Second Annual 2018 "UNOFFICIAL" BL2 & TPS Hunt

(Jim Raven) #904

You need to climb the two towers and get the letters D and K then place em where nel is lookin at the tower to spell DICK after that he will attack you after a few enemies waves.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #905

I mean do you need to do this everytime until he drops it?

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #906

Bouncing Bonny-8
Leg. Anarchist-5
Leg. Siren-7


Since the 15th of February: 120 hours on BL2. Approximately 4 hrs a day!

Starting TPS today.

(CommanderDouchebag) #907

Yes. But luckly, Nel drops Skullmasher very often.

(shred) #908

PC players, I am doing OP8 tubby farming in the selection annex. PM me if you wanna join

(shred) #909

Day 30 Findings:

Legendary Pointman - 5 Points
Legendary Roboteer - 5 Points
Bekah - 12 Points
(The Motherf*cking) Cobra - 8 Points

Today’s Total:
5 + 5 + 12 + 8 = 30 ponts

Overall Total:
1193 + 30 = 1223 Points

Tubby RNG was alright today, didn’t get much, but still, at least I got some points.

After 4 hours and 43 minutes… I finally got my first Cobra! I know it has trashy parts… but hey, you know what else is trashy? The farm itself. Still, super happy I got it.

Only 7 items left:

  • 3 class mods

  • 4 Pearlescents

Now it’s just tubbies.

(LootHunter_twitch) #910

Finally you got it :smile:

But you know what, in some sadistic way i like the Cobra farm, because the bikers are a crazy fight with all those elemental weapons. Always a good test figthing them. But yes it does get a wee bit boring after hours and hours of waiting for that pink pop.

(Idle Phantom) #911

yay just finished reading through the last 200 posts as been away on holiday so missed loads, well done to everyone on the amazing progress and drops, @Jim_Raven awesome job on the finish

(shred) #912


Only going for 3 hours today, so PM soon if you want to join.
The more, the merrier

(shred) #913

Day 31 Findings:

Sawbar - 11 Points
Legendary Nurse - 5 Points
Carnage - 12 Points

Today’s Total:
11 + 5 + 12 = 28 Points

Overall Total:
1123 + 28 = 1251 Points

Tubby spawn rates were a bit random today, for the first hour they were good. Then they spawned at around 30 minute intervals. Then finished off with a double tubby spawn in one run.

The loot drops were roughly the same. Got the Sawbar pretty early, then got nothing for about 3 hours. Then finished off with the nurse com and the carnage.

So now I only have 4 items left:

  • 2 Pearlescents (1 tier-1 and 1 tier-2)

  • 2 Legendary COMS (Both for Axton)

(Santa Söze) #914

And that Carnage just happens to be Casual :+1:

(shred) #915

Yep. Double bandit parts

(Serpico96) #916


Leg. Reaper Com - 5
Leg. Titan Com - 5
Leg. Torch Com - 5

Hive - 5

Tunguska - 11
Unforgiven - 11

Total = 401 + 42 = 443


(I open all boxes) #917

Saturn dropped an Angled Mosquito Siren Skin that I didn’t have.

Wanted a slag Pimpernel to start UVHM, and found this in the red chest at the top of the Dish:

Flakker - 7
Storm Front - 7
Fremington’s Edge - 2
Dog - 2
Cracked Sash - 3

link to rja’s imgur screenshots
YouTube playlist for rja’s The Hunt 2018 highlights
YouTube playlist for rja’s 2018 BL2 & TPS highlights

BL2 total 206
TPS total 10

(CommanderDouchebag) #918

Recent updates:
Leg Killer 5
Bonus package 7
Four seasons 7
Erid Vanquisher (Nisha) 5


Total: 24 pts

And also: Badass Cragon (story mode one, when you dumping methan on lava) is refarmable w/o readonly/dashboard - just don’t complete “Cross lava bridge” objection.
But does this count as legit strat?..

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #919

Yes, that’s fine.

(Santa Söze) #920

Nu luut :

Blockade - 6
Chain Lightning - 5
Cracked Sash - 3
Fire Storm - 5
Legendary Killer - 5
Legendary Roboteer - 5
Legendary Sniper - 5
Omen - 6
Stinger - 6

New total = 589

I finished up WAFFT so I spent some time farming The Sham - only to discover I already had it :man_facepalming:

I think I’m going to have a go a Vorac for the Haweye, BARex, and maybe some more tubbies for COMs - then maybe off to TPS. I haven’t seen any pearls yet, and I really don’t feel like getting to OP8 just for those.


(shred) #921


(shred) #922

Day 32 Findings:

Legendary Ranger - 5 Points

Today’s Total:
5 Points

Overall Total:
1251 + 5 = 1256 Points

Just like yesterday, good tubby spawn RNG, bad tubby loot RNG, will keep trying tomorrow.

Now I just need 3 more items:

  • 1 Class Mod (Engineer)

  • 2 Pearlescents (1 Tier-1 and 1 Tier-2)

I hope I get the class mod and the Wanderlust tomorrow so I can try farming loot midgets for the Unforgiven. But if I get the Unforgiven before the other 2, I would be stuck on tubbies forever.

(Santa Söze) #923

I would have joined you but I’m still under leveled and would likely just be a liability.

Just one COM and two pearls to go for you.

I’ve had pretty crap luck so far.