Second Annual 2018 "UNOFFICIAL" BL2 & TPS Hunt

(LootHunter_twitch) #964

LOL…was about to ask you what good routine you had for Badass Kraggon’s. Vendor kill :smile:

I’m just lvl50 and about to die lots at the sentinel. Still using a lvl38 Fire Blaster which ain’t much help…no luck with vendors or good railguns, and i just haven’t got anything to kill Iwajiwa to loot up. Oh well, there goes my savings.

(Geomason) #965

Money is an issue in TPS, as soon as I save some, I’m getting killed or I find some expensive piece that I want at vendors…

(Santa Söze) #966

Just last night I bought a freaking Sham from the vendor ( I just can’t get used to this :laughing: ). Just about wiped me out.

(LootHunter_twitch) #967

This is one of my biggest gripes about TPS, is that most of my gear has been from vendors. In B2 i was able to gear myself from mini-bosses and chests, rarely buying anything from a vendor. It’s totally the opposite in my experience of TPS. Maybe end game is a bit better, but during story mode it really sucks.

I would so love one of those right now!!


I know that feeling. If anyone needs cash on PS4, hit me up. I have 5 lv. 70’s with a s*** ton of stuff to sell and spare cash. lol

(Geomason) #969

“That would be against regs” - in Colonel Zarpedon voice obviously…


Ah nm then.

(LootHunter_twitch) #971

Not much, but i’ll try and get a few more. Nice Four Seasons, though the ZX-1 is a little underwhelming. It replaced my lvl38 Blaster though he he… No problems on Sentinel, first time surprisingly.

2 - T4s-r (added as agreed)
7 - Four Seasons (that’s some action photo right there!!)
7 - ZX-1

Previous = 1035
Added + 16
Running Total = 1051


So level 50, first time i’ve got this far in TPS. I’m so awesome :persevere:

(CommanderDouchebag) #972

Lil’ more shinies:
Leg anarchist 5
Avenger 11
Butcher 11
Erid Vanquisher (Clap, Aurelia) 5x2


Total: 37pts

Also, Shadowtrap finally dropped Laser Disker after 4 hours of farm… But disker falls OOB before i could even screencapture it… Fog this

(Serpico96) #973

Gunerang - 7
Chain Lightning - 5

Ahab - 6
Devastator - 6
Evolution - 6
Hawk Eye - 6
Hoplite - 6
Interfacer - 6
O-Negative - 6
Patriot - 6

Total = 509 + 60 = 569

Devastator drops out of bounds but i managed to get a screenshot, so does it count?


(Santa Söze) #974

Aimbot’s at level 16! :sweat_smile:

Still - I’ve gotten a respectable haul :

  • Black Snake - 3
  • Marek’s Mouth - 3
  • Meat Grinder - 3
  • Vandergraffen - 3
  • Wet Week - 3
  • Fatale - 7
  • Maggie - 10 ( what a score :open_mouth: )
  • Striker - 7
  • Supernova - 7

New total = 635

Extras : The Sham and the Support Relay


The Tork simply refuses to drop a Flakker - stupid little flakker.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #975

Weekend finds :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Boxxy - The Holodome [2]
Crybaby - The Holodome [2]
Haymaker - The Holodome [2]
Party Line - The Holodome [2]
Plunkett - The Holodome [2]
T4s-r - The Holodome [2]
Bonus Package - Badass Tork Sapper [7]
Cryophobia - The Bosun [7]
Four Seasons - Badass Kragon [7]
IVF - The Bosun [7]
Kerboom - Boomer [7]
Longnail - [The Invincible] Sentinel [7]
Maggie - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Moonlight Saga - Tiny Destroyer [7]
Pitchfork - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Prismatic Bulwark - Zarpedon PT/Sentinal [7]
Longest Yard - Teh Earworm [7]
Meganade - Self Loathing/Depair [7]
Proletarian Revolution - EOS [9]
Total - 111
Cumulative - 314
Hunt Total - 1153


Bonus No points

Things to Highlight
Am missing only 11 items, the Avalanche, all the Eridian Vanquisher Coms except Nishas, Nukem, Berrigan, Flayer, Kaneda’s Laser and Rerouter. Basically all the harder items to farms :sob::sob:

Here is the Quasar I missed last update

Boomer is still not spawning.

Oh and got this by grinding the legendaries i get from EOS, can i have points please.

(Is this thing on?) #976

Odd. Check your missions log to see if the game registered the required mission as being completed and turned in or not.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #977

Turn in mission is with Amelia which is in the vicinity as well. I saw him in TVHM though but not in Normal.

(I open all boxes) #978

Legendary Ninja - 5
Skullmasher - 7

link to rja’s imgur screenshots
YouTube playlist for rja’s The Hunt 2018 highlights
YouTube playlist for rja’s 2018 BL2 & TPS highlights

BL2 total 264
TPS total 10

(Geomason) #979

Weekends drops here…
Boomer is back, corporal Bob is an a-hole, and Lazlo…hmm

Blowfly - Eghood [7]
Flakker - E-M-D Tork [7]
IVF - The Bosun [7]
Longnail - [The Invincible] Sentinel [7]
Storm Front - Any Loot Source Acceptable/Grinder [10]
Striker - Redbelly [7]
Supernova - Bruce [7]
Eridian Vanquisher (Wilhelm) - X-STLK-23-2/Sentinel [5]
ZX-1 - Zarpedon PT / [The Invincible] Sentinel [7]

total 65 points


0 points

(LootHunter_twitch) #980


I’m doing a double challenge now. Having gotten used to playing TPS, i’m going on to Platinum it. Not finding it easy getting the things i want for the Hunt right now though. The Skullsmasher, Lazlo and EDD1E, anything Grinder related, Boomer, Bosun…

@Sun_Tsunami - my massive loot haul wasn’t added. Four Seasons and ZX-1

(User2136) #981

Little bl2 farming

Omen- 6
BL2 total: 532

BL2 Pics

Played a bit of tps. Got through nomal mode (with some help from @Sun_Tsunami)
Couple vendor oranges that net no points:
Bouncing bazza

Also picked up a boomacorn (abandoned because it could deal fire dmg) and a machine

random drops

As far as points go:

Wet Week- 3
Gwen’s other head- 3
Lazlo’s Freezeeasy- 3
3001.E- 7
Shooting star - 7
zx1- 7
hail- 3
striker- 7
vandergraffen- 3

TPS total: 43

TPS Pics

(Geomason) #982

So I went back to normal mode and finally got things from Corp.Bob and Lazlo.
And I noticed that Major Tom rifle was removed from the list, did I miss something?

TPS loot

Ack Ack - Corporal Bob [7]
Eridian Vanquisher (Jack) - X-STLK-23-2/Sentinel [5]
Eridian Vanquisher (Aurelia) - X-STLK-23-2/Sentinel [5]
Gwen’s Other Head - Titan Industrial Facility Boxes [3]
Lazlo’s Freezeasy - Lazlo [3]

total 23 points


(LootHunter_twitch) #983

I seem to remember someone saying it no longer dropped from Boomer and was a world drop, way earlier in the thread. Maybe @Jefe or @Sun_Tsunami will remember.

I tried for Lazlo’s and the 3DD1E again yesterday, neither will drop. Also had an amazing glitch when someone was leveling a Fragtrap for me (not Hunt related). My level kept going back when leveling up…so when i got to 18 it went back to 17, and when i got to 20 it went back to 17. So frustrating.

Will try and get some of the Claptastic dlc items today, managed to persevere and do most of it now. At one point it was like Minecraft which really put me off, but it ended up being pretty cool in places. Very creative dlc.