Second Character First Play-through - Destroyed Sense of Progression

If it was 200 slots my OCD would melt down.

Having to wade through that many slots to find guns for whichever character I feel like playing, has become old before I even attempt it.

Why wouldnt I. It was stuff that Amara amassed through her play-through.

There are dozens of us!



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Why would you unless you wanted to use it on a new toon? This makes absolutely no sense to me.

But I do not have OCD to that extent so keeping level 20 gear was not in the plan for me.

Erm, to use on the 'toon for which it was collected and stored.

I am imaging that in your best Clap Trap voice. haha

So you would use a level 20 weapon on a level 50 toon?

I ask again why?

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It was actually a Tobias Fünke (David Cross’s character on Arrested Development) reference, but totally works as a Clappy line as well!


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But the way this game works with leveling is that once you are more than about 5 levels ahead of your gear, it’s pretty useless. So if you arent planning to use sub level 50 gear in subsequent playthroughs, storing it doesnt make a lot of practical sense, other than maybe a class mod or relic.

If you like to save it for nostalgic reasons, which I totally get, I would suggest this would be better served by overhauling the display functions in our room in sanctuary. Gun racks would be awesome.

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Has anybody considered that this bank bug is just gearbox’s solution to shatty storage.

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Can’t hoard what you no longer have!


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Exactly easy fix too storage. Also increased playability as you’ve gotta get them all.

Let’s keep the personal attacks and snide comments out of this as per the FORUM RULES.

And since what we have here is a failure to communicate, I will attempt to clarify:

  • Bank space is shared between ALL your save files
  • If you find good gear you have a choice once you out-level it:
    • sell/gift/trade it?
    • save it for my next character?
  • The second option means it’s taking up space in your bank until your next character is levelled enough to equip it

A work-around is to create a second account purely for storage, then either use split-screen (console only) or the in-game email to twink stuff to/from it.

(And on a personal level: I’d rather have some separate bank space per character, but that’s just me.)

If that was directed at me . Then allow me to reply by first pointing out it was lighthearted, and secondly that it was not personal as gearbox isn’t a person and thirdly I was expressing an idea and not being snide.

And also it’s not my job to create a second account to correct a game flaw.

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Was that a clear enough instance of communication ?.

bank and lost loot SDUs… you have to unlock all the other ones.

You might want to edit your OP then.

Oh, I know. AD is great. Just seemed to work with Clap Trap. haha