frostburn Canyon Puddle [1]

Teeth of Terramorphous - Terramorphous [4]

12 Pounder - The Big Sleep [3]

Fireball - Fire Mages [2]

Lightning Bolt - Sorcerors [2]

Baby Maker - Madame von Bartlesby [7]

Badaboom - King Mong [7]

Blood of Terramorphous - Terramorphous the Invincible [7]

Bitch - BNK3R [7]

Black Hole - Foreman Jasper [7]

Bonus Package - Boom Bewm [7]

Bouncing Bonny - Any Loot Source Acceptable [8]

Bunny - Tubby Enemies [7]

Conference Call - Warrior/Handsome Sorceror [7]

Deliverance - Tumbaa [7]

Emperor - The Assassins [7]

Fabled Tortoise - Blue [7]

Fastball - Boll [7]

Fire Bee - Any Loot Source Acceptable [8]

Flakker - Warrior/Handsome Sorceror [7]

Gub - Laney White [7]

Gunerang - Rakkman [7]

Hellfire - Scorch [7]

Hornet - Knuckle Dragger [7]

Impaler - Warrior/Handsome Sorceror [7]

Infinity - Doc Mercy [7]

Invader - Saturn [8]

Kerblaster - Midgemong (Handsome Sorcerer?) [7]

Leech - Warrior/Handsome Sorceror [7]

Legendary Berserker - Any Loot Source Acceptable [7]

Legendary Soldier - Any Loot Source Acceptable [7]

Legendary Mechromancer - Any Loot Source Acceptable [7]

Legendary Psycho - Any Loot Source Acceptable [7]

Legendary Siren - Any Loot Source Acceptable [7]

Logan’s Gun - Wilhelm [7]

Lyuda/White Death - Gettle [7]

Madhous! - Mad Dog [7]

Maggie - Mick Zaford [7]

Mongol - Dukino’s Mom [7]

Nukem - Black Queen [7]

Pandemic - Mortar [7]

Pitchfork - Terramorphous / Master Gee the Invincible [7]

Pyrophobia - Incinerator Clayton/Clark [7]

Rolling Thunder - Wilhelm [7]

Shredifier - Hyperius the Invincible / World Drop [7]

Slayer of Terra Axton - Terramorphous the Invincible [5]

Slayer of Terra Gaige - Terramorphous the Invincible [5]

Slayer of Terra Krieg - Terramorphous the Invincible [5]

Slayer of Terra Maya - Terramorphous the Invincible [5]

Slayer of Terra Salvador - Terramorphous the Invincible [5]

Slayer of Terra Zer0 - Terramorphous the Invincible [5]

Storm Front - TMNT Rats [7]

Striker - Ol’ Slappy [7]

Slagga - Tector and Jimbo Hodunk [7]

The Bee - Hunter Hellquist / Treants [7]

The Cradle - Henry [7]

The Sham - BNK3R [8]

Thunderball Fists - Captain Flynt / Sparky [7]

Transformer - Pimon [7]

Unkempt Harold - Savage Lee [7]

Veruc - Mobley [7]

Volcano - The Warrior/Handsome Sorceror [7]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Tubby Enemies [7]

Chain Lightning - Badass Sorcerors [5]

Fire Storm - Badass Fire Mages [5]

Legendary Engineer - Tubby Enemies [5]

Legendary Ninja - Tubby Enemies [5]

Legendary Pointman - Tubby Enemies [5]

Legendary Ranger - Tubby Enemies [5]

Legendary Sickle - Tubby Enemies [5]

Legendary Titan - Tubby Enemies [5]

Legendary Torch - Tubby Enemies [5]

Hoplite - Pyro Pete the Invincible [6]

O-Negative - Pyro Pete the Invincible [6]

Avenger - Any Loot Source Acceptable [11]

Bearcat - Any Loot Source Acceptable [11]

Butcher - Any Loot Source Acceptable [11]

Stalker - Any Loot Source Acceptable [11]

Storm - Any Loot Source Acceptable [11]

Unforgiven - Any Loot Source Acceptable [11]

(shred) #876

Day 29 Findings:

Legendary Ninja - 5 Points
Legendary Siren - 7 Points
Legendary Psycho - 7 Points
Bearcat - 11 Points
Legendary Cat - 5 Points
Cracked Sash - 3 Points

Today’s Total:
(5 x 2) + (7 x 2) + 3 + 11 = 38 Points

Overall Total:
1155 + 38 = 1193 Points

Started off today helping @Jefe again with Tubby farms. Ended up helping him more than helping myself. Only got one new class mod out of all the ones that we killed.

Afterwards, I went back and forth between different stuff. Got my final 2 vanilla legendaries in the Snowman Chest because I had absolutely no luck with loot midgets. So I then moved on to the final two farms: tubbies and cobra.

Tubbies were not spawning in my favour today, except when I had 3 back-to-back at one point, but after and before that, I would get one every 15 minutes and it would only drop stuff that I already have (except for Cat and Sash [which btw, means I have completed the vanilla loot hunt]).

As for Cobra farming, I spent a total of just over 3 hours today and… well… I’ll let the images explain:

First blue sniper spawned in front of me. Wasn’t too interesting, considering that it is Maliwan.

Another blue Maliwan sniper rifle. Ok, ok, well at least they’re sniper rifles…

I f*cking hate this game…

(Jim Raven) #877

TPS was much easier and quite honestly quite fun. I didnt like Nisha that much, her action skill making the whole screen sepia was annoying. Id advice using either wilhelm or jack so their skill could just solo the map when you farm lower levels.

As for BL2 i had plenty of fun with Zer0. But… when it came to finishing with tubbies that was a bit hellish…

In any case Good luck to the rest of the Hunters out there and have FUN

Avalanche - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Eridian Vanquisher (Jack) - X-STLK-23-2/Sentinel [5]
Eridian Vanquisher (Wilhelm) - X-STLK-23-2/Sentinel [5]
Kerboom - Boomer [7]
Maggie - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Mongol - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Nukem - Flameknuckle [7]
Skullmasher - Nel [7]
Torrent - Meg [7]


(LootHunter_twitch) #878

Nothing worse than seeing that BLUE sniper drop…only it’s not the Cobra!!

But hey, you DO love the game :wink:

(CommanderDouchebag) #879

Heh, blue Jacobs sniper with Dahl barrel - that would be 1 heck of jebaited

Last 2 days report: no tubby/midget/D’s mom luck. At least, TPS gived me some points:
Rerouter 7
Haymaker 2


("The first rule of Fight Club...") #880


Great job! Both games finished in under a month! Totally Badass!

(Santa Söze) #881

Yep. Did that twice ( meaning two successive runs from the WEP FT to the top of the CSD elevator ) before the mission. I’ll remember the BAR trick though. I think VH101 or someone mentioned that to try.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #882

I finally hit uvhm. Every time i start the game i fight off the urge to play Axton or krieg

(LootHunter_twitch) #883

Well, what av we eya then :smile: Noticed Sun online so popped in for a quick Tubby tastic festival of fatness. Didn’t get too many in the Creature Dome, but then had 4 in one single round!! Not sure what the odds are, but that’s crazy.

Luckily got a new Pearl. But that ‘Sickle’…where for art thou?


12- Carnage

Previous = 940
Added + 12
Running Total = 952


4th one appeared after one of em died.