Second Annual 2018 "UNOFFICIAL" BL2 & TPS Hunt

(Santa Söze) #1044

Story of your life :laughing:

@StrikerZidane keeps stealing your spots!

(Jim Raven) #1045

Aye. That was indeed fun :smiley: Ill admit there were points that it felt “unfun” especially during the last stretch for tubby farming :S but i alternated between tubbies and TPS to not lose my sanity :smiley:
Thanks all for the congrats and well done to the other Hunters too
Cheers and see ya on the next Hunt

Aaanndd thanks @Sun_Tsunami for accepting me as a latecomer :sweat_smile:

Special thanks to The organisers for keeping their sanity and updating the Doc regurarly you guys are the true MVPs :smiley:

(Geomason) #1046

Wow guy’s I did not expected that, I had a lot of fun doing it!
Thanks to @Sun_Tsunami for this fun event, and we’ll do it again next year I hope!
Congrats to the winner and all participants for making all this possible!

(This Just In: CNN CEO Hunter Hellquist denies fake news) #1047

Congrats to the winners and a big thank you to the organizers!
Work got crazy a few weeks in so I had to bail on the hunt, but I knew I wasn’t going to win anyway :slight_smile:

(LootHunter_twitch) #1048

@Sun_Tsunami - Oh Lord of the Kunai I seek thy council…

If we’re gonna do another Loot Hunt, can we do it in January? Pref about Jan 15th-20th. Anthem starts on the 2nd Feb, so if you wait that long i’ll not be involved. Kinda getting that loot collecting itch. I’d also like to see the Tubby Pearls deleted from the list.

(shred) #1049

What’s wrong with the tubby pearls?

(LootHunter_twitch) #1050

I just thought they added too much of a grind, and the amount of time i put in to try and get them was beyond enjoying the event. All the Pearls otherwise are far easier to obtain, but having to get to OP8 and even then try to get them isn’t really worth it. Considering how much time many of the participants have to do it i s also a factor.

See what everyone else thinks.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1051

Haven’t even thought about this yet. Lol.

I was going to place it around the time BL3 was going to be announced for its release (if ever). But, I will seriously think about the January start.

A few ideas:

Using an OP8 character from the start.
Adding character skins and heads.
Console winner & Pc winner.
Dropping TPS…yeah

Keeping Pearls tho…sorry Darth.

(Santa Söze) #1052

Seems a shame but it sure would be nice to not have to grind one up from zero. At least having a lvl 72 that has the option of OP levelling.




This requires a bit more thought, but yes I’d like a leaner version next time. I’m tempted to suggest allowing the Peak for drops as OMG is the only dedicated drop source for 1st gen pearls.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1053

is it visibly noticeable if an OP8 character farming on lvl 72 from a snapshot? If not, then that’s why I thought op 8.

Yeah, reasons. :wink:

Yes to that.

(Santa Söze) #1054

Only from the “comparison card” that comes up at the bottom right when you’re viewing something on the ground.

I was thinking of players who don’t usually play OP levels and may not have an OP8 sitting. I think Darth caps at 72 and starts again.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1055

maybe just lvl 72 character and must farm on lvl 72(uvhm). No dropping down to normal or true. Think there are any obvious issues of cheating if this is in place?

(Santa Söze) #1056

This effectively precludes 2nd gen pearls if we cap it ( 1% drop rate from tubbies at OP0 ), and Peak runs for 1st gen pearls.

So options could be :

  • 72 cap and ditch the (2nd gen) pearls.
  • start at 72 and allow OP leveling and allow raid farming at any OP level ; and include all pearls.

If we cap 72, it’s going to suck for a lot of people to farm raid bosses on-level. So dropping to TVHM might have to be allowed.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1057

I think this is good. :+1:

(shred) #1058

Liking the idea so far. Definitely interested in seeing the inclusion of heads and skins.

Can I suggest that most of the easy gear should be farmed on-level with the character? (For example, if on Lvl 72 when going for the Unkempt Harold, the gun must also be on 72) It would make farming for each of these guns actually a bit challenging. I think the only exceptions to this should be raid bosses (Someone already brought this up) and some enemies, like King of Orks.

(LootHunter_twitch) #1059

Starting with a 72 toon, means that anyone could use multiple classes. So people could use Maya for super speed farming, or any of the others for RAID boss killing. I’ve wiped my profile many a time, so i only have Maya. So it would seem fair that people can only use one toon from start if this was the case. Personally i like the ‘fresh new character’ way of playing.

Allow for OP levelling, add Heads & Skins.
Split console and PC.
Allow for TVHM farming. (people can cheat at any level so it makes no difference)
TPS goes bye bye :star_struck:

Adding Heads and Skins makes it real, as some of them are nails to get on top of the shiny objects. And they require huge grinding some of them. Possible nobody would finish everything in 4 weeks?

Add prizes, like Porsche and Ferrari… @Sun_Tsunami will pay for them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And why wait for B3 announce, may be 2020. It’s taking the AVATAR route and i hear James Cameron is now helping design it lol…

(shred) #1060

You’d better prepare a blue 911 GT3 for me mate :laughing:

But in all seriousness, the whole idea of it being an “Unofficial” community event is for it to be fun and to leave all the prize rewards to the official event.

I don’t think prizes are need, I just want to have fun and get some lewt!

EDIT: I’ll leave a lot of my questions out:

If this is how it’s gonna work, how are we going to tell that everyone is starting at the right place with no unfair disadvantage on other people?

Light edit by VH101 - see below

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1061

Good point. Keep the questions and any suggestions coming. Nothing is set in stone yet, so give us feedback. :+1:

(Is this thing on?) #1062

That thing you mentioned that I took the liberty of deleting is NOT going to work because consoles and FORUM RULES. Carry on with everything else though!

(One way around it would be simply to specify using a level 72 character with a reset UVHM playthrough and all pre-existing equipment sold or dumped to mules. That way, the player has to use whatever they find starting at Claptrap’s place.)

(shred) #1063

My apologies.