Second set of pearls

Can anyone explain to me when you are able to get the second set of pearls? Currently level 72 uvhm and have been farming tubbies for months to no avail. Do I have to be in op levels for them to drop?

From the Wiki:

They’re just rare, and the tubby enemies have a number of other things that they can drop instead of the pearls. Make sure you are actually in UVHM, though, and didn’t accidentally start up in a lower mode.

Thanks for the response, I figured it was gonna be a long grind I just wanted to know if I was in the right mode and leave before strapping myself in for the grind ha!

I’ve been playing this game for over three years. I killed a lot of tubbies at level 72. And I mean a LOT. Like a metric ton of them. So, I’ve been killing tubbies for three years at level 72… And I’ve never even SEEN a pearl from the second set dropped by one of them. Not one. Not. A. Single. One. I’ve gotten multiples of every single unique and legendary COM that tubbies drop, but not a single pearl from that second set. Once I got a first set pearl from a pile of stalker poo, but not a single second set pearl from a tubby. I’ve also been asking myself for quite a while now if they only dropped in the OP levels, since every picture I see of a second set pearl drop in the Item Find of the Day thread is from a tubby kill in the OP levels. My conclusion is that if they can truly drop from 61 to 72, the drop rate is just ABYSMALLY low. So yeah, prepare yourself for a grind or just work on getting those OP levels.

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Don’t bother farming tubbies @ level 72 for 2nd gen pearls, it’s a huge waste of time since 1st gen pearls are also in the pool. The higher the OP level, the better pearl drop chances are. And it seems to be quite high @ OP 8. For more information > Tubbies loot questions

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Huh, interesting. I’ve also yet to see with my own eyes a 2nd gen pearl, and I do 99.9999% of my playing in 72/OP0. I do have a Sal I got to OP8 but I haven’t done anything with him since getting him there… I also have a Maya at OP6 that I don’t play much with. Hmm, time for some tubby farming with one of those two I think, just to see…


Tubbies also drop the second generation COMs as well as some unsavory legendary items that most people do not want such as the WTF and Bunny. I cannot tell you how many WTF shields I have gotten over the years from Tubby enemies and I never went out of my way to farm them.

I got lucky with my Bekah drops but I have never had a Godfinger drop or even had another pearl drop.

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I definitely don’t spend much time there anymore, but I also have never had a second gen pearl drop below OP levels. (out of 5 OP8’s, 2 lv. 72’s, and whatever else)

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So a little update I was actually given a lvl72. Un fortunately I didn’t get it to drop myself but I am glad to have it. It’s deffenetly a fun weapon to use!