Second Annual 2018 "UNOFFICIAL" BL2 & TPS Hunt

Only from the “comparison card” that comes up at the bottom right when you’re viewing something on the ground.

I was thinking of players who don’t usually play OP levels and may not have an OP8 sitting. I think Darth caps at 72 and starts again.


maybe just lvl 72 character and must farm on lvl 72(uvhm). No dropping down to normal or true. Think there are any obvious issues of cheating if this is in place?


This effectively precludes 2nd gen pearls if we cap it ( 1% drop rate from tubbies at OP0 ), and Peak runs for 1st gen pearls.

So options could be :

  • 72 cap and ditch the (2nd gen) pearls.
  • start at 72 and allow OP leveling and allow raid farming at any OP level ; and include all pearls.

If we cap 72, it’s going to suck for a lot of people to farm raid bosses on-level. So dropping to TVHM might have to be allowed.


I think this is good. :+1:


Liking the idea so far. Definitely interested in seeing the inclusion of heads and skins.

Can I suggest that most of the easy gear should be farmed on-level with the character? (For example, if on Lvl 72 when going for the Unkempt Harold, the gun must also be on 72) It would make farming for each of these guns actually a bit challenging. I think the only exceptions to this should be raid bosses (Someone already brought this up) and some enemies, like King of Orks.


Starting with a 72 toon, means that anyone could use multiple classes. So people could use Maya for super speed farming, or any of the others for RAID boss killing. I’ve wiped my profile many a time, so i only have Maya. So it would seem fair that people can only use one toon from start if this was the case. Personally i like the ‘fresh new character’ way of playing.

Allow for OP levelling, add Heads & Skins.
Split console and PC.
Allow for TVHM farming. (people can cheat at any level so it makes no difference)
TPS goes bye bye :star_struck:

Adding Heads and Skins makes it real, as some of them are nails to get on top of the shiny objects. And they require huge grinding some of them. Possible nobody would finish everything in 4 weeks?

Add prizes, like Porsche and Ferrari… @Sun_Tsunami will pay for them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And why wait for B3 announce, may be 2020. It’s taking the AVATAR route and i hear James Cameron is now helping design it lol…


You’d better prepare a blue 911 GT3 for me mate :laughing:

But in all seriousness, the whole idea of it being an “Unofficial” community event is for it to be fun and to leave all the prize rewards to the official event.

I don’t think prizes are need, I just want to have fun and get some lewt!

EDIT: I’ll leave a lot of my questions out:

If this is how it’s gonna work, how are we going to tell that everyone is starting at the right place with no unfair disadvantage on other people?

Light edit by VH101 - see below

Good point. Keep the questions and any suggestions coming. Nothing is set in stone yet, so give us feedback. :+1:


That thing you mentioned that I took the liberty of deleting is NOT going to work because consoles and FORUM RULES. Carry on with everything else though!

(One way around it would be simply to specify using a level 72 character with a reset UVHM playthrough and all pre-existing equipment sold or dumped to mules. That way, the player has to use whatever they find starting at Claptrap’s place.)


My apologies.


This was my thought as well. This is what I do frequently anyways. Option to keep one Moxxi and/or slagger .


Good/Bad Touch might be a good starting weapon.


Should probably be something like a Good Touch and a slag source - first stop is obviously Knuckledragger, so corrosive would be taken care of. And getting an on level Bad Touch at 72 is going to be problematic on some platforms unless the player held off getting one on that save for a very long time :frowning:


I like the fresh play through with a “naked holding a Moxxi” lvl 72 character idea.


The overall idea sounds good. It might just be a bit difficult for people getting the lvl 72 character prepared. I’d probably suggest making the ‘official’ announcement probably 1-2 months prior, so that gives people enough time to get their characters prepared with the right equipment.

Speaking of correct equipment, what about shields and relics?

My suggestion would probably be the Aequitas shield and the VH Relic

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What I’ve done for my own resets is : dump/sell all the gear in Sanctuary and get whatever I can from the vendors. Reloading the game to farm the vendors is allowed, but no gold keys. I always keep one key bit of gear (my slag bladed Rubi for example). Then reset. This means no relics to start.

Besides, there’s a strong likelihood that people have done Clan Wars and don’t have an Aequitas, much less a level 72 one.


My vote would be to start a new character. Everyone is then in the same boat, same gear. Of the 6 to choose from, they all will have various gear to prefer to start at level 72 putting some in way better shape than others due to skills and or melee. I think everyone should start exactly the same.

Would it not just make the event much quicker too starting at 72?

I just think by replacing TPS with heads and skins, you can stay in one game and draw it out, adds more depth and the necessity to really farm certain bosses.

I was joking.


Of course, it doesn’t have to be a real item… Digital prizes, the diet soda of competitive rewards.


There. I corrected it for you. :blush:

I like that idea too. With a minimal prior notice it should not be that difficult to level one character to 72 if you’re already playing atm.


If we’re going to remove TPS and replace it with heads and skins from BL2, should the duration of the event be shortened? Like around 1 month? Or should there be something else that needs to be added to make up the time?