Second Character First Play-through - Destroyed Sense of Progression

So I finished with Amara, took me a week on-and-off to complete the first play-through at around level 37ish. It took awhile to get going, but eventually (around level 20ish) she opened up and I began to really enjoy myself.

I was lucky to have only a few minor bugs. One quest giver not moving, and getting stuck at bottom of a lift that had gone up. Restarting game fixed those.

Guns feel great, auto pickup and other QoL things were helpful.

Overall a great game.

Then I started another Character. And quickly things fell into oblivion.

Having ignored a lot of the reviews / vids etc. What happened with this new character came as a real shock.

Firstly, the guardian rank being available immediately did not help. It should be locked away (for new characters / new game) until the NVHM is complete. It was odd having the abilities awarded by the Guardian Ranks applied to this level 0 character.

A minor gripe, perhaps, and easily fixed.

The Guardian Ranks themselves are a great addition. The amount of times in BL2 that I ran out of ‘sense of progression’ was once I maxed levelled long before going through the many dlc. Having these GR’s negates a lot of that.

It was when I got to Sanctuary that my sense of progression was destroyed.

SDU’s - already unlocked.

Bank - Filled with my other characters stuff. Some early level. Now ripe to ruin any sense of ‘this’ characters progression. And where was I going to put all the stuff I collect for this character ?
and the next… and the next… Four characters sharing 50 slots. Making mules almost mandatory.

I had heard about the shared bank, but thought, surely they would have that separate from each Characters personal bank ? They were just making a larger Claptrap Storage.

I guess not.

So that’s my take. Thoroughly enjoyed playing through as Amara, finding and trying new guns, keeping those I like, as I progressed through the story.
But opening the bank from another ‘new’ character and finding all that gear sitting there. My desire to continue with a second character evaporated.

Great game, marred by some incomprehensible decisions.


I dunno what you expected regarding the guardian ranks, works the same way as Badass ones in BL2 except you had to complete a campaign once to unlock it this time around.

The only SDUs that should have been unlocked were bank size and lost loot machine… If you had more than that it was not working as intended.

Bank storage has been shared across the account as long as its been incorporated in the game, so again not sure what your expectations were on the matter.

The only thing ruining my alt characters sense of progression is having to watch the same cutscenes an abnormal number of times. Previous installments didn’t have me enjoying more than 2 characters a title… Now I want to play all 4 and always find myself feeling like I’ve been here before, instead of just developing new characters


BAR only gave minor percentage to certain game mechanics. They did not have any special abilities as GR’s do. And they could be turned off.

My ability to enjoy another Character is marred by having access to these abilities at level 0, and also not having my own bank, to collect my own guns for this character.


Well at least with the patch they turned off a broken guardian rank, so perhaps that can still be built into the game.

I’ve asked in several threads for footlockers to be added for personal character storage, but as mentioned above the bank currently works the same as it has for 10 years (note I’m not positive exactly when moxxi expansion was released, but it was like this in BL1 is my point) I wouldn’t expect that to change.

“The bank works the same as it has for ten years”… Your words.

I don’t recall ever seeing another characters equipment in the bank in Sancutary / Concordia / or Moxxi’s.

There was a shared locker. Sure… But that not what we are talking about now is it. ?


BL 2 and TPS bank was unique to each toon made, Claptraps stash was shared between all toons.

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Well… I like it better how it is now, works like DIablo and and I like it…

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That’s fair enough. I’ve never played diablo.

I am just wondering how my bank space will fair when I have more than a few characters. Whom prefer different weapon load-outs.

Am just really baffled by the shortsightedness of this.

What happens when new dlc introduce new guns / mods / etc.

I don’t want to be tripping over multiple characters bank contents when I want to store something.


I mean, come on.

They gave us a big room, and only one storage container. Yeah, that works.

50 bank slots shared across every character you will ever make on that gamer profile is ridiculous, simple as that.

Anyone who says otherwise is rationalizing.


BTW… don’t store you legendary in the bank! :open_mouth:
Anyway you will soon not need money much anymore…
Keep all your legendary on you!
Why is that?
Because any day now your bank can turn out to be empty! :open_mouth:
Is that a bug? Ava going back to her old way? Something else?
No one knows for sure!
Just happened to me today, sucks :confused:




Yeah, been reading about that issue as well, sounds great for game immersion. /s

I play offline, not syncing with epic. Backing up profile and saves regularly.


That’s not the worse of it though. Having access to that many items from a ‘New character’ eviscerates any sense of progression.

Really puts a question mark on the longevity. I’ve 3000 hours in BL2 over many tens of characters. And this issue stopped me in my tracks when playing new Zane.

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I sadly can’t disagree with you there…

Honestly, some of Gearbox’s decisions this time around have seriously left me scratching my head, despite as much faith as I have in them.

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It’s a damn shame. I thoroughly enjoyed the first playthrough; but became concerned when I was in the high 30’s upon completion.

My first thought. What about TVHM? Will progression be halted mid-campaign because I reached level 50.

The Guardian Ranks do negate that nicely, but they need to let a new character play without them (or at least without access to the abilities.)

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moxxis underdome dlc had shared storage in bl1 if i am not mistaken.

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Shared storage is not the problem. Making the Claptrap Stash larger would also not be a problem.

Sharing this one storage for All of your characters will get old, real fast.

My OCD prevented me from continuing with just my Second Character. Having all that stuff in the bank from others VH’s is an unnecessary confusing mess.


Apologies if I sound mightily miffed about this. I am.

This simple silly ‘feature’ made me simply delete my second character and put the game aside. I have gotten Amara as far as she will go for now.
With multiple weapon load outs and gear. I have barely five slots left as it is.

I would have to delete my main (first / prefered) character and profile.file just to be able to enjoy trying Zane.

Wow, talk about enthusiasm killer.

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I mean, yeah.

Do you not use the bank, only your inventory, for each new character?

Do you sell the old contents of the bank so you can fill it over the course of a new character?