Second Annual 2018 "UNOFFICIAL" BL2 & TPS Hunt

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I remember the first time i did that one. Sat in The Warriors den shooting Rakk with a Torgue AR. Took hours. Did a split shift on it lol. But yeh i understand it would be hard to maintain the points if all drops were involved, so maybe what Sun said - just the enemy drops which a lot of them will come whilst farming the bosses etc anyway. How many are there? (without looking it up)


A lot :laughing:

Let’s say 20 bosses times 6?

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Approximately 7 heads and 14 skins per character. I’m only counting the vanilla game. I think we shouldn’t include the DLCs or HeadHunters.



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That is 42 heads and 84 skins. :open_mouth: As everything get exponential. Finding the last few specific items will be a lot more difficult than just getting a gear drop. So I agree with a low score per customization item.
They could have a “progressive” value thou. i.e. 2-4-8-16-32-64 or 3-6-9-12-15-18. But that would be a nightmare for the poor guy keeping track of the score! :sunglasses:
Nah. 1 point each is good! :smiley:

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I do assume you’ll only only have to do it for one class though, oui? Makes sense.

Off topic, i saw you playing Warframe. Are you feeling ok? :smile:

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No. I was thinking all heads and skins that drop from enemies. It’s already done for COMs.

I tried it a few months ago and as a melee Zer0 player I absolutely love the movement mechanics. But, I was overwhelmed by the technical info of “building” Warframes, weapons, etc.
@ChemicalConundrum has taken me under his wing to teach a noob.

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Another question. If we are going to start at lvl 72 with a Moxxi gun, how will it work with seraph crystals and torgue tokens? Do they need to be at 0 when resetting?


Er…not so sure we’re all in agreement about the level 72 reset.

Darth voted it down. I think Sun would rather start fresh. I’d rather do a UVHM reset. Not sure where it left off.

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If we decide to do the level 72 or reset of UVHM, I would vote that you will not be able to buy any Loot Hunt weapons from the vendors. They will have to be farmed from their respective drop locations.

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Actually, I’m open to whatever you guys want to do. Whatever the majority is, I’ll go with it.

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Maybe the fresh start would be better as it is not as confusing as the 72 start. Should still be enough time to complete the list in 2 months

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I’d rather a fresh start as easier to set up, otherwise need to get a character to 72 before starting the event as I clear my account every now and again

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So I went through a Head and Skin List for BL2 and counted how many heads and skins drop from specific enemies. I excluded very common enemies like Threshers, Spiderants and Stalkers. I ended up with 7 Heads and 11 Skins (x6 to each of them = 42 Heads and 66 Skins). If each head and skin is going to be worth 1 point, then the new total would be 1008 points.

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I wonder if it would be possible of anyone to complete the next hunt with all the heads and skins. If all the heads and skins from terramorphous are added, then that mean you would need to get 23 items from it. Also, I believe the drop rates of the heads and skins are lower on Terra.

Plus the 6 heads and 6 skins that drop from Vermi. That’s going to be a nightmare.


Ah. Now I understand why you were farming TVHM Terra yesterday :joy:

I think you may be right on Terra’s drop rates. I’ve done hundreds of runs and I don’t think I have all of them yet.

I think I can safely say the Vermi ones should be out of the question. I’ve seen Vermi once ever and it did not go well.

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That was only a small amount of terra farming. For the past few days, I’ve been trying to get all drops from him. Spent a total of about 16 hours farming him and I am still looking for 3 heads and 2 skins.

After all that time, I have seen about 4-5 hides, 3-4 bloods, 6 pitchforks and 2 double legendary drops. No idea why skins and heads are that ridiculously rare

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Just wanna say I am hyped.

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I’m thinking of these for the Head and Skin category:

6 each from:

“Badass” mobs
“Creeper” mobs

6 each from:

King Mong
Dukino’s Mom
Capt. Flynt
“Thresher” mobs
4 Hyperion Assassins
“Creeper” mobs
“Spiderant” mobs
“Stalker” mobs

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Ahh, no Vermi (excellent)

The list looks pretty good, the only major grind I can see is Terra, which is a good thing.

Personally, the only one I am a bit uncertain of is the Badass heads. But that’s just my preference.

Besides that, the list looks pretty good, I wouldn’t remove anothing else