Second playthrough nonskippable sequences

why do we have to watch everything again on the second playthrough and every character we create??

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yeah a lot of people have already posted a lot about this… it is annoying specially if u want to get all 4 class’s to the end of TVHM. There is a mod online u can get and it will skip the cutscenes for you

hmm not sure if i want a mod
i like games to be unchanged by some programs or mods

To hide load times, and the devs obviously hat you. Yes, you specifically.

whats with all the negativety?
all i was referring to
that we need a mode in which we dont have sequences

Mate, this is the 70th post on this matter. You don’t need to create another one when you have dozens to choose from.

So any time I see this, or people bent about the pipe bomb, or queens call and flak not being able to crit nonstop at 10 shots per second which actually results in 40 shots per second am going to let them know how much gearbox hates to specifically.

While also speaking truth about hiding load times.

you gonna tell me that they can preload an entire map but need sequences to hide loading times?
dude im not into arguing with someone that salty
im new to this forum and i thought its far more friendly than forums in other games like path of exile …