Second Annual 2018 "UNOFFICIAL" BL2 & TPS Hunt

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #884

I was flipping out during this run, absolutely amazing!

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #885

Sorry, but Nukem cannot come from the grinder. Must come from Flameknuckle or world drop.

(Jim Raven) #886

Why is that mongol red skinned ?

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #887

Congrats @Jim_Raven :facepunch:

@DaRTH_FuRioN i have lots of sickle and torch and reaper but cant seem to get the cat, nurse, pointman, killer and sniper.

Am only missing 8 items in 2 (5 cons and 3 gen 2 pearls). Tired if tubby farming will start jack in tps.

Any missable items in tps aside from zarpedon drops? Never done farming in tpa aside from the grinder and eos.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #888

Zarpedon drops can also be dropped by the raid version of the sentile

(CommanderDouchebag) #889

And also - don’t underestimate vendors.

(Nik Durst) #890

Have added Nukem back to my “to get” list.

(Nik Durst) #891

I don’t know why the Mongol and Nukem have different colors/hues.

(Is this thing on?) #892

Do the hues appear different if you change the colour settings in the video options menu? Both of those screen shots, you have the colour-blind mode text prompts for the item rarity showing on the card.

(Nik Durst) #893

I’ll have to see when I get home. I did turn on colorblind mode [legendary money was giving me heart palpitations] but thought that only changed the item indicators.

(Is this thing on?) #894

There’s a set of different colour options depending on the form of colour blindness which might affect the overall colour of the game.

For the Nukem it could also be a combination of level and having Luneshine on the launcher - one of the details in both BL2 and TPS is that weapons can and do change appearance depending on rarity, level, and other effects. It’s a nice touch!

(Jim Raven) #895

I see. I should prolly look around in color blind modes then :stuck_out_tongue: if it can make mongol red that d be cool.

(Nik Durst) #896

That’s interesting. I never noticed a change in appearance in legendaries. Of course, in normal game play, there are only a handful of legendaries I routinely go for (the Mongol I got for this hunt is probably only the second or third I’ve ever seen in game… Another reason I love the hunt) and I rarely use the grinder/moonstone chests in TPS so I see very few luneshine weapons.

Could a graphics card affect colors? My card is super old (550 or 560 TI) with the default profile.

(Jim Raven) #897

Definatly can affect the luneshine then. :slight_smile: still interesting tho:D

(User2136) #898

math is hard- previous total 386 not whatever I said before

L Killer- 5
L Titan- 5
Kerblaster- 7
Mad Haus- 7
L Hoarder- 5
Unforgiven- 11
Conference Call- 7
L Gunzerker- 5
Infinity- 7
Sherrif’s Badge- 3
Fabled tortise- 7
Magic Missile x4- 6 (still no ogre)

Total: 75

BL2 total: 461


(Geomason) #899


Black Snake - Redbelly [3]
Fatale - Drongo Bones [7]
Maggie - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Marek’s Mouth - Rabid Adams [3]
Meat Grinder - Meat Head [3]
Wet Week - Swagman [3]

total 29 points


(User2136) #900

Wish I had that problem, 5 L cat comms so far, none have topped the lowest level one stat wise. I’ll trade you for some gaige/axton coms

(Serpico96) #901

Bouncing Bonny - 8
Fire Bee - 8
Infinity - 7
Transformer - 7
Veruc - 7
Leg. Hunter Com - 7
Leg. Ranger Com - 5
Leg. Sniper Com - 5

Slow Hand - 3

Tattler - 6
Big Boom Blaster - 6

Sawbar - 11

Total - 321 + 80 = 401


(LootHunter_twitch) #902

i’be been really lucky with CAT drops. 2 have been 134% and when running with Sun yesterday i got the 138% for max damage. Might be the first max i’ve ever had drop? :smile:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #903

Just finishing nvhm in tps and plotting my farming strats.

Just have a question, how do you farm nel for the skullmasher?